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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drek'Thar-EU Achievement Points
1Kàlt  Drek'Thar-EU21565Not updated
2Yalesty  Drek'Thar-EU21115Not updated
3Bogul NephtysDrek'Thar-EU20755Not updated
4ßßshoshe  Drek'Thar-EU20575Not updated
5Innawaen The LeGenD of ZiOnSDrek'Thar-EU20545Not updated
6Aleane  Drek'Thar-EU20450Not updated
7Marchide NephtysDrek'Thar-EU20340Not updated
8Euphénia NephtysDrek'Thar-EU20150Not updated
9Incrya NephtysDrek'Thar-EU20030Not updated
9Harbaal  Drek'Thar-EU20030Not updated
11Milantae Les exaltés du cimetièreDrek'Thar-EU19980Not updated
12Kizame QwertyDrek'Thar-EU19875Not updated
13Kïze QwertyDrek'Thar-EU19865Not updated
14Quigone Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU19845Not updated
15Alchikaru The Curse Of DragonsDrek'Thar-EU19805Not updated
16Sanpakutô  Drek'Thar-EU19795Not updated
17Dàenerys No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU19790Not updated
18Delemoniak  Drek'Thar-EU19760Not updated
19Steakhouse  Drek'Thar-EU19595Not updated
20Alasthôr AsystoliaDrek'Thar-EU19580Not updated
21Kimiasïs  Drek'Thar-EU19545Not updated
22Ïlliana QwertyDrek'Thar-EU19485Not updated
23Melilo Les exaltés du cimetièreDrek'Thar-EU19370Not updated
24Ekestraz Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU19300Not updated
24Maÿdi  Drek'Thar-EU19300Not updated
26Benbie La ZiZaNieDrek'Thar-EU19270Not updated
27Quantaloup  Drek'Thar-EU19245Not updated
28Dotinette TalenteDDrek'Thar-EU19210Not updated
29Mwewtwo  Drek'Thar-EU19140Not updated
30Waouw S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU19110Not updated
31Loveth IrréelDrek'Thar-EU19060Not updated
32Adéenne Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU19020Not updated
32Ðarkiss Madness Of CataclysmDrek'Thar-EU19020Not updated
34Kary S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU18805Not updated
35Teneb  Drek'Thar-EU18780Not updated
36Mypmyp Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU18715Not updated
37Belzedar Les BarjotsDrek'Thar-EU18685Not updated
38Klooey Le Vieil OrphelinatDrek'Thar-EU18570Not updated
39Whenshi SølarisDrek'Thar-EU18560Not updated
40Pünkæð NephtysDrek'Thar-EU18480Not updated
41Damp MystérieDrek'Thar-EU18435Not updated
42Dkalée WOW AdventureDrek'Thar-EU18400Not updated
43Zorgnom agapèDrek'Thar-EU18395Not updated
44Daytøna agapèDrek'Thar-EU18390Not updated
45Orkow No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU18345Not updated
46Felindrha The Space Bar GuildDrek'Thar-EU18295Not updated
47Aigon AsystoliaDrek'Thar-EU18265Not updated
47Catalihnka Hordeux KontwolDrek'Thar-EU18265Not updated
49Togishi NalonweDrek'Thar-EU18260Not updated
50Noref La confrérie des quinzeDrek'Thar-EU18235Not updated
51Ujikamy Dead and BreakfastDrek'Thar-EU18215Not updated
52Socaa GO DPS GO DPSDrek'Thar-EU18165Not updated
53Milyawen  Drek'Thar-EU18155Not updated
54Kalhône The LeGenD of ZiOnSDrek'Thar-EU18130Not updated
55Lechassouu HORDE NOIREDrek'Thar-EU18120Not updated
56Tutii lesvénérablespandashansDrek'Thar-EU18085Not updated
57Nicotine ApophisDrek'Thar-EU18080Not updated
58Tetrapack Born To FløødDrek'Thar-EU18065Not updated
59Almsivi EinbechDrek'Thar-EU18020Not updated
60Têâl Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU17945Not updated
61Balaâla Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU17910Not updated
62Kanishi  Drek'Thar-EU17895Not updated
63Milédy  Drek'Thar-EU17860Not updated
64Tôrnade PhoenixDrek'Thar-EU17850Not updated
65Jooniop La Compagnie des VieuxDrek'Thar-EU17840Not updated
66Karaven  Drek'Thar-EU17815Not updated
67Pastys S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU17775Not updated
68Ivrøgne DaemonDrek'Thar-EU17765Not updated
68Meyrlyn Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU17765Not updated
70Yuyia EnjðyDrek'Thar-EU17760Not updated
70Dragonthib La FamiliaDrek'Thar-EU17760Not updated
72Sherypanda SanguinariaDrek'Thar-EU17735Not updated
73Drakeno Les Dragons MystiquesDrek'Thar-EU17725Not updated
74Myranidd SølarisDrek'Thar-EU17720Not updated
75Beethovianià Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU17715Not updated
76Kalacorm PhoenixDrek'Thar-EU17700Not updated
77Soulcry La Compagnie des VieuxDrek'Thar-EU17695Not updated
78Nuittéa  Drek'Thar-EU17610Not updated
79Karlugh EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU17605Not updated
80Adaken PandemoniumDrek'Thar-EU17570Not updated
81Crystàlmeth Les exaltés du cimetièreDrek'Thar-EU17565Not updated
82Jöey Dead and CircleDrek'Thar-EU17555Not updated
83Benafflock Recycled HeroesDrek'Thar-EU17545Not updated
84Selennà NalonweDrek'Thar-EU17530Not updated
85Caïllou Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU17520Not updated
86Lalinna cepanouDrek'Thar-EU17510Not updated
86Trallina Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU17510Not updated
86Kôjak TheBlackØmenDrek'Thar-EU17510Not updated
89Lichsoon EmïnenceDrek'Thar-EU17500Not updated
90Hastérion La Garde d IsisDrek'Thar-EU17490Not updated
91Choüquette  Drek'Thar-EU17480Not updated
92Kamì  Drek'Thar-EU17435Not updated
93Lissäna Happy Burst DayDrek'Thar-EU17425Not updated
94Vyse AbaloneDrek'Thar-EU17410Not updated
94Fanira S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU17410Not updated

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