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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Dreadmaul-US Achievement Points
1Faithheal  Dreadmaul-US21390Not updated
2Sunshinexo CAREBEARS DONT CAREDreadmaul-US20375Not updated
3Mydepositbox  Dreadmaul-US20225Not updated
4Dragy Pokemon TrainerDreadmaul-US20130
5Andymac BOHICADreadmaul-US20030
6Judgmental  Dreadmaul-US19480Not updated
7Shady  Dreadmaul-US19460Not updated
8Sykalol  Dreadmaul-US19130Not updated
9Insurgent Numbers with NocDreadmaul-US19115
10Remia First StrikeDreadmaul-US18975
11Flappyminge Thanks for ComingDreadmaul-US18965Not updated
12Ohaither Modus OperandiDreadmaul-US18795
13Ptsaint Dispelling StupidityDreadmaul-US18770
14Tröz Soliders Of The AllianceDreadmaul-US18735Not updated
15Amywinhouse ShadowRiseDreadmaul-US18670Not updated
16Balefire Psych WardDreadmaul-US18580Not updated
17Chulla RhondaDreadmaul-US18390Not updated
18Lololtroll Brute ForceDreadmaul-US18265Not updated
19Itssoofluffy tmDreadmaul-US18230Not updated
20Ownce MISTAKENDreadmaul-US18220Not updated
21Ojas Angels Of WarDreadmaul-US18205Not updated
22Påndamonium DecepticonsDreadmaul-US18185Not updated
23Preåcharound MMOs Before HoesDreadmaul-US18175Not updated
24Kaldorcio OLNDreadmaul-US18165Not updated
25Twootles Unicorn PowerDreadmaul-US18135Not updated
26Cybergrowl SHAFTDreadmaul-US18110Not updated
27Grimelle Modus OperandiDreadmaul-US18070
28Crazyflint  Dreadmaul-US18010Not updated
29Takqtxo Unicorn PowerDreadmaul-US17910Not updated
30Viressa  Dreadmaul-US17855Not updated
31Scrimm Fus Roh DahDreadmaul-US17835Not updated
32Felscar HarmonyDreadmaul-US17800Not updated
33Størmy Unicorn PowerDreadmaul-US17775Not updated
34Graknon Unicorn PowerDreadmaul-US17740
35Stickypriest  Dreadmaul-US17730Not updated
36Scanner MarshmallowDreadmaul-US17705Not updated
37Novita Numbers with NocDreadmaul-US17675Not updated
38Heuvarius Numbers with NocDreadmaul-US17615Not updated
39Cromulent CERULEAN GYMDreadmaul-US17590Not updated
40Anath First StrikeDreadmaul-US17505Not updated
41Enefeaa Eternity EndDreadmaul-US17460
41Nightfallz  Dreadmaul-US17460Not updated
43Gwynny ContenderDreadmaul-US17430Not updated
44Gearscore RefinedDreadmaul-US17360Not updated
45Chichu DOWN WITH DA SICNESSDreadmaul-US17330Not updated
46Grimbooze Elemental ShovelDreadmaul-US17310Not updated
47Xenji  Dreadmaul-US17280Not updated
48Mínx MarshmallowDreadmaul-US17240Not updated
49Katsuto Eternity EndDreadmaul-US17235
49Yuera Blood BerryDreadmaul-US17235Not updated
51Zeyra Dispelling StupidityDreadmaul-US17200
52Fishyz Dispelling StupidityDreadmaul-US17080
52Bälthäzar  Dreadmaul-US17080Not updated
54Nicehee  Dreadmaul-US16980Not updated
55Anvill Sanctum GloryDreadmaul-US16955
56Såp CrueltyDreadmaul-US16865Not updated
57Paxcfj SanctumDreadmaul-US16810
58Dashaldie Angels Of WarDreadmaul-US16795
59Cthulhú Angels Of WarDreadmaul-US16785
60Cold  Dreadmaul-US16625Not updated
61Joxer Dark CrusadeDreadmaul-US16575Not updated
62Kangus Modus OperandiDreadmaul-US16530
63Tellandra First StrikeDreadmaul-US16480
64Tiramismoo  Dreadmaul-US16470Not updated
65Shadieladie Seasons In The AbyssDreadmaul-US16465Not updated
66Huntplow  Dreadmaul-US16440Not updated
67Ghalraithe  Dreadmaul-US16405Not updated
68Nocurajr Numbers with NocDreadmaul-US16400Not updated
69Fourtoes Coup de GrâceDreadmaul-US16380Not updated
70Sephiloth  Dreadmaul-US16375Not updated
71Tushy MarshmallowDreadmaul-US16350Not updated
72Elvyra  Dreadmaul-US16345Not updated
73Luvonakito Kaymen IslandsDreadmaul-US16305Not updated
74Deathavenger Order of the EliteDreadmaul-US16300Not updated
75Akilah SìnìsterDreadmaul-US16295Not updated
76Lannosaris  Dreadmaul-US16290Not updated
77Shåmazing Numbers with NocDreadmaul-US16190Not updated
78Icèwolf The Silver HandDreadmaul-US16180Not updated
79Cute  Dreadmaul-US16155Not updated
80Iljklt Die By DotDreadmaul-US16110Not updated
81Nicest  Dreadmaul-US16100Not updated
82Kataila MISTAKENDreadmaul-US16095Not updated
83Marrenan ProphecyDreadmaul-US16090Not updated
84Dpsnottank Seasons In The AbyssDreadmaul-US16085Not updated
85Amblue NiteWatchDreadmaul-US16075Not updated
86Hyoyeonsnsd Sanctum GloryDreadmaul-US16070Not updated
87Samidashami The Dark VoyageDreadmaul-US16035Not updated
88Cirucci Emote thisDreadmaul-US15980Not updated
89Frogs Going CommandoDreadmaul-US15975Not updated
90Nóxe Unicorn PowerDreadmaul-US15950
91Garugala Eternity EndDreadmaul-US15905
92Kalitha Numbers with NocDreadmaul-US15825Not updated
93Chodelux  Dreadmaul-US15810Not updated
94Rìval ManagementDreadmaul-US15790Not updated
95Jinkazamaz Low Health and DieDreadmaul-US15785
96Synisterurge Dispelling StupidityDreadmaul-US15750
96Kelethsong Planet SmasherDreadmaul-US15750Not updated
98Garyóak CrueltyDreadmaul-US15675Not updated
99Nastialor Modus OperandiDreadmaul-US15635

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