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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Burning Legion-EU Achievement Points
1Mlleczarz  Burning Legion-EU21740Not updated
2Weelkø  Burning Legion-EU21550Not updated
3Piczowonsia  Burning Legion-EU21545Not updated
4Idingdingdon Error CodeBurning Legion-EU21495Not updated
5Zealga EnoughBurning Legion-EU21490Not updated
6Callmeveggie InnominateBurning Legion-EU21455Not updated
7Starlight  Burning Legion-EU21410Not updated
8Narayah Last WordBurning Legion-EU21385Not updated
9Dejaal Rat KillersBurning Legion-EU21325Not updated
10Vobz DisappearedBurning Legion-EU21280Not updated
11Melissande  Burning Legion-EU21250Not updated
12Koorel DisectumBurning Legion-EU21185Not updated
13Eho HypnosisBurning Legion-EU21145Not updated
14Jamesmonk  Burning Legion-EU21130Not updated
15Piffpeff AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU21125Not updated
16Ammi Phat BananaBurning Legion-EU21100Not updated
17Sucze NightwatchBurning Legion-EU21095Not updated
17Bozoklum SandStormBurning Legion-EU21095Not updated
19Sáneth AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU21090Not updated
20Nightfangs Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU21085Not updated
21Tharis Last WordBurning Legion-EU21075Not updated
22Idcomego  Burning Legion-EU21040Not updated
23Darkvish  Burning Legion-EU20975Not updated
24Daminion Dark TribeBurning Legion-EU20945Not updated
25Letrommi Good OmenBurning Legion-EU20920Not updated
25Vienia Circle of NineBurning Legion-EU20920Not updated
27Yeri Asinum IgnisBurning Legion-EU20905Not updated
28Froggydog  Burning Legion-EU20895Not updated
29Floone  Burning Legion-EU20855Not updated
30Szajba TemplariuszeBurning Legion-EU20805Not updated
31Zipher OnslaughtBurning Legion-EU20800Not updated
32Madezig  Burning Legion-EU20795Not updated
33Yggl  Burning Legion-EU20775Not updated
34Dárth PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU20730Not updated
35Såint Asinum IgnisBurning Legion-EU20725Not updated
36Vextigo Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU20680Not updated
36Yadziek  Burning Legion-EU20680Not updated
38Olej Error CodeBurning Legion-EU20665Not updated
39Deadlyedge BrygadaPapySmerfaBurning Legion-EU20660Not updated
40Agrías The RedemptionBurning Legion-EU20640Not updated
41Alcior Siege EngineBurning Legion-EU20625Not updated
42Liantre  Burning Legion-EU20610Not updated
43Furioon Good OmenBurning Legion-EU20595Not updated
44Densen Error CodeBurning Legion-EU20585Not updated
44Reunion Circle of NineBurning Legion-EU20585Not updated
46Istota PrídeBurning Legion-EU20575Not updated
47Karain PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU20540Not updated
48Isaxer Last WordBurning Legion-EU20465Not updated
49Bloszka Knajpa MordercowBurning Legion-EU20445Not updated
50Yekaterina Katedra SnuBurning Legion-EU20410Not updated
51Fapfapasstab ARTOBABurning Legion-EU20375Not updated
52Chücki PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU20345Not updated
53Aune WintërsongBurning Legion-EU20340Not updated
54Aikiliu Good OmenBurning Legion-EU20320Not updated
55Erreg SanityBurning Legion-EU20315Not updated
56Cïndy  Burning Legion-EU20310Not updated
57Vöngraven EntravenBurning Legion-EU20300Not updated
58Ariyst Good OmenBurning Legion-EU20285Not updated
59Ursinus BrygadaPapySmerfaBurning Legion-EU20280Not updated
60Zrez Last WordBurning Legion-EU20275Not updated
60Whysomadbro InvictoBurning Legion-EU20275Not updated
62Naadya FruktskålenBurning Legion-EU20260Not updated
63Rainik  Burning Legion-EU20255Not updated
64Velarise Lanthir EstelBurning Legion-EU20240Not updated
65Roluje ZjednoczeniBurning Legion-EU20235Not updated
66Trampõszek One Winged AngelBurning Legion-EU20225Not updated
67Avaera Drum and BassBurning Legion-EU20200Not updated
68Dver  Burning Legion-EU20195Not updated
69Malca PhoeníxBurning Legion-EU20175Not updated
70Souloor Circle of NineBurning Legion-EU20165Not updated
71Pulmoll  Burning Legion-EU20145Not updated
72Panczez IndependentBurning Legion-EU20130Not updated
73Muci TomcatsBurning Legion-EU20120Not updated
74Loozic Last WordBurning Legion-EU20105Not updated
74Nanataki Lost MindsBurning Legion-EU20105Not updated
76Shìrana Raiders of ApocalypseBurning Legion-EU20100Not updated
77Netherese FunRaidersBurning Legion-EU20085Not updated

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