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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Achievement Points
1Elemnia GiggityArea 52-US20790Not updated
2Lilgushy Casual AchievementArea 52-US20735Not updated
3Smokeghost Natural SelectionArea 52-US20705Not updated
4Thelovesock ViralArea 52-US20665Not updated
5Echostrike Six Beers DeepArea 52-US20655Not updated
6Aristocrat Natural SelectionArea 52-US20555Not updated
7Vizcini RepriseArea 52-US20485Not updated
8Liiukang DecepticonsArea 52-US20405Not updated
9Cinged ScornArea 52-US20390Not updated
10Janiko RefinedArea 52-US20370Not updated
11Kernvor  Area 52-US20335Not updated
12Lovy Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US20330Not updated
13Nakaa Extreme VengeanceArea 52-US20250Not updated
14Hellreiserr ToastyArea 52-US20240Not updated
15Arrowflynn XTCArea 52-US20225Not updated
16Dyes MindscapeArea 52-US20190Not updated
17Vyrolent Still SmilingArea 52-US20175Not updated
18Ilunne Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US20095Not updated
19Sèsshoumaru  Area 52-US20080Not updated
20Drekraga CryogenArea 52-US20075Not updated
21Rainbowmes ShadowFlame IncArea 52-US19995Not updated
22Smökë Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US19970Not updated
22Ooberbandaid Raids NakedArea 52-US19970Not updated
24Qarxzie Dread SanctumArea 52-US19960Not updated
25Vuldeth  Area 52-US19950Not updated
26Rawa  Area 52-US19945Not updated
27Eat  Area 52-US19930Not updated
28Onebadmama Los MuertosArea 52-US19895Not updated
29Smokinheal The SwornArea 52-US19890Not updated
29Lolburger RockPaperNukeYouArea 52-US19890Not updated
31Samfisherr GiggityArea 52-US19885Not updated
32Lamiche Pancarte PowerArea 52-US19860Not updated
33Dingles MaryJane AddictionArea 52-US19855Not updated
34Lifebløøm Cut the Blue WireArea 52-US19850Not updated
35Meteorstrike  Area 52-US19845Not updated
36Zirocruelty  Area 52-US19825Not updated
37Ashlysex LegitimateArea 52-US19805Not updated
38Sourfae Five Minute BreakArea 52-US19790Not updated
39Antyre  Area 52-US19785Not updated
40Creépy Lincoln Wìped On OperaArea 52-US19780Not updated
41Englishdude Mixed SignalsArea 52-US19775Not updated
42Eckbok CausticArea 52-US19740Not updated
43Celebqt  Area 52-US19735Not updated
44Nepth  Area 52-US19715Not updated
45Dettoxx FlatlineArea 52-US19695Not updated
46Bernzy  Area 52-US19660Not updated
47Zyxxi SwaggArea 52-US19655Not updated
48Druhzal High FiveArea 52-US19580Not updated
48Bolgard Horde CoreArea 52-US19580Not updated
50Dpallymoo Did i do thatArea 52-US19575Not updated
51Vilesilencer ConvictionArea 52-US19565Not updated
51Envian Knows NothingArea 52-US19565Not updated
53Gdwasticus Grey EminenceArea 52-US19555Not updated
54Hate  Area 52-US19550Not updated
55Bullsmite Natural SelectionArea 52-US19530Not updated
56Phùrion No CommentArea 52-US19510Not updated
57Asava RetrogradeArea 52-US19485Not updated
57Breadtower  Area 52-US19485Not updated
59Isebel  Area 52-US19480Not updated
60Alikhan AnguishArea 52-US19450Not updated
61Herca Socially IneptArea 52-US19445Not updated
61Kalsue VindicationArea 52-US19445Not updated
63Wìckedelf The ExilesArea 52-US19430Not updated
64Zabik ScornArea 52-US19420Not updated
65Briceis Chain ReactionArea 52-US19415Not updated
65Dkbelievable Born From The AshesArea 52-US19415Not updated
67Fouraiurs We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US19410Not updated
68Gramus LushArea 52-US19400Not updated
69Syrúp  Area 52-US19385Not updated
70Riptidez Material WorldArea 52-US19355Not updated
71Kfz Common AfflictionArea 52-US19350Not updated
72Wapol Natural SelectionArea 52-US19335Not updated
73Dyson CausticArea 52-US19330Not updated
74Outland  Area 52-US19310Not updated
75Oriencor High FiveArea 52-US19300Not updated
76Starfalls Love You Like MoneyArea 52-US19280Not updated
76Serponda  Area 52-US19280Not updated
78Grãy RockPaperNukeYouArea 52-US19260Not updated
79Mozim RefinedArea 52-US19255Not updated
79Hemoegoblin ArgyllArea 52-US19255Not updated
81Majiksnipa Horde CoreArea 52-US19240Not updated
82Xemani ScornArea 52-US19235Not updated
83Tograhkarno Tauren Milk CompanyArea 52-US19230Not updated
84Scrupulous High FiveArea 52-US19225Not updated
85Solitûde SyntheticArea 52-US19185Not updated

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