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Arthas-TW Achievement Points
1慧空 Zero To HeroArthas-TW13750
2雪月花 Zero To HeroArthas-TW12825Not updated
3史昂 Zero To HeroArthas-TW12775Not updated
4Skyrose Zero To HeroArthas-TW12090Not updated
5Uroboros Zero To HeroArthas-TW11255Not updated
6山姆衛斯 Zero To HeroArthas-TW11060Not updated
7Qn Zero To HeroArthas-TW11015Not updated
8骨頭好吃耶 Zero To HeroArthas-TW10720Not updated
9可愛一百 Zero To HeroArthas-TW10700Not updated
10書拉保蛙 Zero To HeroArthas-TW10430Not updated
11小慧兒 Zero To HeroArthas-TW10105Not updated
12海角襲胸 Zero To HeroArthas-TW9980Not updated
13轉朱閣 Zero To HeroArthas-TW9660Not updated
14卍德哥卍 Zero To HeroArthas-TW9280Not updated
15午夜之陽 Zero To HeroArthas-TW9150Not updated
16低綺戶 Zero To HeroArthas-TW9060Not updated
17急症室 Zero To HeroArthas-TW8295Not updated
18接觸 Zero To HeroArthas-TW8175
19無極丁力 Zero To HeroArthas-TW8095Not updated
20人力發電機 Zero To HeroArthas-TW7760Not updated
21雪穆 Zero To HeroArthas-TW7425Not updated
22紅髮貝拉 Zero To HeroArthas-TW7330Not updated
23大獅兇 Zero To HeroArthas-TW7105Not updated
24鎧旋 Zero To HeroArthas-TW6835Not updated
25嵐運 Zero To HeroArthas-TW6750
26Diktator Zero To HeroArthas-TW6620
27Gonyu Zero To HeroArthas-TW6460Not updated
28陪魚兒聽雨 Zero To HeroArthas-TW6440
29烏鴉領主 Zero To HeroArthas-TW6030Not updated
30星辰花花 Zero To HeroArthas-TW5775
31順圭順圭跳 Zero To HeroArthas-TW5715Not updated
32繞芷柔 Zero To HeroArthas-TW5635Not updated
33地獄小瀦 Zero To HeroArthas-TW5250
34瑞文波娜賽隆 Zero To HeroArthas-TW5185
35歎歎 Zero To HeroArthas-TW4930Not updated
36雪昭 Zero To HeroArthas-TW4805Not updated
37Merle Zero To HeroArthas-TW4620Not updated
38Freefighter Zero To HeroArthas-TW4300Not updated
39碎語 Zero To HeroArthas-TW4260Not updated
40星辰小花 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3705Not updated
41衝鋒不亂髮型 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3505Not updated
42死神小雨 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3455
43林北松鼠哥 Zero To HeroArthas-TW3185
44Blackt Zero To HeroArthas-TW3115Not updated
45艾利卡影刃 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2500Not updated
46佛蘭妮阿德斯 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2255
47追風御守 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2115Not updated
48小坦一號 Zero To HeroArthas-TW2055Not updated
49岡本斥丸 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1855Not updated
49潔咪 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1855Not updated
51蘋果水 Zero To HeroArthas-TW1745Not updated
52Sakitama Zero To HeroArthas-TW490Not updated

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