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Dark Iron-US Achievement Points
1Kronisaurus Gag ReflexDark Iron-US21280
2Jane Gag ReflexDark Iron-US20915
3Rïver Gag ReflexDark Iron-US20840
4Owthpela ROMEDark Iron-US20810
5Klimmers AxisDark Iron-US20565
6Sorush  Dark Iron-US20520
7Vidich Gag ReflexDark Iron-US20250
8Theronguard Clan WolfDark Iron-US19970
9Harkening Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US19915
10Oskee ThrustDark Iron-US19760
11Zelnaga EternityDark Iron-US19490
12Neevyn ThrustDark Iron-US19465
13Bopcommander ThrustDark Iron-US19450
14Cobee ThrustDark Iron-US19270
15Heartlily Strong Like BearDark Iron-US19255
16Findeath Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US19220
17Logos  Dark Iron-US19215Not updated
18Carlyle ExuberanceDark Iron-US19205
19Malìnko OMEGADark Iron-US19160Not updated
20Rayzel Night OpsDark Iron-US19120
21Reína AxisDark Iron-US18835
22Bangarrang Gag ReflexDark Iron-US18760
23Amaristo Strong Like BearDark Iron-US18665
24Garcia  Dark Iron-US18650Not updated
25Lekar AxisDark Iron-US18515
26Stonehand Disciples of DivxDark Iron-US18440Not updated
27Amalya Final BossDark Iron-US18400
28Ghrizz One More BossDark Iron-US18385Not updated
29Thornleif Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US18325
30Illicit Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US18220
31Saphrika Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US18185
32Shadowsloth AxisDark Iron-US18080
33Gyankosh AnnarchyDark Iron-US18060
34Nymeriá Kind of a Big DealDark Iron-US17995
35Élitistjerk Final BossDark Iron-US17950
36Aujirnuhm Strong Like BearDark Iron-US17870
37Greenbubbles  Dark Iron-US17805
38Irsecky Shadow GuardDark Iron-US17755Not updated
39Specíalsauce EternityDark Iron-US17710
40Redsoña  Dark Iron-US17695
41Cataryn Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US17685Not updated
42Venith Gag ReflexDark Iron-US17680
42Uras bank of urasDark Iron-US17680
44Shroomkyn Gag ReflexDark Iron-US17660
45Phagemage EternityDark Iron-US17610
45Jayyde Panda AttackDark Iron-US17610Not updated
47Cecilliya Legends of the UnheardDark Iron-US17605Not updated
48Cárty EternityDark Iron-US17555
49Icedout ThrustDark Iron-US17495
50Volshebnick AxisDark Iron-US17480
51Quesadillia ThrustDark Iron-US17475
52Kanamé AxisDark Iron-US17435
53Syrenseven EternityDark Iron-US17375
54Srp Gag ReflexDark Iron-US17315
55Xannada EternityDark Iron-US17300
56Lyxon Optimus LuminariumDark Iron-US17245
57Hakkei AxisDark Iron-US17230
58Mariaka ThrustDark Iron-US17185
58Madaw Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US17185
60Hitsuji Panda AttackDark Iron-US17150
61Santasreaper Kind of a Big DealDark Iron-US17125
61Sunnami Is BeautifulDark Iron-US17125
63Arodicus EternityDark Iron-US17105
64Óplul NirvanaDark Iron-US17100
64Complacency Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US17100
66Taivora ROMEDark Iron-US17095
67Mininora Shadow GuardDark Iron-US17055Not updated
68Howlër Bad ApplesDark Iron-US17040Not updated
69Mysara  Dark Iron-US17010Not updated
70Rickéts Gag ReflexDark Iron-US16975
71Weresmycrdud AxisDark Iron-US16965
72Maellas Burly MenDark Iron-US16905
73Tawts ThrustDark Iron-US16875Not updated
74Taritwo Optimus LuminariumDark Iron-US16840

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