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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmourne-EU Achievement Points
1Zakkudruzer  Frostmourne-EU21285Not updated
2Asenna  Frostmourne-EU20595Not updated
3Tenjina  Frostmourne-EU20580Not updated
4Lucartis The Heroic ClanFrostmourne-EU20535Not updated
5Clinxo FOXFrostmourne-EU20370Not updated
6Matzii BeWaterMyFriendFrostmourne-EU20365Not updated
7Livinio  Frostmourne-EU20280Not updated
8Theônlyone MagellanFrostmourne-EU19865Not updated
9Aawreni  Frostmourne-EU19640Not updated
10Darigaaz MagellanFrostmourne-EU19605Not updated
11Zapdos MagellanFrostmourne-EU19590Not updated
12Teiga EnîgmaFrostmourne-EU19580Not updated
13Glibbor  Frostmourne-EU19500Not updated
14Malady imbalancedFrostmourne-EU19450Not updated
15Laceey SalvationFrostmourne-EU19425Not updated
16Inmoshami Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU19380Not updated
17Hippo MagellanFrostmourne-EU19325Not updated
18Prîmé Epic WolvesFrostmourne-EU19310Not updated
19Nasuka Elite für die HordeFrostmourne-EU19275Not updated
20Asinna WTRFFrostmourne-EU19240Not updated
21Sackgasse Equites MortisFrostmourne-EU19220Not updated
22Cowterize BangarangFrostmourne-EU19210Not updated
23Elessia  Frostmourne-EU19160Not updated
24Stimmy LaReineFrostmourne-EU19150Not updated
25Nenus  Frostmourne-EU19140Not updated
26Todgeweihter Bikini Battle BabesFrostmourne-EU19125Not updated
27Atiani MagellanFrostmourne-EU19115Not updated
28Loreda GambitFrostmourne-EU19050Not updated
29Aldonia Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU19040Not updated
30Yiruma Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU19030Not updated
31Aldon InfernoFrostmourne-EU19020Not updated
32Soril  Frostmourne-EU19005Not updated
33Krellin  Frostmourne-EU18935Not updated
34Neischa  Frostmourne-EU18925Not updated
35Bämdabär  Frostmourne-EU18910Not updated
36Irontje vortexFrostmourne-EU18895Not updated
37Bandrak No MercyFrostmourne-EU18880Not updated
38Kïng Epic WolvesFrostmourne-EU18740Not updated
39Celeros  Frostmourne-EU18735Not updated
40Sheyra  Frostmourne-EU18695Not updated
41Pôdolski The RedemptionFrostmourne-EU18675Not updated
42Corracted  Frostmourne-EU18655Not updated
43Clumsy Time to SecretFrostmourne-EU18580Not updated
43Drauka greeNFrostmourne-EU18580Not updated
45Sârana My WorldFrostmourne-EU18570Not updated
45Abigâil Elite für die HordeFrostmourne-EU18570Not updated
47Görner Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU18540Not updated
48Qiewee SelbstjustizFrostmourne-EU18525Not updated
49Thompsov Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU18410Not updated
50Mullich Pretty IncFrostmourne-EU18335Not updated
51Fenriswolve  Frostmourne-EU18325Not updated
52Tsin Semper FidelisFrostmourne-EU18280Not updated
53Bláuelf Krieger der AllîanzFrostmourne-EU18225Not updated
53Maia Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU18225Not updated
55Zoddelbär LaReineFrostmourne-EU18175Not updated
56Edirisa inPanicFrostmourne-EU18165Not updated
57Rulposter Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU18140Not updated
58Laua Thunderbluff BasejumpersFrostmourne-EU18105Not updated
59Callandra In case of needFrostmourne-EU18080Not updated
60Shazza  Frostmourne-EU18070Not updated
61Abdico Der stehende AstFrostmourne-EU18055Not updated
62Xerksas Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU18035Not updated
63Shayliss Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU18025Not updated
64Chime inVainFrostmourne-EU17900Not updated
65Abigaile ChilledFrostmourne-EU17885Not updated
66Takamyo Der stehende AstFrostmourne-EU17880Not updated
67Serady Bund der ewigen FlammeFrostmourne-EU17840Not updated
68Odinhammer Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU17825Not updated
69Barskalín  Frostmourne-EU17800Not updated
70Puppeteer Sense of ExistenceFrostmourne-EU17770Not updated
71Silentía Bund der ewigen FlammeFrostmourne-EU17750Not updated
72Mugetsu  Frostmourne-EU17740Not updated
73Dehnwerkzeug WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU17720Not updated
74Fadiâ  Frostmourne-EU17700Not updated
75Stilgar Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU17655Not updated
76Meisterjäger Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU17610Not updated
76Sweetobsessi Rabenholdts RasselbandeFrostmourne-EU17610Not updated
76Antalja VALIDFrostmourne-EU17610Not updated
79Caspian Orden der ZeitFrostmourne-EU17590Not updated
80Imchen Das ImperiumFrostmourne-EU17585Not updated
81Zintra Club der alten SäckeFrostmourne-EU17580Not updated
82Saymynamê GambitFrostmourne-EU17550Not updated
83Âlisha  Frostmourne-EU17540Not updated
84Seso Orden der DämmerungFrostmourne-EU17510Not updated
85Indrajit Reisbällchen IncFrostmourne-EU17505Not updated
85Aryla FURYFrostmourne-EU17505Not updated
87Zataka Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU17490Not updated
87Dárkàngel  Frostmourne-EU17490Not updated
89Halsey  Frostmourne-EU17435Not updated
90Whydown Why so SeriouzFrostmourne-EU17430Not updated
91Janiria Theken ProletenFrostmourne-EU17395Not updated
92Yubel FOXFrostmourne-EU17390Not updated
93Loreie OomisFrostmourne-EU17385Not updated
93Kayomi GambitFrostmourne-EU17385Not updated
95Foogel  Frostmourne-EU17380Not updated
95Zallea KaltmacherFrostmourne-EU17380Not updated
97Ahura inVainFrostmourne-EU17295Not updated
98Kyurá IrradiatedFrostmourne-EU17275Not updated
99Solraya  Frostmourne-EU17265Not updated
100Caecias  Frostmourne-EU17260Not updated

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