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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackwing Lair-US Achievement Points
1Cogrocker Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US20805Not updated
2Guanaco Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US20460Not updated
3Hâvøc Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US18995Not updated
4Willyd Final OnslaughtBlackwing Lair-US17935Not updated
5Theodoor The Design of DeathBlackwing Lair-US17850Not updated
6Monnari Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US17845Not updated
7Meramera RedDolphinBlackwing Lair-US17525Not updated
8Adrim AttainBlackwing Lair-US17430Not updated
9Gray Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US17380Not updated
9Ichiha Not RobbersBlackwing Lair-US17380Not updated
11Denio PhøenixBlackwing Lair-US16940Not updated
12Azrelle Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US16825Not updated
13Tiltamoo Not RobbersBlackwing Lair-US16585Not updated
14Awenashea Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US16410Not updated
15Hoomon Destroy the OppositionBlackwing Lair-US16215Not updated
16Temprerance Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US16160Not updated
17Rapunzel Murderous IntentBlackwing Lair-US16070Not updated
18Vaeran The Design of DeathBlackwing Lair-US15880Not updated
19Hotspec  Blackwing Lair-US15830Not updated
20Cedrikke Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US15775Not updated
21Farmerbill Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US15345Not updated
22Strwburryjam Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US15265Not updated
23Scrotes Armed and HammeredBlackwing Lair-US15225Not updated
24Yellowhair Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US15160Not updated
24Vivii  Blackwing Lair-US15160Not updated
26Kowsrus  Blackwing Lair-US15135Not updated
27Llockofages Bound by BloodBlackwing Lair-US14875Not updated
28Inheritor Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US14845Not updated
29Kelish Venus n MarsBlackwing Lair-US14750Not updated
30Szandorlavey Armed and HammeredBlackwing Lair-US14725Not updated
31Razeerazee  Blackwing Lair-US14640Not updated
32Butchpanda PhøenixBlackwing Lair-US14615Not updated
33Fondou  Blackwing Lair-US14560Not updated
34Caseybear Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US14545Not updated
35Gaincalfry Co MoBlackwing Lair-US14525Not updated
36Brahund Co MoBlackwing Lair-US14440Not updated
37Drelle Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US14400Not updated
38Bullshyit Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US14230Not updated
39Aedronys NoxiousBlackwing Lair-US14190Not updated
40Nagula Destroy the OppositionBlackwing Lair-US14030Not updated
41Zeereaper  Blackwing Lair-US14020Not updated
42Impuro  Blackwing Lair-US14000Not updated
43Trager Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US13915Not updated
44Moondrala  Blackwing Lair-US13845Not updated
45Longnhi Co MoBlackwing Lair-US13825Not updated
46Deathców Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US13790Not updated
47Syrox Legion de HeroesBlackwing Lair-US13775Not updated
48Sorshana Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US13710Not updated
49Nagadamus NinjasHateCrunchyLeavesBlackwing Lair-US13695Not updated
50Srmexalot Secret ServiceBlackwing Lair-US13655Not updated
51Rhendikae Geriatric ChaosBlackwing Lair-US13640Not updated
52Syranisa RevelationsBlackwing Lair-US13620Not updated
53Atrain RevelationsBlackwing Lair-US13605Not updated
54Kysheles PhøenixBlackwing Lair-US13585Not updated
55Sabeane Ebon BladeBlackwing Lair-US13485Not updated
56Heidruin Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US13425Not updated
57Kangi Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US13420Not updated
58Pìè Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US13415Not updated
59Petitechat Venus n MarsBlackwing Lair-US13400Not updated
60Sevira Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US13310Not updated
61Beeblebronx Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US13290Not updated
62Copperman Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US13255Not updated
63Nitrousoxide  Blackwing Lair-US13245Not updated
64Oreioh Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US13215Not updated
65Coffeepot Evil CookiesBlackwing Lair-US13210Not updated
66Krogzilla  Blackwing Lair-US13150Not updated
67Destianna  Blackwing Lair-US13135Not updated
68Tutelary  Blackwing Lair-US13105Not updated
69Aenis Ebon BladeBlackwing Lair-US13100Not updated
70Ogtrippleog Secret ServiceBlackwing Lair-US13055Not updated
71Ognib Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US12970Not updated
72Rem RevelationsBlackwing Lair-US12810Not updated
73Damienrice BROODBlackwing Lair-US12775Not updated
74Scio Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US12700Not updated
74Kllrclwn Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US12700Not updated
76Unzipped Carpe JugulumBlackwing Lair-US12695Not updated
77Wuntvor RedDolphinBlackwing Lair-US12690Not updated
78Càt Horde To DeathBlackwing Lair-US12630Not updated
79Janjos  Blackwing Lair-US12620Not updated
79Krèatõr Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US12620Not updated
81Hrpuff Ebon BladeBlackwing Lair-US12605Not updated
82Numedies Poisoned AngelsBlackwing Lair-US12570Not updated
83Gothkiller Unforseen DarknessBlackwing Lair-US12550Not updated
84Satyn Order of the DarkKnightsBlackwing Lair-US12520Not updated
85Gankus  Blackwing Lair-US12495Not updated
86Damiän Ebon BladeBlackwing Lair-US12470Not updated
87Battlerez ExiledBlackwing Lair-US12465Not updated
88Mookiestinks Not RobbersBlackwing Lair-US12380Not updated
89Cowswitguns The FreelanceBlackwing Lair-US12355Not updated
90Tatzlwurm WolfPackBlackwing Lair-US12330Not updated
91Cherly  Blackwing Lair-US12315Not updated
92Hasfleas  Blackwing Lair-US12295Not updated
93Zinak Armed and HammeredBlackwing Lair-US12245Not updated
93Tobolaeh Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US12245Not updated
95Bettypoops Venus n MarsBlackwing Lair-US12195Not updated
96Mahree  Blackwing Lair-US12170Not updated
97Karmacon Devils of Silent CallingBlackwing Lair-US12165Not updated
98Akaihime RedDolphinBlackwing Lair-US12140Not updated
98Konik Broken PromiseBlackwing Lair-US12140Not updated
100Zorhormah  Blackwing Lair-US12130Not updated

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