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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Cenarion Circle-US Achievement Points
1Olórin WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US20600
2Tritonal DominionCenarion Circle-US19595Not updated
3Dûncan The Dark LegionCenarion Circle-US19370Not updated
4Dracosis Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US19035
5Scarlax  Cenarion Circle-US18945Not updated
6Jooky The Rib CageCenarion Circle-US18900Not updated
7Wariz Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US18740Not updated
8Karawine  Cenarion Circle-US18715Not updated
9Kovalenko Get Rich or Die GrindingCenarion Circle-US18605
10Ronnin Playin DirtyCenarion Circle-US18565
11Melabrin SalvationCenarion Circle-US18545
12Brormorc WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US18500
13Gwasannwn  Cenarion Circle-US18460Not updated
14Darideadyth DIECenarion Circle-US18440Not updated
15Çecile  Cenarion Circle-US18425Not updated
16Anirezak Blazing VengeanceCenarion Circle-US18420Not updated
17Simaiya Darkness UnleashedCenarion Circle-US18360
18Hrisos SalvationCenarion Circle-US18355
19Badaboom  Cenarion Circle-US18275Not updated
20Schwarze Simple and CleanCenarion Circle-US18270Not updated
21Camilea Slippery When WetCenarion Circle-US18250Not updated
21Natzilla Nodes IncCenarion Circle-US18250Not updated
23Amordaad SalvationCenarion Circle-US18240
24Alexis Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US18215Not updated
25Dreaming WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US18180
25Jaizah  Cenarion Circle-US18180Not updated
27Goodashe Crusaders of ValorCenarion Circle-US18010
28Dashamân WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US18005
29Drewscylla Order of the Ebon ShieldCenarion Circle-US17965Not updated
30Aküma Killer BunniesCenarion Circle-US17950Not updated
31Çhückiê  Cenarion Circle-US17945Not updated
32Arizza Order of the Ebon ShieldCenarion Circle-US17940Not updated
33Boberry Get Rich or Die GrindingCenarion Circle-US17910
34Yimlan The Nalanthi FamilyCenarion Circle-US17900Not updated
35Merimu RazortalonsCenarion Circle-US17875Not updated
36Ràmrod  Cenarion Circle-US17865Not updated
37Motorboat WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US17855Not updated
38Calíz Coconut Bangers BallCenarion Circle-US17835Not updated
39Eirlyn  Cenarion Circle-US17795Not updated
40Achelis NeverlandCenarion Circle-US17730Not updated
40Selidraene  Cenarion Circle-US17730Not updated
42Violacious The NetherforgedCenarion Circle-US17720Not updated
43Thanawesome Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US17700Not updated
44Jayloot LEGIONCenarion Circle-US17675Not updated
45Acandrina  Cenarion Circle-US17655Not updated
46Hînata Ns Flaming Laser SwordCenarion Circle-US17650Not updated
47Anthrin DominionCenarion Circle-US17640Not updated
48Kirrwinn Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US17620Not updated
49Brazzur After DarkCenarion Circle-US17600Not updated
50Yrufrednuht Nodes IncCenarion Circle-US17590Not updated
51Zoya WarfareCenarion Circle-US17500Not updated
52Infirmus Captains of the ObviousCenarion Circle-US17490Not updated
53Aramathea Order of SinfoniaCenarion Circle-US17485Not updated
54Malachite ConclaveCenarion Circle-US17475Not updated
55Nimila  Cenarion Circle-US17470Not updated
56Pandoore  Cenarion Circle-US17460Not updated
57Vordar Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US17425Not updated
58Alexandrovna Captains of the ObviousCenarion Circle-US17405Not updated
59Kadala  Cenarion Circle-US17375Not updated
60Gury Chaotic IntentCenarion Circle-US17360Not updated
61Projectile Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US17350Not updated
62Calgore Death From AboveCenarion Circle-US17335Not updated
63Wolix DominionCenarion Circle-US17285Not updated
63Galexannim SalvationCenarion Circle-US17285
65Syllvan Mother ApprovedCenarion Circle-US17280Not updated
66Anklebyterr  Cenarion Circle-US17230Not updated
67Slifer Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US17210
68Sheirkon Third Street SaintsCenarion Circle-US17205Not updated
69Tinkabella NeverlandCenarion Circle-US17185Not updated
70Sortroz Malicious IntentCenarion Circle-US17180Not updated
71Tavine ImmersionCenarion Circle-US17135Not updated
72Ladarian Order of the Ebon ShieldCenarion Circle-US17110Not updated
73Zanc PredatorCenarion Circle-US17095Not updated
73Cloudweaver  Cenarion Circle-US17095Not updated
73Talakeal  Cenarion Circle-US17095Not updated
76Rùsh Death From AboveCenarion Circle-US17085Not updated
77Protheon Get Rich or Die GrindingCenarion Circle-US17055
78Mochacat Requiem of DawnCenarion Circle-US17050Not updated
79Megun Onslaught of DisorderCenarion Circle-US17040Not updated
80Krinda Playin DirtyCenarion Circle-US17035
81Skywalkers Outlandish FortuneCenarion Circle-US17030Not updated
82Ellychnia The ApocalypseCenarion Circle-US16995Not updated
83Klooma NightLifeCenarion Circle-US16980Not updated
84Zasze Malicious IntentCenarion Circle-US16975
84Laiylania  Cenarion Circle-US16975Not updated
86Unegen The Laughing SkullsCenarion Circle-US16955Not updated
87Nochtrond LêgionCenarion Circle-US16950
88Huntoid Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US16925Not updated
89Arcusaesopi Death From AboveCenarion Circle-US16920Not updated

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