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Emerald Dream-EU Achievement Points
1Lemonzest Stop Following MeEmerald Dream-EU21620Not updated
2Hakmagic Unique PeopleEmerald Dream-EU21395
3Sigurth Tempus FugitEmerald Dream-EU21225
4Lehmäsoturi Risen PhoenixEmerald Dream-EU21115Not updated
5Uludil OmenEmerald Dream-EU21110
5Seifur OmenEmerald Dream-EU21110
7Loriela Safety Not GuaranteedEmerald Dream-EU20965
8Clawfury  Emerald Dream-EU20945Not updated
9Shinamaya Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU20890
10Navi IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU20865
11Jackklin FearlessEmerald Dream-EU20805Not updated
12Pengy  Emerald Dream-EU20785
13Excitedsoup BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU20665
14Thifyx BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU20615
15Deathcam Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU20525
16Taina IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU20390
17Wolfitza Marine Parade PiratesEmerald Dream-EU20285Not updated
18Sefirosu AmnesiaEmerald Dream-EU20270
19Khristellyne IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU20265
20Velrial unLuckyEmerald Dream-EU20200
21Garretta IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU20160
22Haldar RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU20090
23Cyber IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU20080
24Defensor IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU20065
25Thaninja BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU20005
26Ripsup BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU19995
27Ghenghiz OmenEmerald Dream-EU19965
28Papa IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU19955
29Natun VIIEmerald Dream-EU19935
30Pandawan IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU19860
31Whias AurumEmerald Dream-EU19770
32Eiwo Yes im a NoobEmerald Dream-EU19755Not updated
33Schilla IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU19740
33Soulburnèr RisénEmerald Dream-EU19740
35Naathwen AurumEmerald Dream-EU19730
35Zalanth SunfallEmerald Dream-EU19730
37Ashyen BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU19715
38Bootec RenaissanceEmerald Dream-EU19695
38Cobratix IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU19695Not updated
40Scartrion Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU19690
41Oakentusk eXquisiteEmerald Dream-EU19665
42Cinny IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU19640
43Scráb IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU19610
44Celeus BridgeburnersEmerald Dream-EU19500
44Dovè Silver DragonEmerald Dream-EU19500Not updated
46Quintin Shadow StepEmerald Dream-EU19490Not updated
47Tkf The ReaversEmerald Dream-EU19450
48Snake IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU19425Not updated
49Mezzy AurumEmerald Dream-EU19330
50Yorkmoon The Blind WatchmakersEmerald Dream-EU19290Not updated
51Maisali OmenEmerald Dream-EU19285
52Vulence IlluminaEmerald Dream-EU19230
53Anasteria  Emerald Dream-EU19200Not updated
54Murderhorn Bad OmenEmerald Dream-EU19165
55Effex Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU19145
56Zuq  Emerald Dream-EU19125
57Dóriath Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU19120
58Còx  Emerald Dream-EU19080
59Talba Broken EclipseEmerald Dream-EU19075
60Failadin SunfallEmerald Dream-EU19030Not updated
61Tymia OmenEmerald Dream-EU19015
61Iscelitelj Silver MoonEmerald Dream-EU19015
63Némesís OmenEmerald Dream-EU18995
64Palypowah  Emerald Dream-EU18980Not updated
65Kloshans Angels Of AresEmerald Dream-EU18970
66Capognomdon Made in GnomereganEmerald Dream-EU18900
67Suntra Outlaws TornEmerald Dream-EU18885Not updated
68Starbug eXquisiteEmerald Dream-EU18875
69Mith ExilesEmerald Dream-EU18850
70Serentiy IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU18840
71Usynelig  Emerald Dream-EU18820
72Lolstorm Safety Not GuaranteedEmerald Dream-EU18800
73Evilgodzilla BattleRagersEmerald Dream-EU18790
74Worzsa MentalEmerald Dream-EU18755Not updated

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