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Defias Brotherhood-EU Achievement Points
1Rápier Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU21685
2Seldina  Defias Brotherhood-EU21580Not updated
3Bzl Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU21510
4Meckus Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU21495
5Xintik Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU21365
6Emalie Circle of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU21315
7Tetn Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU21310
8Beastslayer Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU21250Not updated
9Cygu High DefinitionDefias Brotherhood-EU21190
10Sushi Grim FuneralDefias Brotherhood-EU21165
11Nefelopo Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU21095
12Inaka  Defias Brotherhood-EU21090
13Slaniah ImperiousDefias Brotherhood-EU21060
14Shandreal The Phoenix RisingDefias Brotherhood-EU20950
15Lastator KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU20940
16Raxy PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU20910
17Craw Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU20850
18Neimi The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU20810
19Schrodinger Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU20770
20Herpi ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU20760Not updated
21Bígusdickus Crypt Of DestructionDefias Brotherhood-EU20730Not updated
22Karotiwka The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU20720Not updated
23Dogeiswow Ex CathedraDefias Brotherhood-EU20705
24Mardako Shadowsongs BaneDefias Brotherhood-EU20700
25Gomer Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU20650
26Xahri The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU20630
27Hataq Weapons Of ThrallDefias Brotherhood-EU20560
28Shanayah Circle of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU20495
29Kyrenisah VanityDefias Brotherhood-EU20470
30Ionut BOON ControlDefias Brotherhood-EU20460
31Archijs ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU20410Not updated
32Whitesky Exploding Sheep incDefias Brotherhood-EU20380Not updated
33Eicas The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU20345
34Venzir BOON ControlDefias Brotherhood-EU20335
35Outmatch SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU20315
36Mutthear Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU20295
36Abbe PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU20295Not updated
38Gavrielus The Alter EgoDefias Brotherhood-EU20210
38Shaera  Defias Brotherhood-EU20210Not updated
40Ayatara The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU20195Not updated
40Eypokpem  Defias Brotherhood-EU20195Not updated
42Shanktified Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU20185Not updated
43Amitis The Forgotten GrimoireDefias Brotherhood-EU20175
44Volho The Forgotten GrimoireDefias Brotherhood-EU20160
44Soemek SensibleDefias Brotherhood-EU20160Not updated
46Slithra SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU20140
47Terrorcore KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU20105
47Addy PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU20105
49Jaybear PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU20100
50Lombra Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU20095Not updated
51Pickletrix The Typhoon StruggleDefias Brotherhood-EU20090
52Herculus Weapons Of ThrallDefias Brotherhood-EU19955
53Adrya Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU19950
54Yuu Goon SquadDefias Brotherhood-EU19945
55Reshea InsightDefias Brotherhood-EU19935
55Modestiblejz  Defias Brotherhood-EU19935Not updated
57Rotenzi High DefinitionDefias Brotherhood-EU19915
58Healuj Fortune CookieDefias Brotherhood-EU19890
59Namis  Defias Brotherhood-EU19870Not updated
60Ciscero Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU19865
61Arovia VanityDefias Brotherhood-EU19855
62Drarion Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU19820
63Ishkander Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU19795
64Tearlack The VanquishersDefias Brotherhood-EU19780
65Senex The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU19720
66Mupia Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU19710

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