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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drakkari-US Achievement Points
1Anianka VerstecktDrakkari-US20885Not updated
2Holystomp  Drakkari-US20815Not updated
3Choma CorpsesDrakkari-US20470Not updated
4Pajalarga OlympusDrakkari-US20385Not updated
5Ensabanurh La PlagaDrakkari-US19725Not updated
6Papafanuel running with scissorsDrakkari-US19720Not updated
7Xarn MërcenariøsDrakkari-US19680Not updated
8Leiko  Drakkari-US19640Not updated
9Arqanine Perfect EnemyDrakkari-US19615Not updated
10Sarely MërcenariøsDrakkari-US19540Not updated
11Jyll AlxioneDrakkari-US19455Not updated
12Keyd UthopicDrakkari-US19325Not updated
13Anzun AsesinoSDrakkari-US19265Not updated
14Kagasagua InfernøDrakkari-US19200Not updated
14Arkadiano Not In My HouseDrakkari-US19200Not updated
16Orcbourne Holding The LineDrakkari-US19080Not updated
17Megalich Winter WolvesDrakkari-US19040Not updated
18Lorthiras Not In My HouseDrakkari-US19030Not updated
19Hunttanatos Celestial BeingDrakkari-US18970Not updated
20Bäshira Live And Let DieDrakkari-US18915Not updated
21Dangër The Last WarriorsDrakkari-US18720Not updated
22Senkei  Drakkari-US18690Not updated
23Ghyts Live And Let DieDrakkari-US18680Not updated
24Raxxuz The FirmDrakkari-US18675Not updated
25Oroku Celestial BeingDrakkari-US18655Not updated
26Prad  Drakkari-US18545Not updated
27Dámt UthopicDrakkari-US18470Not updated
28Javy Eternal DarknessDrakkari-US18455Not updated
29Rethel  Drakkari-US18425Not updated
30Kaldorëi  Drakkari-US18420Not updated
31Ultracow Los FaBuLosOs CadillacsDrakkari-US18400Not updated
32Coldstöne  Drakkari-US18345Not updated
33Urnkal AsesinoSDrakkari-US18325Not updated
34Dóberman Los FaBuLosOs CadillacsDrakkari-US18315Not updated
35Myev  Drakkari-US18280Not updated
36Sárevok  Drakkari-US18205Not updated
37Colochillo  Drakkari-US18100Not updated
38Korralon nö mercyDrakkari-US18090Not updated
39Danielrand ArgentosDrakkari-US18040Not updated
40Raelag EL IMPERIODrakkari-US18005Not updated
41Mïlï NOTHING PERSONALDrakkari-US17995Not updated
42Hopee UthopicDrakkari-US17980Not updated
43Infradiel Fatal ErrorDrakkari-US17930Not updated
44Priscilla Los Amigos del ManaDrakkari-US17925Not updated
45Firenze InsomnioDrakkari-US17895Not updated
46Uyinga Uthopic AltsDrakkari-US17870Not updated
46Elfgone Stack and DieDrakkari-US17870Not updated
48Aniceto LegendsDrakkari-US17865Not updated
49Amberise BloodthirstDrakkari-US17860Not updated
50Gomorÿ BØØM BØØM PWNDrakkari-US17815Not updated
51Yube  Drakkari-US17755Not updated
52Shinnji  Drakkari-US17745Not updated
52Dethmaster  Drakkari-US17745Not updated
54Libelulin Lets do this interestingDrakkari-US17730Not updated
55Glazdez  Drakkari-US17700Not updated
56Zetsuei Desideratus FatumDrakkari-US17670Not updated
56Reix Lords of WisdomDrakkari-US17670Not updated
58Ðatank Holding The LineDrakkari-US17665Not updated
59Asdfdsa  Drakkari-US17660Not updated
59Juperos  Drakkari-US17660Not updated
61Kríz SëëDDrakkari-US17600Not updated
62Lawarrior DoomhammerDrakkari-US17575Not updated
63Pristie Curatoris FatumDrakkari-US17565Not updated
64Verenam Holding The LineDrakkari-US17525Not updated
64Ðatheal UthopicDrakkari-US17525Not updated
66Ashtraymage  Drakkari-US17510Not updated
67Opelol StormrageDrakkari-US17505Not updated
68Blackbelt Burdel VIPDrakkari-US17460Not updated
69Morilex My FIST is MONOCHROMATICDrakkari-US17450Not updated
69Feverbach  Drakkari-US17450Not updated
71Krackën LegendsDrakkari-US17425Not updated
72Seelyne AntaresDrakkari-US17395Not updated
73Guldun Celestial BeingDrakkari-US17385Not updated
74Bippa LegendsDrakkari-US17370Not updated
75Dîanna NebuchadnezzarDrakkari-US17355Not updated
76Alextria The Dark PactDrakkari-US17350Not updated
77Badreaper My FIST is MONOCHROMATICDrakkari-US17315Not updated
78Wiindy Legends Never DieDrakkari-US17295Not updated
79Sónja NOTHING PERSONALDrakkari-US17290Not updated
80Xsotika La ResistenciaDrakkari-US17265Not updated
81Zchelm Perfect EnemyDrakkari-US17260Not updated
82Baumani Frostwolf ClanDrakkari-US17255Not updated
82Acatoy Depredadores NaturalesDrakkari-US17255Not updated
84Gwain My FIST is MONOCHROMATICDrakkari-US17250Not updated
85Darkhate Legends Never DieDrakkari-US17205Not updated

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