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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Argent Dawn-US Achievement Points
1Swagmuffin hes dead on my screenArgent Dawn-US21640Not updated
2Istel Cloak and DaggerArgent Dawn-US21265Not updated
3Sophae EnlightenedArgent Dawn-US20750Not updated
4Melyprie House StalwartArgent Dawn-US20530Not updated
5Malenn Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US20485Not updated
6Captslow MercsArgent Dawn-US20455Not updated
7Willope Silver LionsArgent Dawn-US20225Not updated
8Siddharthah Lost LegacyArgent Dawn-US20165Not updated
9Bullymays TenaciousArgent Dawn-US20050Not updated
9Hoofen Drunken PhilosophersArgent Dawn-US20050Not updated
11Ishar BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US20005Not updated
12Meshelle FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US19730Not updated
13Initiator DevastationArgent Dawn-US19620Not updated
14Gøat AreteArgent Dawn-US19505Not updated
15Marusia Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US19305Not updated
16Eluniar Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US19225Not updated
17Treeslaped  Argent Dawn-US19130Not updated
18Dakan The UnaffiliatedArgent Dawn-US19120Not updated
19Songlilly Bloodmoon ChosenArgent Dawn-US19095Not updated
20Alanua Gnomes Will Eat YouArgent Dawn-US19060Not updated
21Ellyell Blatant DisregardArgent Dawn-US19020Not updated
22Iziel Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US18990Not updated
23Daders The Saints of SurrealArgent Dawn-US18960Not updated
24Warsáw for HordeArgent Dawn-US18945Not updated
24Stormbrew Gnomes Will Eat YouArgent Dawn-US18945Not updated
26Onchy Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US18920Not updated
27Odok Winter WolvesArgent Dawn-US18825Not updated
28Nivros BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US18805Not updated
29Bobymindflay TenaciousArgent Dawn-US18750Not updated
30Raleica Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US18650Not updated
31Vezzex Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US18590Not updated
32Tallbot House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US18570Not updated
33Monktank Angelic KingdomArgent Dawn-US18510Not updated
34Stumbled Virtus InfinitusArgent Dawn-US18470Not updated
35Hanodar SolaceArgent Dawn-US18465Not updated
36Brongly Dark FistArgent Dawn-US18445Not updated
37Racistchick  Argent Dawn-US18405Not updated
38Pythe House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US18370Not updated
39Unforgetabul Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US18365Not updated
40Kronar Bloodmoon ChosenArgent Dawn-US18355Not updated
41Esda Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US18340Not updated
42Airenxiao Ani AyastigiArgent Dawn-US18320Not updated
43Evelyndra Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US18280Not updated
44Forra Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US18270Not updated
44Tominaetor Death by DesignArgent Dawn-US18270Not updated
46Teev  Argent Dawn-US18260Not updated
47Mørket The CoreArgent Dawn-US18245Not updated
48Odif Circle of ArdorArgent Dawn-US18205Not updated
49Moesiree TenaciousArgent Dawn-US18185Not updated
50Asejia Great Old OnesArgent Dawn-US18180Not updated
51Askevar Single Abstract NounArgent Dawn-US18165Not updated
51Sallye Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US18165Not updated
53Karrid Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US18160Not updated
54Seisenjin ArcLightArgent Dawn-US18140Not updated
55Rikudo  Argent Dawn-US18135Not updated
56Nuckchoris BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US18085Not updated
56Kiele Dark FistArgent Dawn-US18085Not updated
58Niamhaisling TenaciousArgent Dawn-US18070Not updated
59Kotakh Blackfang BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-US18055Not updated
59Tâcky Rust In PeaceArgent Dawn-US18055Not updated
61Saphrani Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US18045Not updated
61Demdk Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US18045Not updated
63Spooie  Argent Dawn-US18010Not updated
64Fearthefrost SolaceArgent Dawn-US17965Not updated
65Skeria Blackfang BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-US17945Not updated
66Roxxes PhoeníxArgent Dawn-US17930Not updated
67Kaylea Black PhoenixArgent Dawn-US17925Not updated
67Wickedweasel Winter WolvesArgent Dawn-US17925Not updated
69Zeffie Force ReconArgent Dawn-US17915Not updated
70Anathe The Emberwing ClanArgent Dawn-US17910Not updated
71Leather Great Old OnesArgent Dawn-US17905Not updated
72Asuna Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US17885Not updated

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