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Black Dragonflight-US Achievement Points
1Arckin EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US21765
2Chizu MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US21645
3Esque RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US21210
4Pjennings Sons of the StormBlack Dragonflight-US20940
5Narkanius EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US20895
6Zeraphole  Black Dragonflight-US20810
7Nox MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US20765
8Buttsmcgee Exercitus OblivionisBlack Dragonflight-US20185
9Lichard  Black Dragonflight-US20060
10Willshattner RecklessBlack Dragonflight-US19970
11Deathsnaps MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US19885
12Wickedcløwnx Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US19745
13Viina Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US19615
14Reputation Autism SpeaksBlack Dragonflight-US19580
15Imminent MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US19470
16Saiyurî is ProBlack Dragonflight-US19365
17Monkeydluffy EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US19240
18Deynastus Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US19140
19Dusktide SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US18720
20Amp EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US18645
21Akuema  Black Dragonflight-US18535
22Kûre Exercitus OblivionisBlack Dragonflight-US18425Not updated
23Birchlust  Black Dragonflight-US18335Not updated
24Marvinn MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US18310Not updated
25Reqz FHBlack Dragonflight-US18280
26Morladim SoldOutBlack Dragonflight-US18205
27Iuhera  Black Dragonflight-US18175
28Tova MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US18160
29Mithrander EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US18095
30Enh Ranglefang IncBlack Dragonflight-US17990Not updated
31Jasteer MaraudersBlack Dragonflight-US17930
32Skeychamp EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US17890
33Nimo SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US17825
34Ponabeshush The Gank FactoryBlack Dragonflight-US17820
35Whirt Sons of the StormBlack Dragonflight-US17725
36Hellicon MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US17710
37Silkiejonson  Black Dragonflight-US17685
38Noanddend EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US17675Not updated
39Dotcöm Novus InitiumBlack Dragonflight-US17670
40Xaroz Lawn PiratesBlack Dragonflight-US17645Not updated
41Droody Pwncakes and RoffelsBlack Dragonflight-US17605Not updated
42Vashie Autism SpeaksBlack Dragonflight-US17600Not updated
43Lokein Breath Of The DyingBlack Dragonflight-US17545Not updated
44Confess  Black Dragonflight-US17515Not updated
45Tanfana EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US17505Not updated
46Sandeezy ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US17495
47Gnomepaladin  Black Dragonflight-US17485
48Pyrannor The Gank FactoryBlack Dragonflight-US17435
49Terrõr PrimeBlack Dragonflight-US17420Not updated
50Kegfist RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US17395
51Firefirefire Exercitus OblivionisBlack Dragonflight-US17370
52Ryujinjaka MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US17285Not updated
53Gayatri Autism SpeaksBlack Dragonflight-US17215
54Boomtree EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US17135
54Terenasx Autism SpeaksBlack Dragonflight-US17135
56Antoinemonk EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US17085
57Imhappy  Black Dragonflight-US17030Not updated
58Rainoffire EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US17025Not updated
59Fusia Project DBlack Dragonflight-US17015Not updated
60Bladeblitz RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US16995
61Swiftninja Street FighterzBlack Dragonflight-US16990Not updated
62Boomoleon Legion Of SorrowsBlack Dragonflight-US16975Not updated
63Lizzybear EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US16955
64Tinytifa  Black Dragonflight-US16950Not updated
65Thirteen EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US16895Not updated
66Zelios  Black Dragonflight-US16865Not updated
67Nanasaki  Black Dragonflight-US16860Not updated
68Turff Sons of the StormBlack Dragonflight-US16805
68Ontop FHBlack Dragonflight-US16805
70Perfecthair Universal SoldiersBlack Dragonflight-US16785Not updated
71Hammerpants FHBlack Dragonflight-US16775Not updated
72Reconviction EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US16760
73Calaway is ProBlack Dragonflight-US16750Not updated
74Vicvega Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US16730
75Cptcosmo Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US16710Not updated
76Rahfael  Black Dragonflight-US16665
77Meatbone Infinite RegressionBlack Dragonflight-US16655Not updated
78Bearijuana  Black Dragonflight-US16565Not updated
79Octaslash SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US16555
80Vshley RetrospectBlack Dragonflight-US16540
81Marzo ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US16515
82Lejola EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US16500
83Doubtfire is ProBlack Dragonflight-US16490
84Mesmerism Novus InitiumBlack Dragonflight-US16460
85Mysterieux Novus InitiumBlack Dragonflight-US16455
85Angeliic Klaatu Verata NictuBlack Dragonflight-US16455
87Movlock MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US16450Not updated
87Diri Cause of DeathBlack Dragonflight-US16450
89Hoodoo RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US16440
90Disinterred The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US16425Not updated
91Mekasha EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US16415

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