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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-EU Achievement Points
1Gaalonxy  Blackrock-EU21915Not updated
1Rônan Immortal CrewBlackrock-EU21915Not updated
3Racab ill moralityBlackrock-EU21840Not updated
4Hrnrwhsky  Blackrock-EU21790Not updated
5Trolljey  Blackrock-EU21775Not updated
6Xevw BananenbiegereiBlackrock-EU21675Not updated
7Kellocks  Blackrock-EU21630Not updated
8Qrankhimself MOPED INS KREUZ JUNGEBlackrock-EU21625Not updated
9Bestjal  Blackrock-EU21620Not updated
10Noluk  Blackrock-EU21600Not updated
11Rivalina All we need is LoveBlackrock-EU21585Not updated
12Elbermung The UnnamedBlackrock-EU21560Not updated
13Trullii ElysionBlackrock-EU21515Not updated
14Shailo l Impulse lBlackrock-EU21460Not updated
15Suitchu  Blackrock-EU21440Not updated
16Plüschbär DoomDoomBlackrock-EU21335Not updated
17Paschi Brut des VerderbensBlackrock-EU21325Not updated
18Tetja  Blackrock-EU21270Not updated
19Thyfine  Blackrock-EU21255Not updated
20Lianellâ  Blackrock-EU21225Not updated
21Pyromastic ULTIMATICBlackrock-EU21190Not updated
22Timangi Auf Nach NordendBlackrock-EU21130Not updated
22Anonymus RespawnBlackrock-EU21130Not updated
22Jorien  Blackrock-EU21130Not updated
25Gianluigie WE LOVE SNACKS LIKE UBlackrock-EU21110Not updated
26Gascha AlternateBlackrock-EU21105Not updated
27Milkjagger Murloc MassakerBlackrock-EU21075Not updated
28Bôttle a few good menBlackrock-EU21065Not updated
29Fibit Nightmare on WarcraftBlackrock-EU21040Not updated
30Kaibyo progressive campingBlackrock-EU21015Not updated
31Shackleine RespawnBlackrock-EU20995Not updated
32Ares For the HordeBlackrock-EU20935Not updated
33Girit Silent ParanoiaBlackrock-EU20925Not updated
34Ydarkangely AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU20915Not updated
35Flóôòóôò LevitikonBlackrock-EU20905Not updated
36Metzy elo hellBlackrock-EU20900Not updated
36Caprico YOLO ARENA IS BALANCEDBlackrock-EU20900Not updated
38Amethord  Blackrock-EU20885Not updated
39Kìrsché  Blackrock-EU20880Not updated
40Narazzil  Blackrock-EU20870Not updated
41Lolfarmzwei  Blackrock-EU20865Not updated
41Schwanhilde so liciouzBlackrock-EU20865Not updated
43Riáá  Blackrock-EU20815Not updated
44ßãðßõßßÿ  Blackrock-EU20780Not updated
45Gregorian AllianzVersichertBlackrock-EU20775Not updated
45Tnca Breakfast ClubBlackrock-EU20775Not updated
47Cheburator Born in c c c pBlackrock-EU20725Not updated
48Sìd ChrôniclesBlackrock-EU20720Not updated
49Intentîon zARTcOrEBlackrock-EU20670Not updated
50Siha Sanity LostBlackrock-EU20660Not updated
50Eátmyshórts La CamorraBlackrock-EU20660Not updated
52Shantay For the HordeBlackrock-EU20650Not updated
53Deregor AerionBlackrock-EU20600Not updated
54Pagadi do not feed the trollBlackrock-EU20585Not updated
54Praw See Ya NerdzBlackrock-EU20585Not updated
56Ropold Immortal CrewBlackrock-EU20580Not updated
57Xwo  Blackrock-EU20565Not updated
58Pombaz I Plan B IBlackrock-EU20560Not updated
59Hatekøbe RadianCeBlackrock-EU20550Not updated
60Shayanaa Durotar AllstarSBlackrock-EU20540Not updated
61Mystra BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU20485Not updated
62Jermaine  Blackrock-EU20475Not updated
63Jemenfou  Blackrock-EU20455Not updated
64Lexxon HordRockBlackrock-EU20450Not updated
65Yeoroll evasionBlackrock-EU20445Not updated
66Pëâñûtbúttër TeamKoreaBlackrock-EU20435Not updated
67Sumchen  Blackrock-EU20430Not updated
68Xicø DXlingeBlackrock-EU20390Not updated
68Wucio AlterationBlackrock-EU20390Not updated
70Savacus The UnnamedBlackrock-EU20375Not updated
71Øverlord ArmicaBlackrock-EU20370Not updated
71Nuéria  Blackrock-EU20370Not updated
73Biotopia Warlords of DraenorBlackrock-EU20360Not updated
74Ullä OutcastsBlackrock-EU20310Not updated
75Donsivia  Blackrock-EU20255Not updated
76Kleptokrat  Blackrock-EU20240Not updated
77Tschakaá  Blackrock-EU20235Not updated
77Gødlîkè HardattackBlackrock-EU20235Not updated
79Nyaruko Sabber und RotzBlackrock-EU20225Not updated
80Jimmsn a few good menBlackrock-EU20205Not updated
81Fudelrührer  Blackrock-EU20195Not updated
82Sephíròth Diener von SaîntsBlackrock-EU20190Not updated
83Brêen  Blackrock-EU20185Not updated
84Milaneia  Blackrock-EU20180Not updated
85Dânnytrejo pvpgoesrealBlackrock-EU20175Not updated
86Lantanoir Lordaerons ErbeBlackrock-EU20170Not updated
87Pallasjuno tricks or threatBlackrock-EU20160Not updated
88Sternfêuer  Blackrock-EU20135Not updated
89Hankihunt  Blackrock-EU20130Not updated
90Catzweazle WolfshöhleBlackrock-EU20110Not updated
91Graycode  Blackrock-EU20105Not updated
92Thinderella BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU20095Not updated

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