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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-EU Achievement Points
1Saakydots Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU21885Not updated
2Carloo Gief Pie Or DieFrostmane-EU21830Not updated
3Vitaliityx Destruction For DummiesFrostmane-EU21770Not updated
4Slesh IneptFrostmane-EU21745Not updated
5Gnumsan Hello GnomyFrostmane-EU21710Not updated
6Sméxylól  Frostmane-EU21705Not updated
7Cànti FMLFrostmane-EU21650Not updated
8Seldina Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU21580Not updated
9Morzon NO CompromiseFrostmane-EU21540Not updated
10Blatrix  Frostmane-EU21535Not updated
11Brekksteìn GOVERNMENTFrostmane-EU21520Not updated
12Profanta Almost SkilledFrostmane-EU21480Not updated
13Vitezkoja  Frostmane-EU21425Not updated
14Dwqt Naked SundaysFrostmane-EU21420Not updated
15Windbeard Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU21400Not updated
16Pandawhipped  Frostmane-EU21370Not updated
17Palascum Alts with StyleFrostmane-EU21360Not updated
18Truthie  Frostmane-EU21305Not updated
19Pastiluta Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU21250Not updated
20Pappastoma GoodGameFrostmane-EU21140Not updated
21Madaryucker BorderlineFrostmane-EU21120Not updated
21Amest SupernovaFrostmane-EU21120Not updated
23Sethlaw Done the ImpossibleFrostmane-EU21115Not updated
24Valygr ExqFrostmane-EU21110Not updated
24Lullejhi  Frostmane-EU21110Not updated
26ßâllz  Frostmane-EU21065Not updated
27Taniexo TurboFrostmane-EU21050Not updated
28Galacta SecurityFrostmane-EU21045Not updated
29Tirreh  Frostmane-EU21040Not updated
30Kaxxy ImmersionFrostmane-EU20955Not updated
31Kaimbe IterumFrostmane-EU20870Not updated
31Crawkinator  Frostmane-EU20870Not updated
31Silentsinger UltraviolenceFrostmane-EU20870Not updated
34Kahras  Frostmane-EU20790Not updated
35Enimhood  Frostmane-EU20705Not updated
36Ahris  Frostmane-EU20695Not updated
37Aep Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU20685Not updated
37Kimbasinger Warlords of Dark PortalFrostmane-EU20685Not updated
39Liavo SecurityFrostmane-EU20680Not updated
40Córvus IneptFrostmane-EU20665Not updated
40Tickleme  Frostmane-EU20665Not updated
42Gandrel Touch of HadesFrostmane-EU20660Not updated
43Øbliterate The Frozen HeartFrostmane-EU20635Not updated
44Myzraèl RebellionFrostmane-EU20610Not updated
45Skyé RainstormFrostmane-EU20590Not updated
45Athelous EkipaFrostmane-EU20590Not updated
47Nightquëst IneptFrostmane-EU20575Not updated
48Happiness Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU20550Not updated
49Lanmeh SecurityFrostmane-EU20505Not updated
50Amaryliss OriginFrostmane-EU20500Not updated
51Derpimon LichbornesFrostmane-EU20475Not updated
52Kennsa OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU20455Not updated
53Meteos  Frostmane-EU20445Not updated
54Malformed OriginFrostmane-EU20420Not updated
54Díscordía  Frostmane-EU20420Not updated
56Vaxul Infinite EternityFrostmane-EU20410Not updated
57Tomxd DistortionFrostmane-EU20400Not updated
58Zyró NotoriousFrostmane-EU20395Not updated
58Wepwawet SecurityFrostmane-EU20395Not updated
60Chinaform Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU20385Not updated
61Specíalist IterumFrostmane-EU20380Not updated
62Thráinz SecurityFrostmane-EU20350Not updated
63Maiia Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU20345Not updated
63Zynalra ImmersionFrostmane-EU20345Not updated
65Yolopop  Frostmane-EU20270Not updated
66Pogromczyni  Frostmane-EU20255Not updated
67Psyoníx AnnihilationFrostmane-EU20250Not updated
68Dredre Super Phun ThymeFrostmane-EU20230Not updated
69Mathiil HarmonyFrostmane-EU20225Not updated
70Dosah  Frostmane-EU20220Not updated
71Wierzbowski Infinite EternityFrostmane-EU20185Not updated
72Degmonk Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU20175Not updated
73Arashjad Vis Sit VobiscumFrostmane-EU20170Not updated
74Thaninjá  Frostmane-EU20160Not updated
75Irisa Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU20155Not updated
76Grimzie IterumFrostmane-EU20150Not updated
76Kaixo Touch of HadesFrostmane-EU20150Not updated
78Sancîa  Frostmane-EU20145Not updated
79Jonni OriginFrostmane-EU20140Not updated
80Failrag SecurityFrostmane-EU20135Not updated
81Mockei The VanguardFrostmane-EU20130Not updated
82Shan Naked SundaysFrostmane-EU20105Not updated
83Fogellek ExqFrostmane-EU20095Not updated
83Wenky Wonderful WeatherFrostmane-EU20095Not updated
85Elunatic The nordic defendersFrostmane-EU20090Not updated
85Vmns GoodGameFrostmane-EU20090Not updated
87Sabaha Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU20080Not updated
87Fremdes  Frostmane-EU20080Not updated
89Dwarfstar Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU20075Not updated
90Kururugi Super Phun ThymeFrostmane-EU20070Not updated
91Limehouse MazeFrostmane-EU20065Not updated
91Dosiak ValkyrieFrostmane-EU20065Not updated

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