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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eredar-US Achievement Points
1Leat Months BehindEredar-US21390Not updated
2Dildonian  Eredar-US21260Not updated
3Talaina Capital VicesEredar-US21095Not updated
4Zaelia Months BehindEredar-US20985Not updated
5Woainie M Y T H incEredar-US20805Not updated
6Tumi Perfect InsanityEredar-US20665Not updated
7Nudist Game OvérEredar-US20345Not updated
8Friggitee Smoothie CoEredar-US20270Not updated
9Satsui Capital VicesEredar-US20190Not updated
10Berms Capital VicesEredar-US19990Not updated
11Maliciouskil Capital VicesEredar-US19925Not updated
12Xyto  Eredar-US19905Not updated
13Rollin M Y T H incEredar-US19890Not updated
14Krokaar Months BehindEredar-US19840Not updated
15Ambivillaint  Eredar-US19780Not updated
16Pablohoney M Y T H incEredar-US19745Not updated
17Wyspur M Y T H incEredar-US19605Not updated
18Punxster Touch Not The CatEredar-US19545Not updated
19Qp  Eredar-US19490Not updated
20Mistmedic Capital VicesEredar-US19470Not updated
21Sinia Slayed like a DragonEredar-US19405Not updated
22Fluttershy DestinatusEredar-US19205Not updated
23Valzear Dirt DogsEredar-US19150Not updated
24Knou  Eredar-US19070Not updated
25Ohzai  Eredar-US19060Not updated
26Riddly Perfect InsanityEredar-US19045Not updated
27Nòóß DoAEredar-US19035Not updated
28Starburst ParadigmEredar-US19020Not updated
29Sunnderella Capital VicesEredar-US18990Not updated
29Darkavatar No RecourseEredar-US18990Not updated
31Adrïana  Eredar-US18975Not updated
32Thachad  Eredar-US18970Not updated
33Starlyn DestinatusEredar-US18870Not updated
34Epsii Troll HarderEredar-US18665Not updated
35Unggoy Capital VicesEredar-US18590Not updated
36Omotsmemory  Eredar-US18565Not updated
37Kurri Sacred VowEredar-US18540Not updated
38Poppyseed  Eredar-US18505Not updated
39Akirah Perfect InsanityEredar-US18400Not updated
40Jojoa Capital VicesEredar-US18395Not updated
40Ivork Perfect InsanityEredar-US18395Not updated
42Veloeisobama Months BehindEredar-US18315Not updated
43Nixxe Capital VicesEredar-US18290Not updated
44Dovakiín DestinatusEredar-US18220Not updated
45Kerrigán Months BehindEredar-US18185Not updated
46Slimthug Capital VicesEredar-US18040Not updated
47Friedcheese PandaClanEredar-US18015Not updated
48Gravestone PlagueEredar-US18005Not updated
49Sariannah Capital VicesEredar-US17985Not updated
50Interjection DestinatusEredar-US17980Not updated
51Bowjòb  Eredar-US17955Not updated
51Sherbatsky  Eredar-US17955Not updated
53Sazaku Game OvérEredar-US17945Not updated
54Limpious PredominantEredar-US17935Not updated
54Motholomew FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US17935Not updated
56Hiphopoptms Carry CoEredar-US17925Not updated
57Scintillate  Eredar-US17915Not updated
58Nytewhisper Kings Of OldEredar-US17890Not updated
59Malvolo Dark Knight AllianceEredar-US17875Not updated
60Osica FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US17855Not updated
61Nalsoon DestinatusEredar-US17840Not updated
62Specty  Eredar-US17765Not updated
63Telka Dominant FórceEredar-US17735Not updated
64Notahealbot Capital VicesEredar-US17715Not updated
65Selivard PredominantEredar-US17685Not updated
66Nymphy Perfect InsanityEredar-US17630Not updated
67Mitra CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US17625Not updated
68Herne  Eredar-US17430Not updated
69Kuma Months BehindEredar-US17380Not updated
70Rickotron Months BehindEredar-US17365Not updated
70Barbiespool Capital VicesEredar-US17365Not updated
72Globalruner The UncrunchablesEredar-US17360Not updated
73Nallina Months BehindEredar-US17350Not updated
74Rooble HelionEredar-US17305Not updated
75Mikaros The Seven SinsEredar-US17270Not updated
76Ashleyrose FelonyEredar-US17250Not updated
77Obebryant TEAM BRING ITEredar-US17245Not updated
78Walkêr HiveEredar-US17235Not updated
78Jalisa Crystal DragonsEredar-US17235Not updated
80Married Game OvérEredar-US17225Not updated
81Bantorain  Eredar-US17220Not updated
82Nachoe PredominantEredar-US17190Not updated
83Gonnashadeya Fridge RaidersEredar-US17185Not updated
84Kettlecorn  Eredar-US17125Not updated
85Tamarí  Eredar-US17010Not updated
86Mystletoe Perfect InsanityEredar-US16995Not updated
86Synestras Dark Knight AllianceEredar-US16995Not updated
88Quellious Capital VicesEredar-US16990Not updated
89Monito Capital VicesEredar-US16980Not updated
89Pionir Perfect InsanityEredar-US16980Not updated
91Pristann  Eredar-US16970Not updated
92Feriya  Eredar-US16955Not updated
93Feorah Dirt DogsEredar-US16930Not updated

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