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Deathwing-US Achievement Points
1Delonius Red StaggerDeathwing-US21315
2Víndicated PúlseDeathwing-US21140
3Hankscorpio InertiaDeathwing-US20930
4Shizank AcheronDeathwing-US20615Not updated
5Torvald Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US20560
6Chrysis ExhaustionDeathwing-US20550
7Meníon PúlseDeathwing-US20345
8Zedmann Unbridled ApathyDeathwing-US19975
9Milkmanx Red StaggerDeathwing-US19960
10Orionna PixelatedDeathwing-US19825
11Pokadut Red StaggerDeathwing-US19780
12Katarina Red StaggerDeathwing-US19670
13Grims PúlseDeathwing-US19665
14Zhuzhen  Deathwing-US19660Not updated
15Volarun Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US19475
16Keepdreaming InertiaDeathwing-US19330
17Clypeum PixelatedDeathwing-US19270
18Bpet PúlseDeathwing-US19240
19Allakazammon Unbridled ApathyDeathwing-US19160
20Fury  Deathwing-US19130
21Hrethric Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US19115
22Gruumn TheoryDeathwing-US19110Not updated
23Súnny Unbridled ApathyDeathwing-US19085
24Kkronc TenseDeathwing-US18850Not updated
25Ceylene Stiller BlitzDeathwing-US18820
26Sentra The ORLY FactorDeathwing-US18815
27Dougwilson TraumaticDeathwing-US18700Not updated
28Saban Chaos RebornDeathwing-US18640Not updated
29Alanna HousekeepingDeathwing-US18630
30Gharghael  Deathwing-US18575Not updated
31Màtty Red StaggerDeathwing-US18570
32Tekniikka TraumaticDeathwing-US18515Not updated
33Aubrey Legen WAIT FOR ITDeathwing-US18510
34Nevroo Team Discovery ChannelDeathwing-US18495
34Sofiya Loose CannonDeathwing-US18495Not updated
36Ultron Quit Your JobDeathwing-US18480
37Astralfrenzy StrategyDeathwing-US18470
38Kween Team Discovery ChannelDeathwing-US18455
39Thanamortisa TraumaticDeathwing-US18430Not updated
40Quadcore Red StaggerDeathwing-US18375
40Hollywööd TwitchDeathwing-US18375Not updated
42Spasticwaffl  Deathwing-US18265
43Icynips Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US18225
43Mimick Acquired TasteDeathwing-US18225Not updated
43Xanstorm  Deathwing-US18225Not updated
46Valthenya Legen WAIT FOR ITDeathwing-US18210Not updated
47Smashfrenzy Vampire WashingtonDeathwing-US18190Not updated
48Ashely InertiaDeathwing-US18160
49Cheri Do A Barrel RollDeathwing-US18145
50Roley Red StaggerDeathwing-US18140
51Syith Loose CannonDeathwing-US18105Not updated
52Faîlure Red StaggerDeathwing-US18085
53ßellaswan  Deathwing-US18080Not updated
54Holysheiss  Deathwing-US18075Not updated
55Durgga DiscordDeathwing-US18050
56Moridinzx PúlseDeathwing-US18010Not updated
57Turtleman Descendants of DraenorDeathwing-US17950Not updated
58Seyge Red StaggerDeathwing-US17930
59Khayra Gadgetstani Terror SquadDeathwing-US17895
59Deaptrance Cobra KaiDeathwing-US17895Not updated
61Theiea Team Discovery ChannelDeathwing-US17850
62Toopoortoxfr Red StaggerDeathwing-US17815
63Greenhoof TenseDeathwing-US17800
63Gummy TenseDeathwing-US17800Not updated
65Alorei Red StaggerDeathwing-US17785
66Junebug Cobra KaiDeathwing-US17725Not updated
67Mobie Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US17705Not updated
68Codexeh PixelatedDeathwing-US17665
69Aeiris Enduring ExileDeathwing-US17640
70Heelme Red StaggerDeathwing-US17570

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