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Drenden-US Achievement Points
1Alyanne  Drenden-US21145
2Satya LigatureDrenden-US21000
2Kalisis LigatureDrenden-US21000Not updated
4Dovesari Engineering MadnessDrenden-US20715
5Treborlock Focused AggressionDrenden-US20605
6Shoogen Engineering MadnessDrenden-US20490
7Corylus HeresiarchDrenden-US20165Not updated
8Chàmp Engineering MadnessDrenden-US20085
9Syless DsylxeicDrenden-US20065
10Blackace SublimeDrenden-US19965
11Rainmaker RequiemDrenden-US19960
12Bajapanti Engineering MadnessDrenden-US19885
13Ashelin Engineering MadnessDrenden-US19855
14Toxiel DsylxeicDrenden-US19820
15Gornnaga RequiemDrenden-US19780
16Turret DsylxeicDrenden-US19580
17Dragoron DsylxeicDrenden-US19410
18Tactt RequiemDrenden-US19255
19Galorina RequiemDrenden-US19105
20Xane Clutch TimeDrenden-US19085Not updated
21Yokoono There Might Be BloodDrenden-US18940
22Yoloswaggins MadnessDrenden-US18895Not updated
23Blumpie  Drenden-US18815Not updated
24Arvash TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US18600
25Ryxinn  Drenden-US18565Not updated
26Willbear LigatureDrenden-US18385Not updated
27Kostandinos The Horde EliteDrenden-US18300Not updated
28Huricane Engineering MadnessDrenden-US18285Not updated
29Agiljuna There Might Be BloodDrenden-US18275
30Melfy RequiemDrenden-US18265
31Henklin ProfitDrenden-US18260
32Maryánn Engineering MadnessDrenden-US18215
33Gurloes RequiemDrenden-US18210
34Zomglazerpew HeresiarchDrenden-US18200
35Friarjoe Engineering MadnessDrenden-US18135
36Maldive Engineering MadnessDrenden-US18115
37Losat Engineering MadnessDrenden-US18110
38Vronk Sotally ToberDrenden-US18080Not updated
39Forpoints Knight WatchDrenden-US18040Not updated
39Narnie Hug MeDrenden-US18040Not updated
41Gray RequiemDrenden-US17950Not updated
42Celdrid DsylxeicDrenden-US17920
43Mairin Engineering MadnessDrenden-US17915
43Palisca Why Tempt FateDrenden-US17915Not updated
45Selmak DsylxeicDrenden-US17880
45Parkranger Drama SocietyDrenden-US17880Not updated
47Aeon RequiemDrenden-US17875
48Puffer Focused AggressionDrenden-US17870
49Cracklepop Sentinels of EternityDrenden-US17865
50Etamalgren Drama SocietyDrenden-US17860
51Yab ProfitDrenden-US17845
52Daxter Mental MutinyDrenden-US17795Not updated
53Fabulor TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US17760
54Sobieyet HeresiarchDrenden-US17750Not updated
55Murkasaurus There Might Be BloodDrenden-US17730
56Nullify Clutch TimeDrenden-US17720Not updated
57Stumma DsylxeicDrenden-US17675
58Ryleyqt There Might Be BloodDrenden-US17665
59Penicillin There Might Be BloodDrenden-US17660
60Hoobajou There Might Be BloodDrenden-US17525Not updated
61Urglesnurgle  Drenden-US17505Not updated
62Shadowreaver LigatureDrenden-US17460
63Crittycat MadnessDrenden-US17455
64Zablet TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US17450
65Karalana DsylxeicDrenden-US17395
66Shamazîng Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeDrenden-US17380
67Saiko RequiemDrenden-US17335
68Jovana RequiemDrenden-US17310Not updated
69Zuma Chain pullDrenden-US17265
70Poofspriest Thunder Buddies For LifeDrenden-US17260Not updated
71Normanitee TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US17250Not updated

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