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Elune-US Achievement Points
1Vanas  Elune-US21965
2Ivetta Just CrusadeElune-US21770
3Acurrate UnityElune-US21545
4Aamie AmnestyElune-US21390
4Thundathighs sit and knitElune-US21390Not updated
6Draxxess  Elune-US21350
7Piow VindicationElune-US21345
7Saylormoon Circle of DawnElune-US21345
9Statler FusionElune-US21275
10Nightgecko AmnestyElune-US21135
11Tytascanbe AxisElune-US21060Not updated
12Lavaload FusionElune-US20855
13Luminix Just CrusadeElune-US20825Not updated
14Finduilas FusionElune-US20690
14Poadette Just CrusadeElune-US20690
16Zdravnica Afraid of ElementalsElune-US20590
17Starsurge  Elune-US20505
18Eriya Better Part of ValorElune-US20320
19Annalla Better Part of ValorElune-US20210
20Krisshaman Socially AwkwardElune-US20170
21Veroswen Better Part of ValorElune-US20120
22Skittylol Inner FocusElune-US20065
23Loriliah Chambers of ShaolinElune-US19710Not updated
24Patient  Elune-US19680Not updated
25Cupidkiss AmnestyElune-US19635
26Gauza LNCElune-US19495
27Traeling Rise of MayhemElune-US19465
28Saeton AmnestyElune-US19460
29Defiler Altera VitaElune-US19455
30Dunrik Undying ResolutionElune-US19320
31Binkles Just CrusadeElune-US19290
32Ranndell PainElune-US19280
33Bamboovii  Elune-US19200Not updated
34Tizzie InstabilityElune-US19175
35Barathos Rising StormElune-US19170
36Riçk Afraid of ElementalsElune-US19150
37Imordeth Reality CheckElune-US19140Not updated
38Lorashne Pyreal DreamElune-US19135Not updated
39Stalian Rising StormElune-US19120Not updated
40Glem Better Part of ValorElune-US19110
41Drunky LNCElune-US19080
42Aibe Afraid of ElementalsElune-US19075
43Hulgan Guilty as ChargedElune-US19045Not updated
44Lacus AmnestyElune-US19015
45Kaly Just CrusadeElune-US18950
46Darach FusionElune-US18910
47Boberto Gates of HellElune-US18875
48Cryll LNCElune-US18820
49Derbymchat Midnight CartelElune-US18815
49Gizzybee AmnestyElune-US18815
51Ankzu Undying ResolutionElune-US18805
52Mihri Shrub ClubElune-US18800Not updated
53Grreg LNCElune-US18780
54Katea Acta SantiElune-US18740
55Cowwabunga stalk adn killElune-US18700
56Sylviane The Lords of AggroElune-US18695
57Analytic  Elune-US18590Not updated
58Bazil Leggo My AgroElune-US18585
59Itwasntme VindicationElune-US18550Not updated
60Jalaven Undying ResolutionElune-US18510
61Cute Mischief ManagedElune-US18460Not updated
62Johchi FusionElune-US18435
63Albe Acta SantiElune-US18415
64Cynlyn InstabilityElune-US18385Not updated
65Jìtzu stalk adn killElune-US18365
66Gayestever  Elune-US18355Not updated
67Pandarban Rising StormElune-US18285
67Shaemas AmnestyElune-US18285Not updated
69Bruiser exodusElune-US18275Not updated
70Brently  Elune-US18260
71Dragon FusionElune-US18255

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