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Dentarg-EU Achievement Points
1Kno The last standing HeroesDentarg-EU21515
2Turbobalsam Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU21105
3Akakabuto CollisionDentarg-EU20805Not updated
4Piupiupiupiu Pui de DacDentarg-EU20655Not updated
5Stratina Bad OmenDentarg-EU20545Not updated
6Themadsen Deadly Viper SquadDentarg-EU20530
7Oldbaastard Bad OmenDentarg-EU20455Not updated
8Tystnad Bad OmenDentarg-EU20370
9Hanta Bad OmenDentarg-EU20250
10Ashthar Bad OmenDentarg-EU20240
11Misusage Bad OmenDentarg-EU20180Not updated
12Slackmode MugetsuDentarg-EU20020Not updated
13Healbabe BGZBankDentarg-EU19875
14Talona Bad OmenDentarg-EU19855Not updated
15Darmor Bad OmenDentarg-EU19800
16Mystaunted MugetsuDentarg-EU19690Not updated
17Fluria Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU19510
18Rocketfeller  Dentarg-EU19435Not updated
19Kubrick Anyone For A PintDentarg-EU19375Not updated
20Terroriquez Bad OmenDentarg-EU19340Not updated
21Neurodrive The HonoredDentarg-EU19280Not updated
22Ellysa Pui de DacDentarg-EU18880Not updated
23Gobtain Bad OmenDentarg-EU18805
24Crystalforge All EndsDentarg-EU18785Not updated
25Spookiez Bad OmenDentarg-EU18700Not updated
26Pollat Ðevil May CryDentarg-EU18695
27Drunkenpaw Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU18655
28Alessio  Dentarg-EU18625Not updated
29Puddy Bad OmenDentarg-EU18535
30Sargonas Bad OmenDentarg-EU18465
30Lucasscott De Gale Trolde Fra NordDentarg-EU18465Not updated
32Zla CollisionDentarg-EU18440Not updated
33Liadrine  Dentarg-EU18400
34Alinuta Pui de DacDentarg-EU18355Not updated
35Kanerria ConsiderationDentarg-EU18340
36Miriinda Nox NoctisDentarg-EU18310Not updated
37Majwel Deadly Viper SquadDentarg-EU18265
38Rayken Hollands GlorieDentarg-EU18190
39Jelzin Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU18070Not updated
40Archstanton Bad OmenDentarg-EU18055
41Speranta Pui de DacDentarg-EU18045Not updated
42Vôljîn The Select FewDentarg-EU18040
43Geyah Lavovi HrvatskeDentarg-EU17970Not updated
44Spellslayer  Dentarg-EU17925Not updated
45Dobytek Bad OmenDentarg-EU17840Not updated
46Anansie CollisionDentarg-EU17765Not updated
47Tàmrìèl  Dentarg-EU17660Not updated
48Benita Bad OmenDentarg-EU17655
49Warmongér Deadly Viper SquadDentarg-EU17510
49Rocklobster  Dentarg-EU17510Not updated
51Lookalike Bad OmenDentarg-EU17500
52Jamoon Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU17420Not updated
53Iyura ConsiderationDentarg-EU17405
53Grapjas Brill Community CollegeDentarg-EU17405Not updated
55Vejsaa Bad OmenDentarg-EU17375
56Stemi ConsiderationDentarg-EU17305Not updated
57Royalstush  Dentarg-EU17230Not updated
58Ignique  Dentarg-EU17160Not updated
59Magikérn The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU17145
60Denskare The Doom GuardiensDentarg-EU17115
61Cmike ConsiderationDentarg-EU17040
62Sollidie Ancestral HeroesDentarg-EU16995Not updated
63Atena PenanceDentarg-EU16970
64Gwynnie Strawberry PiratesDentarg-EU16960Not updated
65Drakestalker Bad OmenDentarg-EU16905
66Dots Bad OmenDentarg-EU16900
67Amoorel Guild PerksDentarg-EU16855Not updated
68Copernica Do JajaDentarg-EU16850Not updated
68Principesa  Dentarg-EU16850Not updated
70Ikäros Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU16840Not updated
71Bracè Avatar TrustDentarg-EU16835Not updated
72Sinch Bad OmenDentarg-EU16755
73Auriel Bad OmenDentarg-EU16740
74Rifle Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU16730Not updated
75Lexine  Dentarg-EU16710Not updated
76Hyuu  Dentarg-EU16505
77Darkgaia The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU16480Not updated
78Tastina ConsiderationDentarg-EU16400
79Fairytales  Dentarg-EU16380Not updated
80Annukka Bad OmenDentarg-EU16370Not updated
81Yrzla ConsiderationDentarg-EU16365
82Draguljce  Dentarg-EU16345Not updated
83Krwawica  Dentarg-EU16325Not updated
84Noodless Bad OmenDentarg-EU16195Not updated
85Citronsaft The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU16175
86Möonclaw PenanceDentarg-EU16135
87Dilimache The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU16125
87Frostitution The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU16125
89Yodashoe  Dentarg-EU16120Not updated
90Rakas Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU16110Not updated
90Darkserda  Dentarg-EU16110Not updated

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