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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Emeriss-EU Achievement Points
1Baxka  Emeriss-EU21625Not updated
2Mellinna MusketeersEmeriss-EU20950Not updated
3Puusilmä  Emeriss-EU20870Not updated
4Baxur Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU20865
5Vm NerfEmeriss-EU20830
6Clopyleft Dies IraeEmeriss-EU20635Not updated
7Steveharris  Emeriss-EU20495Not updated
8Paok Dies IraeEmeriss-EU20180Not updated
9Mao I PeeVeePee in MoonwellsEmeriss-EU20145
10Tyla  Emeriss-EU19965
10Krokotam TaHrPaEmeriss-EU19965Not updated
12Barns Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU19960Not updated
13Sálvation Véni Vidi ViciEmeriss-EU19760Not updated
14Altalexrog Dies IraeEmeriss-EU19750Not updated
15Lillit  Emeriss-EU19740Not updated
16Omertà For HireEmeriss-EU19690
17Dancho  Emeriss-EU19645Not updated
18Dmg OOMEmeriss-EU19595Not updated
19Sealamin For HireEmeriss-EU19510
20Ming  Emeriss-EU19415Not updated
21Area BPEMETOEmeriss-EU19380Not updated
22Coprostasis Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU19370
23Kidnapped OverpoweredEmeriss-EU19180
24Saxilon ParadigmaEmeriss-EU19095Not updated
25Amirlin TaHrPaEmeriss-EU18990Not updated
26Kotaranka Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU18980
27Lycastein FaustEmeriss-EU18970Not updated
28Mapa BPEMETOEmeriss-EU18955Not updated
29Stinkywinki SWE RuleEmeriss-EU18835Not updated
30Kitchie  Emeriss-EU18805Not updated
31Vancheto Scream of PainEmeriss-EU18730Not updated
32Thunderheart The Honored FewEmeriss-EU18720Not updated
33Ashakti  Emeriss-EU18655Not updated
34Tuzaph Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU18625
35Santar Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU18605
36Shamnie Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU18565Not updated
37Pondera FaustEmeriss-EU18450Not updated
38Zedx VanguardEmeriss-EU18425Not updated
39Hellighed Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU18400Not updated
40Speartusk OverpoweredEmeriss-EU18395
41Oelboevsen DaAvengerzEmeriss-EU18365Not updated
42Luxxa  Emeriss-EU18355Not updated
43Scràtchy FaustEmeriss-EU18325Not updated
44Fídelcowstro  Emeriss-EU18270Not updated
45Misspriest For HireEmeriss-EU18265Not updated
46Longtooth Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU18255
46Anakonda TaHrPaEmeriss-EU18255Not updated
48Reanimated Dies IraeEmeriss-EU18245Not updated
49Yuro PÁW PÁWEmeriss-EU18215Not updated
50Sebastyann  Emeriss-EU18155Not updated
51Mortalkombat OverpoweredEmeriss-EU18050
52Friziorkata OOMEmeriss-EU18030Not updated
53Gelmyr  Emeriss-EU18010Not updated
54Dudanka MT CompanyEmeriss-EU17985Not updated
55Nelíah  Emeriss-EU17920Not updated
56Darkallice ParadigmaEmeriss-EU17895Not updated
57Dreddstera OverpoweredEmeriss-EU17870Not updated
58Lifeel OverpoweredEmeriss-EU17850
59Marinaßg HOBA EPAEmeriss-EU17825Not updated
59Ichtudirweh  Emeriss-EU17825Not updated
61Ignat Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU17810
62Pandorum For HireEmeriss-EU17805
63Demoniachka Knights Of HonourEmeriss-EU17735
64Wizhunt BPEMEHA HA XAOCEmeriss-EU17725Not updated
64Yupii DaAvengerzEmeriss-EU17725Not updated
66Darkhuntor DarknezzEmeriss-EU17675Not updated
67Cartilage OOMEmeriss-EU17665Not updated
68Minel Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU17650Not updated
69Chocohontas Warchiefs of KalimdorEmeriss-EU17645Not updated
70Kantolock DaAvengerzEmeriss-EU17635Not updated
70Faída WGEUEmeriss-EU17635Not updated
72Okomo Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU17605
73Madlen Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU17525
74Betøn Champion Of The HordeEmeriss-EU17470Not updated
75Krokodila Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU17465Not updated
76Vespertine Dies IraeEmeriss-EU17440Not updated
77Crypmaker BPEMETOEmeriss-EU17415Not updated
78Thesoultaker Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU17410
79Agzerius Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU17405
80Djuma Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU17185Not updated
81Kuboo For HireEmeriss-EU17180Not updated
82Euphemiá Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU17160Not updated
83Vesela Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU17130
84Beginnerr Dark CloudEmeriss-EU17120Not updated
85Bóòb Its A Love ThingEmeriss-EU17105Not updated
86Aleksandyr  Emeriss-EU17100Not updated
87Rozana  Emeriss-EU17095Not updated
88Shinyclown  Emeriss-EU17060Not updated
89Spurgu  Emeriss-EU17055Not updated
90Prasinos Dies IraeEmeriss-EU17030Not updated
91Prostitutza Nightmare CupcakesEmeriss-EU16885Not updated
92Vyrath Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU16880
93Precision For HireEmeriss-EU16860
94Swany Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU16840
95Sheba PhoenicisEmeriss-EU16785Not updated
96Fkr AntiqueEmeriss-EU16750Not updated
97Thedreadful TaHrPaEmeriss-EU16740
98Inzeijn GUILD OF DOOMEmeriss-EU16715Not updated
99Aiduin Upside DownEmeriss-EU16705
100Helland Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU16690

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