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Arthas-US Achievement Points
1Gabbynator RazziaArthas-US21675
2Katzbalger AdelanteArthas-US21595
3Xèrt MagikArthas-US21340
4Memori Lusting on TrashArthas-US21330
5Annamay InfernôArthas-US21270Not updated
6Pogros RazziaArthas-US21255
7Zardock RazziaArthas-US21185
8Mannbèarpig BSDArthas-US21165
9Caskea Raw TalentArthas-US20945
10Chronyz kitty catArthas-US20860Not updated
11Kristaria UnhumanArthas-US20730
12Position Matt DamonArthas-US20655
13Pindleskin ImperiumArthas-US20625Not updated
14Theror RazziaArthas-US20510
15Lifebløøm ClarityArthas-US20500
16Therknight RazziaArthas-US20480Not updated
17Kakashi From The InternetArthas-US20390
18Slenderfugi Escaped from ArcatrazArthas-US20380
19Shockolates Positive EnergyArthas-US20335
20Aurune Matt DamonArthas-US20250
21Bitania Fair EnoughArthas-US20145
21Degia Chasing WaterfallsArthas-US20145
23Cøke ALTernate ArrangementsArthas-US20125Not updated
24Supplies FlashedArthas-US20120
25Wazzu ClarityArthas-US20075
26Hakkim SECURITYArthas-US20070Not updated
27Molice Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US20060Not updated
28Gatorjuice Positive EnergyArthas-US20045
29Giggleflat Fair EnoughArthas-US19995
30Tyralis RazziaArthas-US19940
31Oriion Champions of the HordeArthas-US19930
32Fayia Standing in FireArthas-US19905
33Turkin The Short BusArthas-US19895
34Paltarr Double GArthas-US19890Not updated
35Yacoub ClarityArthas-US19840
36Paradots M I CArthas-US19770
37Onatall AdelanteArthas-US19730
38Fenaro UnhumanArthas-US19720
39Critzers AdelanteArthas-US19715
40Ulrìk Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US19650
41Oni Villains on VacationArthas-US19645
42Scylvary  Arthas-US19640Not updated
43Astarôth RazziaArthas-US19620
44Zoddy AttritionArthas-US19610Not updated
45Xtal  Arthas-US19605Not updated
46Gilnahe Marshmallow CupcakesArthas-US19600
47Phobius SinArthas-US19595Not updated
48Phry AdelanteArthas-US19585
49Sharptusk Runs TrainArthas-US19575
50Deeyar UnhumanArthas-US19555
51Ools InstinctiveArthas-US19520
52Woodersôn ButtsArthas-US19515Not updated
53Thist FlashedArthas-US19510
54Hitmonk Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US19500
55Devonà Ad VictoriamArthas-US19475Not updated
56Zorororonoa UnforgivenArthas-US19465
57Raín AnguishArthas-US19445
57Hobar WELL METArthas-US19445Not updated
59Bypolar In The MeantimeArthas-US19435
60Sjokz The Laughing CoffinArthas-US19410
61Terawâtt The RepørtedArthas-US19390
62Xestral Knights of the Evil DeadArthas-US19325Not updated
63Paveload The Fallen AngelsArthas-US19320
64Halistra StaticArthas-US19295
65Calade Lusting on TrashArthas-US19275
66Spood RaptureArthas-US19270
67Grimsoullost ImperviousArthas-US19255Not updated
68Blightleaf AdelanteArthas-US19235
69Mondus InfluenceArthas-US19230
70Moltencheese SkillArthas-US19200
70Oskob EuphonicArthas-US19200Not updated
72Tinytimmay ClarityArthas-US19190
73Jenstar StaticArthas-US19180
74Guesswhat Nerd CrewArthas-US19160
75Patöff UnhumanArthas-US19115
76Kfchickenx ABAPArthas-US19110
77Tréfen StainlessArthas-US19075
78Athasi DowntimeArthas-US19055
79Dopamine Id Crit ThatArthas-US19040
80Lomankha AdelanteArthas-US19025
80Mashida UnhumanArthas-US19025
82Rivay Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US19015

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