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Balnazzar-US Achievement Points
1Falene SpireBalnazzar-US19005Not updated
2Toomuchbooty Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US18900Not updated
3Skitzo  Balnazzar-US18745
4Mizzu Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US17885
5Krongle Twisted MercenariesBalnazzar-US17860
6Zulario Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US17480
7Zulele Half Baked LegendsBalnazzar-US17145Not updated
8Achren Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US17070Not updated
9Cuddle Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US16935Not updated
10Halcyona Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US16920Not updated
11Bonesbolt Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US16750
12Moonflash SpireBalnazzar-US16660
13Assarah League of JusticeBalnazzar-US16380Not updated
14Ruminas KVWN News TeamBalnazzar-US16225
15Mokk Preatorian GuardBalnazzar-US16215Not updated
16Alakor  Balnazzar-US16005Not updated
17Heisenburg Bring Me A ShrubberyBalnazzar-US15920Not updated
18Ggoober Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US15875Not updated
19Mortica SkunkworksBalnazzar-US15860
20Bulleta Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US15850
21Leoben Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US15750Not updated
22Darlá  Balnazzar-US15645Not updated
23Pardem SpireBalnazzar-US15610
24Circus  Balnazzar-US15505Not updated
25Papazol CAP ClanBalnazzar-US15475Not updated
26Collier Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US15415
27Rheilyn IngenuityBalnazzar-US15400Not updated
28Locolobo Rebirth of the SlayersBalnazzar-US15390Not updated
29Persephoné League of JusticeBalnazzar-US15325Not updated
30Jeraz Knights OF LegendsBalnazzar-US15270Not updated
31Rigormortis GiardiaBalnazzar-US15250Not updated
32Teagen SkunkworksBalnazzar-US15065Not updated
33Todumdedum CAP ClanBalnazzar-US14980Not updated
34Blackbaldy KVWN News TeamBalnazzar-US14975Not updated
35Milkmaker Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US14935Not updated
36Drenalize  Balnazzar-US14925Not updated
37Pyrex Status QuoBalnazzar-US14905Not updated
38Javedrood SkunkworksBalnazzar-US14835Not updated
39Licks Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US14780Not updated
40Cabez SpireBalnazzar-US14660
41Sponsored  Balnazzar-US14650Not updated
42Fentoozler FusiønBalnazzar-US14475Not updated
43Makuakalani web of knivesBalnazzar-US14440Not updated
44Malel  Balnazzar-US14435Not updated
45Kavirin SkunkworksBalnazzar-US14390Not updated
46Missurd The Shoe FactoryBalnazzar-US14325Not updated
47Skinhuntress Rebirth of the SlayersBalnazzar-US14285
48Stunomagic Rebirth of the SlayersBalnazzar-US14275Not updated
49Apifani  Balnazzar-US14255Not updated
50Terramooca Death To All OutcastBalnazzar-US14210
51Druidganker SkunkworksBalnazzar-US14135Not updated
52Tenaciousdnd BlitzBalnazzar-US14075Not updated
53Judgeya Twisted MercenariesBalnazzar-US14070Not updated
54Wilfrey CAP ClanBalnazzar-US14030Not updated
54Kkyyllee  Balnazzar-US14030Not updated
54Kkyle  Balnazzar-US14030Not updated
57Liight Taste the RainbowBalnazzar-US14025Not updated
58Maganator SpireBalnazzar-US13980Not updated
59Lorazepam  Balnazzar-US13965Not updated
60Dryzm  Balnazzar-US13920Not updated
61Arok The Order Of TempestBalnazzar-US13855Not updated
62Xanne Death To All OutcastBalnazzar-US13810
63Snowleesi Death To All OutcastBalnazzar-US13795
64Eclipse Wipes On TrashBalnazzar-US13780
65Hellmakerr Tamers Of The HordeBalnazzar-US13755Not updated
66Daerys  Balnazzar-US13745Not updated
67Desann KVWN News TeamBalnazzar-US13690
68Silkjet  Balnazzar-US13620Not updated
68Bowz Boomdock SaintsBalnazzar-US13620Not updated
68Starann FusiønBalnazzar-US13620Not updated
71Twistedmind Twisted MercenariesBalnazzar-US13615
72Wayde  Balnazzar-US13610Not updated
73Knoblin  Balnazzar-US13605Not updated
74Gibit BlitzBalnazzar-US13585Not updated
75Dataos  Balnazzar-US13580Not updated
76Draynor  Balnazzar-US13560Not updated
77Panock Bring Me A ShrubberyBalnazzar-US13555Not updated
78Vaunt Knights OF LegendsBalnazzar-US13500Not updated
79Gevauden Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US13495Not updated
79Loocsinuf SpireBalnazzar-US13495
81Faviopee  Balnazzar-US13470Not updated
82Kvistor Twisted MercenariesBalnazzar-US13445Not updated
83Healanddeal Tamers Of The HordeBalnazzar-US13440Not updated
83Mightyguy IngenuityBalnazzar-US13440Not updated
85Ældritch Mutsu Enmei RyuBalnazzar-US13430Not updated
86Anagnorisis Sticky KeysBalnazzar-US13400Not updated
87Voradorn MurlocalypseBalnazzar-US13365Not updated
88Gumpz Rebirth of the SlayersBalnazzar-US13350Not updated
89Shoemonk The Shoe FactoryBalnazzar-US13335Not updated
89Combustion BlitzBalnazzar-US13335Not updated
91Tusker Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US13275Not updated
92Jahbless Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US13270Not updated
93Merewynn  Balnazzar-US13265Not updated
94Shadostrike Free HonorBalnazzar-US13225
95Beklek The Knights Who Say NeeBalnazzar-US13220Not updated
96Høpeless  Balnazzar-US13210Not updated
96Handlebars Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US13210Not updated
98Basura  Balnazzar-US13200Not updated
99Judin  Balnazzar-US13195Not updated
100Hemicuda GiardiaBalnazzar-US13190

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