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Argent Dawn-EU Achievement Points
1Lilxru Anger ManagementArgent Dawn-EU21935
2Drdoom The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU21685
3Arangast LightArgent Dawn-EU21595
4Taeron StormguardArgent Dawn-EU21405
5Tinynome Bankers Of GnomereganArgent Dawn-EU21385
6Zeohn  Argent Dawn-EU21240Not updated
7Nagual The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU21190
8Enduser  Argent Dawn-EU21135
9Tessalie  Argent Dawn-EU21125
10Reckless Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU21005
11Njang VerdictArgent Dawn-EU20975
12Thunderdawn Angels of AzerothArgent Dawn-EU20850Not updated
13Ravenell Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU20805
14Eldrissia Ominous Latin NameArgent Dawn-EU20795Not updated
15Tulim RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU20790
15Seelenjaeger LightArgent Dawn-EU20790Not updated
17Víggo  Argent Dawn-EU20770Not updated
18Kraevul DominionArgent Dawn-EU20755
19Ronya  Argent Dawn-EU20660Not updated
20Ninefourfive  Argent Dawn-EU20645Not updated
21Raegon Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU20515
22Mjalla Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU20465
23Vaviel Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU20460
24Arudar StormguardArgent Dawn-EU20435
25Adamska The RotgardeArgent Dawn-EU20430Not updated
26Nayumi  Argent Dawn-EU20375Not updated
27Uljin Legion of LemmingsArgent Dawn-EU20305
28Aelisa Hymn Of The WindArgent Dawn-EU20285Not updated
29Abbadone The AristocracyArgent Dawn-EU20260
30Pinka VerdictArgent Dawn-EU20215
31Zaill Echoes of WarArgent Dawn-EU20210
32Shadoswag Do you even click broArgent Dawn-EU20205Not updated
33Eqi The Cult of NzothArgent Dawn-EU20180Not updated
34Lactea Rage of AngelsArgent Dawn-EU20155Not updated
35Tarit InnovationArgent Dawn-EU20090
36Aribus Dawnshade BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-EU20075
37Amirie Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU19950
37Celestya Whispers Of The StormArgent Dawn-EU19950
37Axxor Covenant of LordaeronArgent Dawn-EU19950
40Phovohan Principal GodsArgent Dawn-EU19940
41Doombringer Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU19905Not updated
42Qarhu OrbionArgent Dawn-EU19900Not updated
43Theldor Sanctus ImperiumArgent Dawn-EU19895Not updated
44Ekohime Temporal VortexArgent Dawn-EU19885
44Shindoh The Umbra DepositoryArgent Dawn-EU19885Not updated
46Rayfaura Storms of WarcraftArgent Dawn-EU19875
47Byoki LightArgent Dawn-EU19870
47Donvy May Contain NutzArgent Dawn-EU19870Not updated
49Esca Legion of LemmingsArgent Dawn-EU19840
50Quedric MoonlightArgent Dawn-EU19815
51Phenthil RagnarökArgent Dawn-EU19800
52Madkafka Here Be MonstersArgent Dawn-EU19765
53Pepcho Echoes of WarArgent Dawn-EU19760Not updated
54Tagathan Eternitys EndArgent Dawn-EU19745
55Azjia Legion of LemmingsArgent Dawn-EU19735
56Yuulna BushidoArgent Dawn-EU19730Not updated
57Cacyte InfraredArgent Dawn-EU19725Not updated
58Vobb Vox TurbaArgent Dawn-EU19720
58Andskoti DreamWorldArgent Dawn-EU19720
60Marmee YermawArgent Dawn-EU19715
61Shalendria You Cat To Be Kitten MeArgent Dawn-EU19690Not updated
62Ixnay VerdictArgent Dawn-EU19675
63Llucifer ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU19630
64Durathror The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU19625Not updated
65Phalek NukezArgent Dawn-EU19610
66Légeñdàry Here Be MonstersArgent Dawn-EU19515
67Ðaz ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU19485
68Cloudius The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU19480
69Yamila Faulty SwitchArgent Dawn-EU19470
70Velhra Wave of MutilationArgent Dawn-EU19465
71Strangefruit Angels of AzerothArgent Dawn-EU19460Not updated
72Trekz HeliosArgent Dawn-EU19425
73Iconoclasts  Argent Dawn-EU19405Not updated
74Mirthe ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU19385
75Hjúkka The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU19380Not updated
76Epiphania ImmortalisArgent Dawn-EU19375
77Raelbo The CovenantArgent Dawn-EU19365
78Eggs Ominous Latin NameArgent Dawn-EU19350Not updated
79Dranoel  Argent Dawn-EU19335Not updated

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