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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Archimonde-EU Achievement Points
1Okizaî SquàdArchimonde-EU21030Not updated
2Darhultwo SynArchimonde-EU20950Not updated
3Vizlalolz MayhëmArchimonde-EU20940Not updated
4Palplaplouf  Archimonde-EU20900Not updated
5Sway EverweakArchimonde-EU20830Not updated
6Virtüa TheGuildeArchimonde-EU20770Not updated
7Grogir Armée RougeArchimonde-EU20755Not updated
8Thaladria ProfanateursArchimonde-EU20710Not updated
9Néférti MonKeys on LiveArchimonde-EU20680Not updated
10Izimonnaie IlluSionArchimonde-EU20665Not updated
11Gallye Sekhmet NightmareArchimonde-EU20655Not updated
12Gossip  Archimonde-EU20650Not updated
13Para SquàdArchimonde-EU20630Not updated
14ßîatchlöl la legendeArchimonde-EU20600Not updated
15Cehnzage ProphétieArchimonde-EU20595Not updated
16Plynn Come Get SomeArchimonde-EU20575Not updated
17Christymackk  Archimonde-EU20565Not updated
17Liroye Le guide DurotarArchimonde-EU20565Not updated
19Chäussette Frozen MoonArchimonde-EU20530Not updated
20Genoise Haterz gonna hateArchimonde-EU20515Not updated
21Romash  Archimonde-EU20510Not updated
21Samoulo  Archimonde-EU20510Not updated
23Cidelle Unsung HeroesArchimonde-EU20495Not updated
24Iwò RebootArchimonde-EU20475Not updated
24Meimane Frozen MoonArchimonde-EU20475Not updated
24Àpex  Archimonde-EU20475Not updated
27Nalyxia Last LegendArchimonde-EU20430Not updated
28Disseko Wow ParadizeArchimonde-EU20420Not updated
29Fimrail YA PAS DE TRINKET IRLArchimonde-EU20390Not updated
30Gènèral You TouchArchimonde-EU20380Not updated
31Smumminch  Archimonde-EU20325Not updated
31Malulu Seigneur Du TempsArchimonde-EU20325Not updated
33Radnarøk  Archimonde-EU20320Not updated
34Sähä ProphétieArchimonde-EU20315Not updated
35Aldrielyn ROOTEDArchimonde-EU20295Not updated
36Lünalys XVIème COLONNEArchimonde-EU20280Not updated
37Otaesama  Archimonde-EU20270Not updated
38Venstwo MonKeys on LiveArchimonde-EU20260Not updated
39Thugz ProphétieArchimonde-EU20250Not updated
39Nìniêl Big buddha chëeseArchimonde-EU20250Not updated
41Magedefoot  Archimonde-EU20215Not updated
42Dëvz  Archimonde-EU20200Not updated
43Deapourien GROS NEZ COMMUNAUTAIREArchimonde-EU20195Not updated
44Asdescépage Dragons DivinsArchimonde-EU20175Not updated
44Salùt Eternity KnightArchimonde-EU20175Not updated
46Sýlvie Gold DiggerArchimonde-EU20170Not updated
47Bûsterz  Archimonde-EU20155Not updated
48Txaz HOMIESArchimonde-EU20125Not updated
49Natux BloodlustArchimonde-EU20105Not updated
50Õphélie Seigneur Du TempsArchimonde-EU20100Not updated
51Maltrac Arthas legacyArchimonde-EU20090Not updated
52Passmoilselz  Archimonde-EU20080Not updated
52Mcrent EquinoXxArchimonde-EU20080Not updated
54Boubsy Requiem for a geekArchimonde-EU20060Not updated
54Flacota  Archimonde-EU20060Not updated
56Cholltar  Archimonde-EU20045Not updated
57Illusoire  Archimonde-EU20030Not updated
57Chocopôps Maybe Nèxt TimeArchimonde-EU20030Not updated
59Daddyswag Tauren CompanyArchimonde-EU20010Not updated
59Quaddie KhéopsArchimonde-EU20010Not updated
61Tøxin Cool Story BròArchimonde-EU19895Not updated
62Axîom Frozen MoonArchimonde-EU19875Not updated
63Wîskz Smart BastardsArchimonde-EU19845Not updated
64Nazzote Les Pétales de LotusArchimonde-EU19805Not updated
65Nazganadunar SeedArchimonde-EU19795Not updated
66Chä  Archimonde-EU19790Not updated
67Rëyz ArchivistesArchimonde-EU19780Not updated
68Deadsïck HëavënArchimonde-EU19775Not updated
69Gàrache OxygeneArchimonde-EU19755Not updated
70Gyés Lux InvictusArchimonde-EU19720Not updated
70Psycheer  Archimonde-EU19720Not updated
70Købrakaî FlayedArchimonde-EU19720Not updated
73Búùrst  Archimonde-EU19715Not updated
74Driftz AgønyArchimonde-EU19710Not updated
75Chaosßolt Angels øf NightArchimonde-EU19695Not updated
76Sâllem  Archimonde-EU19675Not updated
77Taeldar EquinoXxArchimonde-EU19660Not updated
78Surricat Out Of OrderArchimonde-EU19655Not updated
79Inorruk  Archimonde-EU19650Not updated
80Powadrood Te Pique Ton McDOArchimonde-EU19640Not updated
81Lakshana Neø LimiTArchimonde-EU19635Not updated
82Lomilolie La Flotte de BibracteArchimonde-EU19630Not updated
83Glacepilé  Archimonde-EU19620Not updated
83Embushoù Bonus LevelArchimonde-EU19620Not updated
85Darcia OxmozArchimonde-EU19605Not updated
85Jacquelìne Big Damages Pas d OtagesArchimonde-EU19605Not updated
87Gwalarn My murloc is so skilledArchimonde-EU19585Not updated
88Quoimagueule Y t met un coupArchimonde-EU19570Not updated
89Dchøkz IlI Nøwaÿ IlIArchimonde-EU19560Not updated
90Thronetouch This is for usArchimonde-EU19545Not updated
90Iroc SenseArchimonde-EU19545Not updated
92Cëlena Les ProfanateursArchimonde-EU19530Not updated
93Loppy  Archimonde-EU19525Not updated
94Rangboom Reborn from ashesArchimonde-EU19515Not updated
94Mäywen  Archimonde-EU19515Not updated
96Diabôlique Los PollosArchimonde-EU19475Not updated
97Pítt This is for usArchimonde-EU19470Not updated
97Shakboom  Archimonde-EU19470Not updated
99Barbaplante Vox DraconisArchimonde-EU19440Not updated
100Becksgold  Archimonde-EU19410Not updated

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