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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drak'thul-US Achievement Points
1Maximoos SummitDrak'thul-US21455Not updated
2Valoric SwornDrak'thul-US19305Not updated
3Tygarth Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US19070Not updated
4Gwâine Casually InsaneDrak'thul-US18935Not updated
5Bopcicle DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US18780Not updated
6Orphee Drak Thul KnightsDrak'thul-US18600Not updated
7Tummy PandemicDrak'thul-US18395Not updated
8Chårybdis ChaosTheoryDrak'thul-US18160Not updated
9Claps  Drak'thul-US17980Not updated
10Zoltac DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US17955Not updated
11Yhoko  Drak'thul-US17500Not updated
12Kyerion Night FuryDrak'thul-US17425Not updated
13Carbally Girls Dont Play WoWDrak'thul-US17380Not updated
14Tleielax  Drak'thul-US17205Not updated
15Fingerofdoom ImaginaerumDrak'thul-US17200Not updated
16Seuss Holy LegionDrak'thul-US17165Not updated
17Asterial OdysseyDrak'thul-US17160Not updated
18Lèna Dark LightDrak'thul-US16945Not updated
19Lilathan OdysseyDrak'thul-US16910Not updated
20Peaçhes Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US16760Not updated
21Orcgazmo SanitariumDrak'thul-US16755Not updated
22Ipkaiman No ClueDrak'thul-US16725Not updated
23Mcmasters NightstalkersDrak'thul-US16720Not updated
24Lassié  Drak'thul-US16710Not updated
25Mythworg BushidóDrak'thul-US16420Not updated
26Willârd SanitariumDrak'thul-US16405Not updated
27Karmà  Drak'thul-US16385Not updated
28Keiallie The Crazy OnesDrak'thul-US16290Not updated
29Lynxlock IlluminatiDrak'thul-US16270Not updated
30Léda Fellowship Of The BlingDrak'thul-US16255Not updated
31Mukat SanitariumDrak'thul-US16250Not updated
31Cnblood The DARK CARNIVALDrak'thul-US16250Not updated
31Gorillawarz PandemicDrak'thul-US16250Not updated
34Perpetuate  Drak'thul-US16230Not updated
35Lämentation Elemental ColaDrak'thul-US16155Not updated
36Blainn  Drak'thul-US16145Not updated
37Elinana The DARK CARNIVALDrak'thul-US16045Not updated
38Shortfused  Drak'thul-US16035Not updated
39Tèèj Seven Day BanDrak'thul-US16015Not updated
40Liryth Holy LegionDrak'thul-US16005Not updated
40Cheshireneko  Drak'thul-US16005Not updated
42Tideus Midnight CouncilDrak'thul-US15965Not updated
43Mixtapes  Drak'thul-US15935Not updated
44Darkefyre SanitariumDrak'thul-US15900Not updated
44Daumastus The Crazy OnesDrak'thul-US15900Not updated
46Rockindots Excèssum PèrficióDrak'thul-US15860Not updated
47Gaiae Excèssum PèrficióDrak'thul-US15840Not updated
48Mümblè OdysseyDrak'thul-US15805Not updated
49Icyblue The DARK CARNIVALDrak'thul-US15705Not updated
50Marwynn IlluminatiDrak'thul-US15660Not updated
51Purenewb  Drak'thul-US15555Not updated
52Griffinbane IlluminatiDrak'thul-US15530Not updated
53Chameng Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US15525Not updated
54Druidmia True SpiritsDrak'thul-US15475Not updated
54Utterless The Order Of The DragonDrak'thul-US15475Not updated
56Haijynx InsidiousDrak'thul-US15465Not updated
57Stillness The SunderingDrak'thul-US15455Not updated
58Erntash Your Future HeroesDrak'thul-US15450Not updated
59Glimmera  Drak'thul-US15400Not updated
60Quinluzluz Night FuryDrak'thul-US15365Not updated
61Erlyne DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US15355Not updated
62Mahzgriz Girls Dont Play WoWDrak'thul-US15345Not updated
63Monlyth DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US15335Not updated
64Getafyx The Chopper BoyzDrak'thul-US15285Not updated
65Tolya Order of the KrakenDrak'thul-US15260Not updated
66Sunheart Empire of the SunDrak'thul-US15210Not updated
67Erstekonig OdysseyDrak'thul-US15195Not updated
68Rakfnarah Night FuryDrak'thul-US15185Not updated
69Xolotl DeathBeforeDishonorDrak'thul-US15180Not updated
70Deathbontoog DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US15140Not updated
71Dezsham RevolutionistDrak'thul-US15115Not updated
72Mathylda Your Future HeroesDrak'thul-US15105Not updated
72Treetarded Drak Thul KnightsDrak'thul-US15105Not updated
74Erpallday  Drak'thul-US15085Not updated
74Kwazi  Drak'thul-US15085Not updated
76Ploob AmorphousDrak'thul-US15065Not updated
77Verucassault SecurityDrak'thul-US15035Not updated
78Neroles PandemicDrak'thul-US15005Not updated
79Aluntic Death LotusDrak'thul-US14990Not updated
80Emas Lil Horde OnDrak'thul-US14970Not updated
81Iluvpies The DARK CARNIVALDrak'thul-US14965Not updated
82Stiksoneeye Lil Horde OnDrak'thul-US14940Not updated
83Elunium SanitariumDrak'thul-US14935Not updated

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