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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Antonidas-EU Achievement Points
1Cranberryz FrankoniaAntonidas-EU21650Not updated
2Shaokin  Antonidas-EU21535Not updated
3Slashor Inglouríous BástardsAntonidas-EU21525Not updated
4Fatkid  Antonidas-EU21500Not updated
5Léonidás  Antonidas-EU21460Not updated
6Namos Advocati DiaboliAntonidas-EU21435Not updated
7Isao SanatoriumAntonidas-EU21305Not updated
8Ropold Cow Trading CompanyAntonidas-EU21235Not updated
9Keltór XiliumAntonidas-EU21185Not updated
10Druffí InsideAntonidas-EU21175Not updated
11Aenaxx Northern SkyAntonidas-EU21140Not updated
12Nanael ScythexAntonidas-EU21090Not updated
12Fupanda SanctuaryAntonidas-EU21090Not updated
14Dârkara NecromongerAntonidas-EU21080Not updated
15Edelweíss World for FriendsAntonidas-EU20935Not updated
16Vulpeculea PianoAntonidas-EU20920Not updated
17Valyana  Antonidas-EU20890Not updated
18Jondala UnléashedAntonidas-EU20850Not updated
19Estresse AtmosphereAntonidas-EU20815Not updated
20Alisêa Jetzt schlägts DreizehnAntonidas-EU20800Not updated
21Dâltôn Die GummientendiebeAntonidas-EU20775Not updated
22Mysticpriest Circle of TrustAntonidas-EU20770Not updated
23Jegor UnintendedAntonidas-EU20765Not updated
24Solitaire  Antonidas-EU20755Not updated
25Okkô Aufstieg der GeißelAntonidas-EU20735Not updated
26Misû  Antonidas-EU20725Not updated
27Leeyah Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU20715Not updated
27Kikaninchen The Warrior of LightAntonidas-EU20715Not updated
29Caillra  Antonidas-EU20695Not updated
29Minjuka  Antonidas-EU20695Not updated
31Kiami  Antonidas-EU20690Not updated
32Coñchita Hummel IncAntonidas-EU20680Not updated
32Cabrîta Hummel IncAntonidas-EU20680Not updated
34Shayina  Antonidas-EU20675Not updated
35Meggem Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU20635Not updated
36Quärêle ALIRA Die KönigsflammeAntonidas-EU20620Not updated
37Quishida Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU20585Not updated
38Barbossà The WantedAntonidas-EU20575Not updated
39Zyriâ CairdeasAntonidas-EU20565Not updated
39Uthèr GötterkomplexAntonidas-EU20565Not updated
41Icebinder JadedrachenAntonidas-EU20550Not updated
42Risheru  Antonidas-EU20535Not updated
43Dopè  Antonidas-EU20520Not updated
44Dbm  Antonidas-EU20495Not updated
45Emofee eXclusiveAntonidas-EU20465Not updated
46Sarfar Eroberer von DraenorAntonidas-EU20450Not updated
47Raulf ZionAntonidas-EU20445Not updated
48Spitzelchen Stark IndustriesAntonidas-EU20440Not updated
49Nokhi  Antonidas-EU20400Not updated
50Darwêên  Antonidas-EU20385Not updated
51Diethx Amissa SpeAntonidas-EU20375Not updated
52Câron Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU20320Not updated
53Bonaqua  Antonidas-EU20310Not updated
54Aurelyah Legacy of HeavenAntonidas-EU20300Not updated
55Seepferd NovumAntonidas-EU20290Not updated
56Lucifere Irreparable HirnschädenAntonidas-EU20265Not updated
57Arley  Antonidas-EU20250Not updated
58Røtbart Heart Of Lost VampiresAntonidas-EU20240Not updated
59Atole Hunting High And LowAntonidas-EU20235Not updated
60Limax  Antonidas-EU20230Not updated
61Gripsyou Das ErvtAntonidas-EU20185Not updated
62Mokkafix SanctuaryAntonidas-EU20165Not updated
63Illujanna CorruptedAntonidas-EU20150Not updated
64Nisî TwixAntonidas-EU20135Not updated
65Vîta  Antonidas-EU20125Not updated
65Catane PlazmaAntonidas-EU20125Not updated
65Celorica Ghost DragonsAntonidas-EU20125Not updated
68Chijuna  Antonidas-EU20115Not updated
69Morulak Opposing ForceAntonidas-EU20110Not updated
69Gwyndoline Ad ActaAntonidas-EU20110Not updated
69Lucido ThanatosAntonidas-EU20110Not updated
72Adani  Antonidas-EU20090Not updated
73Knödeldonner Stark IndustriesAntonidas-EU20080Not updated
74Xeno YpsiloNAntonidas-EU20075Not updated
75Ceko  Antonidas-EU20070Not updated
76Scheagol  Antonidas-EU20050Not updated
77Fadmaschosch Eternal CrusadersAntonidas-EU20045Not updated
77Fuhuu  Antonidas-EU20045Not updated
79Biondil Feast of BloodAntonidas-EU19995Not updated
80Moira Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU19990Not updated
80Karakîz Zjusa on YouTubeAntonidas-EU19990Not updated
82Donnerzorn Ad ActaAntonidas-EU19985Not updated
83Kajusha  Antonidas-EU19980Not updated
84Kheops  Antonidas-EU19975Not updated
85Zukima Cursed SoulsAntonidas-EU19970Not updated
86Brukhalian LeagueOfLegendsAntonidas-EU19960Not updated
87Sylvànas Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU19955Not updated
88Aáry Kreativ wie BrotAntonidas-EU19940Not updated
89Cyroni Ragefire CowboysAntonidas-EU19935Not updated
90Linnacutie Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU19900Not updated
91Märu Still AliveAntonidas-EU19880Not updated
92Nardaru  Antonidas-EU19865Not updated
93Bärlusconí  Antonidas-EU19860Not updated
94Savíor CyborgAntonidas-EU19855Not updated
94Elfenmum senile BettflüchterAntonidas-EU19855Not updated
96Iskarîot Krümelmonster incAntonidas-EU19845Not updated
97Fîndme PrîmeAntonidas-EU19830Not updated
98Brugg ShadowallianceAntonidas-EU19810Not updated
99Ayrágt Amun ist starkAntonidas-EU19805Not updated
100Saph  Antonidas-EU19800Not updated

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