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Earthen Ring-US Achievement Points
1Rezi IntangibleEarthen Ring-US21460
2Clann Defiant RequiemEarthen Ring-US20915
3Savvi Ávant GardeEarthen Ring-US20575Not updated
4Altarian  Earthen Ring-US20465Not updated
5Amorada Ávant GardeEarthen Ring-US20215Not updated
6Kolum  Earthen Ring-US20115Not updated
7Cendrilla Team InfluenceEarthen Ring-US19940Not updated
8Tonzo InsurgenceEarthen Ring-US19840
9Demil  Earthen Ring-US19800
10Monroe The Phantom LegionEarthen Ring-US19720
11Lunatink  Earthen Ring-US19710
12Eorae alea iacta est dignitasEarthen Ring-US19535
13Elthor The Royal Lions BrigadeEarthen Ring-US19485
14Rundara The RemnantsEarthen Ring-US19355Not updated
15Moogu  Earthen Ring-US19350Not updated
16Savare Grim DeterminationEarthen Ring-US19345
17Enmity Outcast OrderEarthen Ring-US19330Not updated
18Lorardalmus The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US19305Not updated
19Sasskei Fallen Heroes of AzerothEarthen Ring-US19300
20Maggiemoo alea iacta est ponderaEarthen Ring-US19285
21Edgarallan  Earthen Ring-US19270Not updated
22Bandonio Ex InferisEarthen Ring-US19235
23Abron Palemoon RequiemEarthen Ring-US19180Not updated
24Atriana Sons of HellscreamEarthen Ring-US19160
25Travatha VeritasEarthen Ring-US19155
26Dimere Palemoon RequiemEarthen Ring-US19085
27Sterag  Earthen Ring-US19065Not updated
28Willing The RemnantsEarthen Ring-US19060
29Shoolaroo VeritasEarthen Ring-US18890
30Cirol alea iacta est salusEarthen Ring-US18880
31Haunter Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US18745Not updated
32Darøs The RemnantsEarthen Ring-US18680
33Irisen Hells Panty RaidersEarthen Ring-US18640
34Lysanda Nocturne of the Red WolfEarthen Ring-US18635Not updated
35Giacomo VeritasEarthen Ring-US18615
36Gildina VeritasEarthen Ring-US18600
36Paloma Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US18600
36Casterform The RemnantsEarthen Ring-US18600Not updated
39Kathesniper Nightmare On Elf StreetEarthen Ring-US18525
40Kokuyoku SacredEarthen Ring-US18495
41Rhodaria ReciprocityEarthen Ring-US18450
41Theiel alea iacta est gravitasEarthen Ring-US18450
43Mycale alea iacta est salusEarthen Ring-US18435
44Aurallia  Earthen Ring-US18430Not updated
45Pawprint SacredEarthen Ring-US18365Not updated
46Adoneiras Ashes of the DawnEarthen Ring-US18340
47Merlon Anarchists AnonymousEarthen Ring-US18330Not updated
48Roglauk Grim DeterminationEarthen Ring-US18235
49Aeina The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US18225
50Poutler AscendenceEarthen Ring-US18220
51Kudge WelfareLineEarthen Ring-US18165
52Leylijk alea iacta est verendusEarthen Ring-US18155
53Zakkuf Nightmare On Elf StreetEarthen Ring-US18140
54Kudger Eloquent Posse of HouseEarthen Ring-US18130
55Watermelons FateEarthen Ring-US18120
56Hagoromo OutkastEarthen Ring-US18100
57Xerica SacredEarthen Ring-US18095
58Silverthorne House Of AvalonEarthen Ring-US18085
59Callahann VeritasEarthen Ring-US18050
60Roquaren The Honor GuardEarthen Ring-US18000Not updated
61Snafubahr alea iacta est gravitasEarthen Ring-US17990
62Aerolar  Earthen Ring-US17960Not updated
63Hungerer ÅscensionEarthen Ring-US17945Not updated
64Quay Outcast OrderEarthen Ring-US17895
65Kaandew Frost WatchEarthen Ring-US17885
66Forsayken Eloquent Posse of HouseEarthen Ring-US17880
67Cyndrion Cronies of ChromieEarthen Ring-US17855
68Cyrandalar NightlifeEarthen Ring-US17850
69Whereigo The Letztes BataillonEarthen Ring-US17845
69Ghuts DissonanceEarthen Ring-US17845
71Avångeline FateEarthen Ring-US17830
72Skkarrgh  Earthen Ring-US17805Not updated
73Samuelian alea iacta est ponderaEarthen Ring-US17765

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