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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Achievement Points
1Giriol Total RecallDraenor-EU21945Not updated
2Zeekbabz  Draenor-EU21865Not updated
3Pinq  Draenor-EU21730Not updated
4Areø Insanitys FinestDraenor-EU21705Not updated
5Galacticgoat  Draenor-EU21585Not updated
6Civitanova Warriors Of The WorldDraenor-EU21480Not updated
6Jammusetä Dark SectorDraenor-EU21480Not updated
8Asopos  Draenor-EU21465Not updated
9Pándemonium LuceDraenor-EU21420Not updated
10Léannie  Draenor-EU21270Not updated
11Gutknecht Faute De MieuxDraenor-EU21215Not updated
12Telzore  Draenor-EU21085Not updated
13Jáý AureusDraenor-EU21050Not updated
14Eiwo Burning EmbersDraenor-EU21020Not updated
14Ornbalix ØblivionDraenor-EU21020Not updated
16Danix AscendanceDraenor-EU21010Not updated
16Aemarea Friendship is TragicDraenor-EU21010Not updated
18Kairu P R I S O NDraenor-EU20990Not updated
19Capryce Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU20950Not updated
20Panadoria Drama CatsDraenor-EU20945Not updated
21Mafroprofato MystDraenor-EU20930Not updated
22Warpblade  Draenor-EU20895Not updated
23Súccubus StardriftDraenor-EU20880Not updated
24Ogaitlock Raging LoonaticsDraenor-EU20825Not updated
25Xqzmoi  Draenor-EU20810Not updated
26Çrõwlêy AureusDraenor-EU20775Not updated
27Alehto Spawns of ShadowsDraenor-EU20755Not updated
28Karnatron Old SchoolDraenor-EU20750Not updated
28Rainbowsata  Draenor-EU20750Not updated
30Pasepowa  Draenor-EU20725Not updated
31Wyndorf Nothing SeriousDraenor-EU20655Not updated
32Beuliwylf Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU20625Not updated
33Minastra a GuildDraenor-EU20605Not updated
34Cyllic  Draenor-EU20600Not updated
35Lagoig  Draenor-EU20595Not updated
36Zemilla The UniqueDraenor-EU20575Not updated
36Rahibe The horde stormtroopersDraenor-EU20575Not updated
38Clasit Pink FloydDraenor-EU20510Not updated
39Kojootti Knights of OstojaDraenor-EU20495Not updated
39Abieejin BehemothDraenor-EU20495Not updated
41Winstonmonk HostileDraenor-EU20485Not updated
41Pungt Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU20485Not updated
43Geena Cuddle ClubDraenor-EU20480Not updated
44Adõrabull Dark IntentDraenor-EU20475Not updated
45Tvtusen OdditiesDraenor-EU20455Not updated
46Xiazin  Draenor-EU20435Not updated
46Deáthcrawler  Draenor-EU20435Not updated
48Shantt  Draenor-EU20420Not updated
49Balrename Boom TimeDraenor-EU20415Not updated
50Borongrand Murlocs stole my wifeDraenor-EU20405Not updated
51Xínnara Old SchoolDraenor-EU20400Not updated
52Veludias WackTheGnomeDraenor-EU20340Not updated
53Machikbox Vení vidí vicíDraenor-EU20335Not updated
54Akasuki  Draenor-EU20330Not updated
54Anoragexia  Draenor-EU20330Not updated
56Berryber The PantheonDraenor-EU20325Not updated
57Bloodfurry Russian RouletteDraenor-EU20305Not updated
58Crebow Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU20300Not updated
59Michone  Draenor-EU20290Not updated
60Zahraz Supreme VoodooDraenor-EU20285Not updated
61Holyheaven  Draenor-EU20280Not updated
62Ohhsosexual LuceDraenor-EU20245Not updated
62Leaveghost  Draenor-EU20245Not updated
64Kossïan Carnage IncDraenor-EU20235Not updated
65Alsocraw Da VooDooDraenor-EU20230Not updated
65Blackdja THE LINEDraenor-EU20230Not updated
65Zeecheth MalevolenceDraenor-EU20230Not updated
68Rizzell The UniqueDraenor-EU20225Not updated
69Eiltis ErebosDraenor-EU20220Not updated
69Huntercats Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU20220Not updated
69Sánders SoLDraenor-EU20220Not updated
72Adaideathz WildfireDraenor-EU20200Not updated
72Purgatóry De Sædvanlige MistænkteDraenor-EU20200Not updated
74Geeko AscendanceDraenor-EU20195Not updated
74Drachanax Rolling ThunderDraenor-EU20195Not updated
76Happybuddha Twisted SnakesDraenor-EU20150Not updated
76Kellydivine  Draenor-EU20150Not updated
78Stryph JujuDraenor-EU20140Not updated
79Rhiv PurplesDraenor-EU20130Not updated
79Rafazo ApexyoDraenor-EU20130Not updated
81Deathdawning Fifth SinDraenor-EU20120Not updated
81Gorgeous  Draenor-EU20120Not updated
83Monkadina WackTheGnomeDraenor-EU20105Not updated
84Selfhealer Vení vidí vicíDraenor-EU20095Not updated
84Solarity  Draenor-EU20095Not updated
86Dinej Suprim HeadhuntersDraenor-EU20085Not updated
87Beastruvall Old SchoolDraenor-EU20080Not updated
87Atakapa  Draenor-EU20080Not updated
89Aizenshin Drama ClubDraenor-EU20070Not updated
90Roadhog MystDraenor-EU20065Not updated
90Márìá Fear of ExtinctionDraenor-EU20065Not updated
90Josipdruid X MenDraenor-EU20065Not updated
93Xarcia LuceDraenor-EU20025Not updated

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