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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dunemaul-EU Achievement Points
1Warosh SkyGuardsDunemaul-EU21395Not updated
2Moolove SkyGuardsDunemaul-EU21240Not updated
3Veschex Cataclysm Leveling GuildDunemaul-EU21220Not updated
4Mamlaz DreamersDunemaul-EU21165Not updated
5Peelîvan  Dunemaul-EU21070Not updated
6Jhinx Eighty FiveDunemaul-EU20835Not updated
7Deadlove Social ClubDunemaul-EU20710Not updated
8Alhpadog MagnificentDunemaul-EU20540Not updated
9Dimsai Dimsal FanclubDunemaul-EU20470Not updated
10Noverotajs NoBigDealDunemaul-EU20445Not updated
11Hurrdidurr Couldnt Care LessDunemaul-EU20240Not updated
12Enoch Riders of HonorDunemaul-EU20185Not updated
13Jupu RagnarokDunemaul-EU20110Not updated
14Tuatha Methods of MadnessDunemaul-EU20095Not updated
15Makicamoja DreamersDunemaul-EU20030Not updated
16Alvareaux  Dunemaul-EU20020Not updated
17Darkmaniac Last SpokenDunemaul-EU19995Not updated
18Mightypaw The Black FuryDunemaul-EU19990Not updated
19Snìtch OutplayedDunemaul-EU19965Not updated
20Verdisa The Trendkill CoterieDunemaul-EU19800Not updated
21Xiist Ancient DragonDunemaul-EU19730Not updated
22Artoris Crescent SunDunemaul-EU19550Not updated
23Eidann Last BastionDunemaul-EU19280Not updated
24Nrage SkyGuardsDunemaul-EU19245Not updated
25Tantùn  Dunemaul-EU19200Not updated
26Æpophis The Black FuryDunemaul-EU19160Not updated
27Teginhan  Dunemaul-EU18925Not updated
28Nâstylady The Black FuryDunemaul-EU18880Not updated
29Dzozef The Black FuryDunemaul-EU18805Not updated
30Delicatoo PlatinumDunemaul-EU18790Not updated
31Bahasanut Heman HuntersDunemaul-EU18715Not updated
32Absintheret  Dunemaul-EU18685Not updated
33Inmai EquilibriumDunemaul-EU18635Not updated
34Maleficence Methods of MadnessDunemaul-EU18625Not updated
35Tiføsi Mutation TeamDunemaul-EU18550Not updated
36Arianâ GrandTheftKodoDunemaul-EU18535Not updated
37Tazzdingoo GrandTheftKodoDunemaul-EU18305Not updated
38Ovyd EminenceDunemaul-EU18240Not updated
39Tékcan CATASTROPHEDunemaul-EU18230Not updated
40Lockinroll The Wolves BrotherhoodDunemaul-EU18180Not updated
41Bazzuka Dimsal FanclubDunemaul-EU18120Not updated
42Drtroll  Dunemaul-EU18090Not updated
43Dreamtheater Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU18030Not updated
44Ebonjoy EspadaDunemaul-EU18000Not updated
45Kesil holy molyDunemaul-EU17750Not updated
46Lysanne Fearsome War EngineDunemaul-EU17735Not updated
47Axellent Last BastionDunemaul-EU17705Not updated
48Jackiebear Scrub ClubDunemaul-EU17695Not updated
49Sylvanase  Dunemaul-EU17645Not updated
50Ferler Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU17555Not updated
51Monnonoke DreamersDunemaul-EU17525Not updated
52Suprimus CoalitionDunemaul-EU17505Not updated
53Magicianu Free To DecideDunemaul-EU17495Not updated
54Untamed The Black FuryDunemaul-EU17475Not updated
55Neschenai Twisted SerenityDunemaul-EU17400Not updated
56Ydna The Black FuryDunemaul-EU17395Not updated
57Barbatsaf Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU17335Not updated
58Hlzlr EkstazDunemaul-EU17330Not updated
59Unhealablé  Dunemaul-EU17320Not updated
60Bodzin The Trendkill CoterieDunemaul-EU17260Not updated
61Totemm J N ADunemaul-EU17245Not updated
62Asheé  Dunemaul-EU17175Not updated
63Karran Broken PrivilegesDunemaul-EU17145Not updated
64Calmersutra ColdfusionDunemaul-EU17115Not updated
65Burkek EquilibriumDunemaul-EU17015Not updated
66Ironbrew The LegacyDunemaul-EU16930Not updated
67Kabbal The BrotherhoodDunemaul-EU16915Not updated
68Rezus Last BastionDunemaul-EU16895Not updated
69Babuncina ColdfusionDunemaul-EU16865Not updated
70Ildlar The Black FuryDunemaul-EU16860Not updated
71Farmci Dimsal FanclubDunemaul-EU16855Not updated
72Shateiél ExtacyDunemaul-EU16840Not updated
73Qatarl The Black FuryDunemaul-EU16805Not updated
73Squer Kap KrviDunemaul-EU16805Not updated
75Icestar BladeDunemaul-EU16775Not updated
76Animuss Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU16765Not updated
77Blato Ancient DragonDunemaul-EU16760Not updated
78Tharatiel Methods of MadnessDunemaul-EU16655Not updated
79Liurenei The Black FuryDunemaul-EU16645Not updated
80Exilard LindholmDunemaul-EU16620Not updated
81Vlodka Articulo MortisDunemaul-EU16615Not updated
82Adalante ExtacyDunemaul-EU16565Not updated
82Istar ColdfusionDunemaul-EU16565Not updated
84Axilady Blood and AshesDunemaul-EU16560Not updated
85Sarpel Devil May CryDunemaul-EU16545Not updated
86ßlâcksoul SkylineDunemaul-EU16465Not updated
87Dilrüba The BrotherhoodDunemaul-EU16455Not updated
88Sitare Raven NestDunemaul-EU16435Not updated
89Shiladin Blood and AshesDunemaul-EU16400Not updated
90Orcestra SkyGuardsDunemaul-EU16345Not updated
90Littlealice Free To DecideDunemaul-EU16345Not updated
92Droodiness Aggro UnionDunemaul-EU16335Not updated
93Uncontrold Twisted SerenityDunemaul-EU16315Not updated
94Elrox Last BastionDunemaul-EU16285Not updated
95Chazzy Devil May CryDunemaul-EU16275Not updated
95Ostoix Kap KrviDunemaul-EU16275Not updated
97Mofype SisyfosDunemaul-EU16265Not updated
97Telperien Guardian SpiritDunemaul-EU16265Not updated
99Kapitalist ColdfusionDunemaul-EU16250Not updated
100Logdrab BladestormDunemaul-EU16240Not updated

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