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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-US Achievement Points
1Moon AdeptBlackrock-US21985Not updated
2Zalathas Chaos KnightzBlackrock-US21535Not updated
3Starzen  Blackrock-US21340Not updated
4Zaxvriin DefenestrateBlackrock-US21310Not updated
5Thelf DefenestrateBlackrock-US21075Not updated
6Kaoes DefenestrateBlackrock-US21065Not updated
7Deathmind ArroganceBlackrock-US20920Not updated
8Bigpapï Standard DeviationBlackrock-US20910Not updated
9Happysmilez Soft EnrageBlackrock-US20890Not updated
10Badmayo SupernovaBlackrock-US20820Not updated
11Lichbin  Blackrock-US20805Not updated
12Conjorsmage  Blackrock-US20715Not updated
13Vzv Washed UpBlackrock-US20700Not updated
14Rainbowmini  Blackrock-US20540Not updated
15Kanashi  Blackrock-US20415Not updated
16Kharnival AfterLifeBlackrock-US20390Not updated
17Azglok HellBlackrock-US20325Not updated
18Substantia Standard DeviationBlackrock-US20265Not updated
19Vyridiana  Blackrock-US20250Not updated
20Bratzy House of AltsBlackrock-US20245Not updated
21Høngo Something NovelBlackrock-US20230Not updated
22Trezesc Why Are We So GoodBlackrock-US20220Not updated
23Phattank DefineBlackrock-US20165Not updated
24Skysec DefenestrateBlackrock-US20160Not updated
25Xiviqt  Blackrock-US20140Not updated
26Elitetistic Stand Alone ComplexBlackrock-US20125Not updated
27Dreadmaw  Blackrock-US20095Not updated
28Pucpal All HeartBlackrock-US20040Not updated
28Honor Girard de Pounjacques IIBlackrock-US20040Not updated
30Notu HAKSBlackrock-US20035Not updated
31Lulua Ctrl ZBlackrock-US19990Not updated
31Sifs In CahootsBlackrock-US19990Not updated
33Mha BlackoutBlackrock-US19955Not updated
34Sephoz DefenestrateBlackrock-US19950Not updated
35Priscillah  Blackrock-US19945Not updated
36Zlayertwo  Blackrock-US19900Not updated
37Zureb ParagenesisBlackrock-US19885Not updated
38Wetmike TOP GUNBlackrock-US19875Not updated
39Rufio OutragedBlackrock-US19870Not updated
40Anateo  Blackrock-US19855Not updated
41Mysstique Soft EnrageBlackrock-US19840Not updated
42Börte  Blackrock-US19805Not updated
43Lotus  Blackrock-US19775Not updated
44Muze DefenestrateBlackrock-US19770Not updated
45Groggle Wardens of AsylumBlackrock-US19750Not updated
46Luny GodLikeBlackrock-US19740Not updated
47Kawaii LurkBlackrock-US19720Not updated
48Soulstous ResurgenceBlackrock-US19710Not updated
49Tanthya Savory Deviate DelightsBlackrock-US19655Not updated
49Buffedpriest AquariumBlackrock-US19655Not updated
51John DefenestrateBlackrock-US19650Not updated
52Wait ReformBlackrock-US19645Not updated
53Avanu  Blackrock-US19600Not updated
53Skorgar Conspiracy TheoryBlackrock-US19600Not updated
55Shiela  Blackrock-US19545Not updated
56Cleavnsegal No MAAMBlackrock-US19525Not updated
57Emiron Words Under My NameBlackrock-US19460Not updated
58Akaru Fires of HeavenBlackrock-US19430Not updated
59Apyqtpi  Blackrock-US19425Not updated
60Skyley EscapeBlackrock-US19410Not updated
61Kamineko  Blackrock-US19395Not updated
62Chinstufat Honor and MercyBlackrock-US19365Not updated
62Lockinmenc Game OverBlackrock-US19365Not updated
64Vicarious EquilibriumBlackrock-US19310Not updated
65Enrager DefenestrateBlackrock-US19305Not updated
66Chompo  Blackrock-US19295Not updated
67Teddytauren DefenestrateBlackrock-US19275Not updated
68Kittiepurrie  Blackrock-US19270Not updated
69Suffpriest Group TwoBlackrock-US19265Not updated
70Wojtek TherapistsBlackrock-US19245Not updated
71Japi TherapistsBlackrock-US19200Not updated
72Raximon MontblancBlackrock-US19195Not updated
73Aymmes November RainBlackrock-US19175Not updated
74Ginkgo Wardens of AsylumBlackrock-US19130Not updated
75Lightplazma  Blackrock-US19120Not updated
76Lostthought DefineBlackrock-US19095Not updated
77Conspîcuous FuriousFiveBlackrock-US19085Not updated
78Boomstick TherapistsBlackrock-US19080Not updated
78Lefupas MOUNTED DAILYBlackrock-US19080Not updated
78Beetledown Because I Dont Respect UBlackrock-US19080Not updated
81Døublekill Last PullBlackrock-US19070Not updated
81Ðrubourne Try HardsBlackrock-US19070Not updated
83Tetsugyu Far East EndgameBlackrock-US19065Not updated
84Icanhazherbs  Blackrock-US19060Not updated
85Grannyma General Goods MerchantBlackrock-US19050Not updated
86Hèàvèñsßløød Killing In The Name ØfBlackrock-US19045Not updated
87Eternalhomo TitansBlackrock-US19030Not updated
88Khuntpuncher  Blackrock-US19025Not updated
89ßittle  Blackrock-US19000Not updated
90Maladriel Washed UpBlackrock-US18995Not updated
91Endy EquilibriumBlackrock-US18990Not updated

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