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Arygos-US Achievement Points
1Ivannetta  Arygos-US21750
2Myshella ImmortaIArygos-US21540
3Quicker ImmortaIArygos-US21485
4Hazo The Flaming GazeArygos-US21290
5Aulisa AmbivalenceArygos-US20985
6Liiukang MorboArygos-US20635Not updated
7Aama ImmortaIArygos-US20495Not updated
8Detergente ImmortaIArygos-US20480
9Codethirty  Arygos-US20445Not updated
10Elia AmbivalenceArygos-US20240
11Assandros AmbivalenceArygos-US20065
12Roxané UndauntedArygos-US19855Not updated
13Wolfsplosion Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US19820
14Irönhide Afflicted SoulsArygos-US19720
15Alexiel  Arygos-US19715Not updated
16Thinmints  Arygos-US19670
17Cirnek InvìctusArygos-US19495Not updated
18Zasp AmbivalenceArygos-US19465
19Beth AmbivalenceArygos-US19435
20Brightsith MonopolyArygos-US19420Not updated
21Physcx Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US19195
22Firehammer Elitist JerksArygos-US18985Not updated
23Telal There Goes the PlanetArygos-US18895
24Zartain LifebloodArygos-US18780
25Baadkarma Roll for BlameArygos-US18745Not updated
26Riptidez Malicious IntentionArygos-US18545Not updated
27Selencia Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US18525
28Durne Cosmic VomitArygos-US18465Not updated
29Roewin LegionairsArygos-US18435Not updated
30Ferrin XanijhArygos-US18410
31Kovalenko  Arygos-US18400
31Bearchi  Arygos-US18400
33Ahnöld IsenwulfArygos-US18350
34Berrict Critical HitArygos-US18340Not updated
35Hongchow LifebloodArygos-US18335Not updated
36Karenbb ImmortaIArygos-US18325Not updated
37Jaimey  Arygos-US18295Not updated
38Megs Altoholics AnonymousArygos-US18265
39Carnumba Mighty Fighty ShushbugsArygos-US18135Not updated
40Daivalor Onyx TwilightArygos-US18035
41Balrog IsenwulfArygos-US17995Not updated
42Krunkadile AmbivalenceArygos-US17990
43Omadasala ImmortaIArygos-US17985Not updated
44Thrade Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US17980Not updated
44Timmah The Flaming GazeArygos-US17980
46Thorizan XanijhArygos-US17970
46Lauranadl Hidden TruthArygos-US17970Not updated
48Blut We Hate WinningArygos-US17960
49Sæglópur XanijhArygos-US17955
50Enanoputo We Know GirlsArygos-US17945Not updated
51Nickmyerss Who Pulled ThatArygos-US17915
52Vials ImmortaIArygos-US17905Not updated
53Thandius Altoholics AnonymousArygos-US17845
54Thyella Onyx TwilightArygos-US17825
55Sakaga Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US17805
56Angerath Roll for BlameArygos-US17760Not updated
57Velldandy Real Women have CurvesArygos-US17725Not updated
58Keepoffgrass Trade isnt LFGArygos-US17605Not updated
59Ahrk ImmortaIArygos-US17590Not updated
60Thiol AmbivalenceArygos-US17580
61Krilic We Hate WinningArygos-US17545Not updated
62Ruin Hates Your FaceArygos-US17495Not updated
63Kilimanjaro Knights TemplarArygos-US17460
64Dangle AmbivalenceArygos-US17445
65Magnificò LifebloodArygos-US17380
66Bacon  Arygos-US17340Not updated
67Dispatcher Insane maniacsArygos-US17305Not updated
68Rurouni MeArygos-US17275Not updated
69Emeridia Afflicted SoulsArygos-US17255
70Cayd We Know GirlsArygos-US17210Not updated
71Fonzie AmbivalenceArygos-US17195
72Miaree  Arygos-US17130Not updated
73Guydzag XanijhArygos-US17055
74Dayana LegionairsArygos-US17045Not updated
75Moonwish ZeeZArygos-US17030Not updated
76Bluegrass  Arygos-US17015
77Vorak Dawn of AscensionArygos-US16960
77Dirtyhunter Divine SerenityArygos-US16960Not updated
79Ao FecklessArygos-US16940
80Euphemia Chaotic IntentArygos-US16925Not updated
81Makellos Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US16910Not updated
82Skitzofranik We Hate WinningArygos-US16875Not updated
82Fistoffur The KorruptedArygos-US16875Not updated
84Cereion VindicationArygos-US16850
84Clique Twisted DreamsArygos-US16850Not updated
86Hardtail Who Pulled ThatArygos-US16840

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