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Anetheron-EU Achievement Points
1Tunoto RetiredAnetheron-EU21465Not updated
2Sentient Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU21405
3Scree xDAnetheron-EU21345
4Kimey organised confusionAnetheron-EU20975
5Kemwer  Anetheron-EU20780Not updated
6Veash Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU20765
7Cherublol  Anetheron-EU20695Not updated
8Crâzý CarnivøresAnetheron-EU20530
8Wani  Anetheron-EU20530Not updated
10Toadisritter JuggernautAnetheron-EU20430Not updated
11Dárksoul  Anetheron-EU20380Not updated
12Wooster Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU20370Not updated
13Songshan Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU20305Not updated
14Packnum xDAnetheron-EU20230
15Fëanor Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU20105
16Jacksbärrow Nice OneAnetheron-EU20035Not updated
17Noxoris spiritAnetheron-EU19985
18Grommash Die eisernen HerzenAnetheron-EU19920Not updated
19Chestra  Anetheron-EU19840Not updated
20Sherezada  Anetheron-EU19835Not updated
21Saltaros Looney ToonsAnetheron-EU19800Not updated
22Taddle Never to dieAnetheron-EU19730Not updated
22Schlüppatron  Anetheron-EU19730Not updated
24Nurri  Anetheron-EU19700
25Sumeya organised confusionAnetheron-EU19645
26Cazaja VictoriousAnetheron-EU19620Not updated
27Jassim Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU19560Not updated
27Emberbow organised confusionAnetheron-EU19560
29Jenewein Still AliveAnetheron-EU19550
30Uageu  Anetheron-EU19525Not updated
31Pandaziege Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU19470Not updated
32Naturemay Unknown GuildAnetheron-EU19420Not updated
33Hexinix Still AliveAnetheron-EU19415
34Rímháng fadeAnetheron-EU19390
35Tylaion ShadowStoneAnetheron-EU19385
36Trollinhô Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU19335
37Letz Never to dieAnetheron-EU19330Not updated
38Reynolds organised confusionAnetheron-EU19285Not updated
39Drstyx Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU19250Not updated
40Donnergroll  Anetheron-EU19170
41Tødesazzin Never to dieAnetheron-EU19160
42Zamra PredictedAnetheron-EU19125
43Todesazzin  Anetheron-EU19070Not updated
44Aypha KirodAnetheron-EU19035Not updated
45Avandra Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU19025
46Bigmác The BIG BangAnetheron-EU19020
47Leilameda xDAnetheron-EU19010
48Phenolphthal Seven StarsAnetheron-EU18950Not updated
49Atem ShadowStoneAnetheron-EU18940
50Rhox  Anetheron-EU18905Not updated
51Taroi organised confusionAnetheron-EU18890
52Vâlky organised confusionAnetheron-EU18855Not updated
53Nidra  Anetheron-EU18820Not updated
54Paktaii  Anetheron-EU18770Not updated
55Lirua RevengeAnetheron-EU18690
56Insignia CelticCrossAnetheron-EU18660
57Martín OblivionAnetheron-EU18645
58Caidenx Seven StarsAnetheron-EU18580
59Lerej organised confusionAnetheron-EU18565
60Cage ShadowStoneAnetheron-EU18550
61Bambus organised confusionAnetheron-EU18540
62Azrael Youll Never Walk AloneAnetheron-EU18535Not updated
63Jángó  Anetheron-EU18510Not updated
64Klauserus Rising PhönixAnetheron-EU18500Not updated
65Namshari ist verwirrtAnetheron-EU18460
66Toffeetogo EVIL DEADAnetheron-EU18450
67Ladira odiumAnetheron-EU18440
68Ot Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU18395
69Seeti Never to dieAnetheron-EU18385
70Nawakilock Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU18380
71Moomooland Yokohama Sushi ClubAnetheron-EU18335
72Zarlana Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU18305
73Amaszune xDAnetheron-EU18290
74Gthedark Still AliveAnetheron-EU18230
75Teshkul Bambi Klopfer und CoKGAnetheron-EU18225Not updated
76Klöstera CatastropheAnetheron-EU18135Not updated
77Aramór CelticCrossAnetheron-EU18120
77Machara Scum from HellAnetheron-EU18120Not updated
79Mystical Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU18065
80Isandja UltîmateAnetheron-EU18020
80Chockmah The last onesAnetheron-EU18020Not updated
82Blackmailer Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU17995
83Talariel xDAnetheron-EU17990
84Walux Project WOWAnetheron-EU17970Not updated

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