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Farstriders-US Achievement Points
1Vivida Trinity CouncilFarstriders-US21640
2Zaeriak ShadowGuardFarstriders-US20890Not updated
3Rossignol Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US20525Not updated
4Tìna AegisFarstriders-US20355
5Aristenae Natural OrderFarstriders-US20135
6Zevelna VoodooFarstriders-US20030
7Katriika Local TouristFarstriders-US19830
8Jyn VoodooFarstriders-US19515
9Arnóra AegisFarstriders-US19410
10Sparklies Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US19245Not updated
11Aristeníae Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US19005Not updated
12Fails Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US18910Not updated
13Laura Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US18905
14Chontiku The Darksun TribeFarstriders-US18750
15Dominitari Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US18595
16Kablooey Natural OrderFarstriders-US18585
17Caetielle The Shadow HallFarstriders-US18580
18Lucian The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US18480
19Bigscooper  Farstriders-US18410Not updated
20Atoz The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US18265
21Avestara The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US18190Not updated
22Banshiff SymphonyFarstriders-US18185
23Ronir Stormwind GuardFarstriders-US18110
24Mixoflik Justice SeekersFarstriders-US17950Not updated
25Sinsallad AegisFarstriders-US17885
26Remo Stormwind GuardFarstriders-US17850Not updated
27Sunjay Uniteds HavenFarstriders-US17770Not updated
28Nefirî The Seven KingdomsFarstriders-US17765
29Podri Hallowed ArcanaFarstriders-US17750
30Craxxle SymphonyFarstriders-US17680
31Tovius SleeplessFarstriders-US17675
32Legendary Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US17390
33Kronici SleeplessFarstriders-US17345
34Zullera The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US17265
35Amalei PandamoniaFarstriders-US17260
36Hiddenbeauty  Farstriders-US17235Not updated
37Thrack Natural OrderFarstriders-US17225Not updated
38Amynthel Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US17215
38Lager  Farstriders-US17215Not updated
40Magechick Natural OrderFarstriders-US17190
41Junkai Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US17100
42Agavei The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US17075
43Thornhewn The Shadow HallFarstriders-US16985
44Hrathen DivinusFarstriders-US16960
45Yiago AegisFarstriders-US16925
46Awor The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US16900
47Mjc PvPimpn aint PvEasyFarstriders-US16885Not updated
48Dahli Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US16865
49Jaxzer SleeplessFarstriders-US16815
50Phrike Coven of the RoseFarstriders-US16765Not updated
51Czenghis SymphonyFarstriders-US16750
52Huhai Eye of The WorldFarstriders-US16705Not updated
53Basic VoodooFarstriders-US16645
54Amilessa AegisFarstriders-US16640
55Bahnthys The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US16540
56Apexy Local TouristFarstriders-US16510
57Astrii The Shadow HallFarstriders-US16505
58Arifinwe The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US16495Not updated
59Truehäte  Farstriders-US16485
60Hamleigha Duck and CoverFarstriders-US16480Not updated
61Praelin The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US16465Not updated
62Adarea Avatar of HonorFarstriders-US16455
63Bambooeater Ancient VanguardFarstriders-US16385
64Knorr Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US16360
65Toecutter Hallowed ArcanaFarstriders-US16355
66Angrymoose  Farstriders-US16350Not updated
67Elivani Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US16300
68Hemrok  Farstriders-US16285Not updated
69Strangulate  Farstriders-US16280Not updated
70Amais Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US16275
71Varromande Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US16270
72Ferenczy The Great Sea Trading CoFarstriders-US16255
73Jormangand VoodooFarstriders-US16215

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