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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Fizzcrank-US Achievement Points
1Onae InappropriateFizzcrank-US20465Not updated
2Neology Hells GloryFizzcrank-US20260Not updated
3Inaria Used NapkinFizzcrank-US19885Not updated
4Onii Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US19880Not updated
5Anarch The HauntedFizzcrank-US19775Not updated
6Ember Knights of OldFizzcrank-US19740Not updated
7Lunarlis Used NapkinFizzcrank-US19490Not updated
8Jayko Hells GloryFizzcrank-US19450Not updated
9Kittermarand InappropriateFizzcrank-US18665Not updated
10Wolfbones madness and chaosFizzcrank-US18585Not updated
11Cottonmaster Used NapkinFizzcrank-US18555Not updated
12Senorawesome  Fizzcrank-US18420Not updated
13Mumblez Used NapkinFizzcrank-US18370Not updated
14Lythoras Power To The PeacefulFizzcrank-US18255Not updated
15Endy when in doùbt hearth oùtFizzcrank-US18200Not updated
16Goblus  Fizzcrank-US18155Not updated
17Jaffus  Fizzcrank-US18145Not updated
18Telo ExodusFizzcrank-US18115Not updated
19Feorce Hells GloryFizzcrank-US18045Not updated
20Lunadk RemnantsFizzcrank-US18010Not updated
21Jaslyn Chaos UnisonFizzcrank-US17985Not updated
21Teloarcher ExodusFizzcrank-US17985Not updated
23Saigra  Fizzcrank-US17835Not updated
24Luthorn ExodusFizzcrank-US17725Not updated
25Rotholor  Fizzcrank-US17720Not updated
26Maxximum Used NapkinFizzcrank-US17640Not updated
27Puppykicker Expatriate AsylumFizzcrank-US17620Not updated
28Vyndacator Used NapkinFizzcrank-US17445Not updated
29Jilai  Fizzcrank-US17410Not updated
30Karineal Seraphim of MourningFizzcrank-US17390Not updated
31Jaleia The HauntedFizzcrank-US17255Not updated
32Walkerblaze InappropriateFizzcrank-US17240Not updated
33Odokill BenevolenceFizzcrank-US17155Not updated
34Perseous Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US17090Not updated
35Sylvestor  Fizzcrank-US17080Not updated
36Dietherius Night CouncilFizzcrank-US17075Not updated
37Sidless Used NapkinFizzcrank-US17070Not updated
38Prøfane The HauntedFizzcrank-US16945Not updated
39Evilbeest Burning BladesFizzcrank-US16935Not updated
40Kiakiola Echo CompanyFizzcrank-US16925Not updated
41Zorby Power To The PeacefulFizzcrank-US16920Not updated
42Hoyer Hells GloryFizzcrank-US16825Not updated
43Kharmah InappropriateFizzcrank-US16820Not updated
44Jiae  Fizzcrank-US16815Not updated
45Korin RemnantsFizzcrank-US16785Not updated
46Afx Untamed HeritageFizzcrank-US16775Not updated
47Vistovia Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US16770Not updated
48Dharmos The HauntedFizzcrank-US16740Not updated
49Vulfur Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US16720Not updated
50Fasch RemnantsFizzcrank-US16695Not updated
51Homeyslice Seraphim of MourningFizzcrank-US16685Not updated
52Sella InappropriateFizzcrank-US16660Not updated
53Slaveknight  Fizzcrank-US16645Not updated
54Deathbounty InappropriateFizzcrank-US16620Not updated
55Goulpas The UnitedFizzcrank-US16580Not updated
56Somalas Sin With A GrinFizzcrank-US16510Not updated
56Murlockisser Dont Think SmallFizzcrank-US16510Not updated
58Narus The Scary DoorFizzcrank-US16480Not updated
59Boxmaster Used NapkinFizzcrank-US16470Not updated
60Karastarbuck Echo CompanyFizzcrank-US16450Not updated
61Albrecht Echo CompanyFizzcrank-US16440Not updated
62Rubbernecks IdoEVERYTHING in my PVPsFizzcrank-US16415Not updated
62Mewshoo InappropriateFizzcrank-US16415Not updated
64Shoadun Power To The PeacefulFizzcrank-US16360Not updated
65Eostre Dark Steel KnightsFizzcrank-US16290Not updated
66Tocu InappropriateFizzcrank-US16280Not updated
67Mephie Dark Steel KnightsFizzcrank-US16260Not updated
67Skylä The HauntedFizzcrank-US16260Not updated
69Aix MaraudersFizzcrank-US16250Not updated
70Romilda Best In Both SlotsFizzcrank-US16210Not updated
71Magerice Night CouncilFizzcrank-US16200Not updated
72Taisayu Power To The PeacefulFizzcrank-US16105Not updated
73Quesly Twilight AccordFizzcrank-US16095Not updated
74Cooties Super Happy Fun TimeFizzcrank-US16055Not updated
75Tygria Power To The PeacefulFizzcrank-US16050Not updated
75Benehime Dont Think SmallFizzcrank-US16050Not updated
77Leïleï Keep Moving ForwardFizzcrank-US16030Not updated
78Ralfferly Echo CompanyFizzcrank-US15975Not updated
79Thewraithh Thunderbluff SteakhouseFizzcrank-US15945Not updated
79Poetem  Fizzcrank-US15945Not updated
81Ttzmcspark MaraudersFizzcrank-US15935Not updated
82Lunarion RemnantsFizzcrank-US15890Not updated
83Shivara InappropriateFizzcrank-US15855Not updated

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