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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anachronos-EU Achievement Points
1Mentora BULGARIAAnachronos-EU20975Not updated
2Warriorista Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU20565Not updated
3Verkhai RebirthAnachronos-EU20500Not updated
4Kwakxalver  Anachronos-EU20150Not updated
5Deadlyrunes Horde Till I DieAnachronos-EU20095Not updated
6Redbeardd RuinedAnachronos-EU20080Not updated
7Yuu  Anachronos-EU20060Not updated
8Allegro Horde Til Da EndAnachronos-EU19920Not updated
9Shamanloint Olympian HeroesAnachronos-EU19720Not updated
10Zarumosa The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU19700Not updated
11Nyxteridoula Eats Shoots and LeavesAnachronos-EU19605Not updated
12Mias CharlatanAnachronos-EU19460Not updated
13Chuknaglava  Anachronos-EU19410Not updated
14Chinpoko  Anachronos-EU19305Not updated
15Asasinu UnforgivenAnachronos-EU19265Not updated
16Lothaire Brain DamageAnachronos-EU19230Not updated
17Minnorak EinherjarAnachronos-EU19220Not updated
18Midli Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU19140Not updated
19Antiad Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU19045Not updated
19Löcö Curse IncAnachronos-EU19045Not updated
21Thekilledone band of friendsAnachronos-EU18995Not updated
22Rakron Kompania BraciAnachronos-EU18960Not updated
23Zekti Cult of PersonalityAnachronos-EU18955Not updated
24Kirii PrawielepsiAnachronos-EU18940Not updated
25Beomani Knights of NiAnachronos-EU18905Not updated
26Qysa Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU18885Not updated
27Rothley  Anachronos-EU18815Not updated
28Purrplex Shadow spectresAnachronos-EU18785Not updated
29Dastar Olympian HeroesAnachronos-EU18735Not updated
30Spayed  Anachronos-EU18730Not updated
31Munchky IterumAnachronos-EU18710Not updated
32Thorean  Anachronos-EU18680Not updated
33Ruxanda  Anachronos-EU18670Not updated
34Mavericks VagabondsAnachronos-EU18655Not updated
35Fikumiku Kompania BraciAnachronos-EU18570Not updated
36Mikra The DUDESAnachronos-EU18560Not updated
37Jarvaniv Cult of PersonalityAnachronos-EU18555Not updated
38Martie IterumAnachronos-EU18505Not updated
39Simorgh Ancient ProtectorsAnachronos-EU18495Not updated
40Lexxie AscensíonAnachronos-EU18480Not updated
41Asoryt Eternal LegendsAnachronos-EU18470Not updated
42Slu The Wrath of TempestAnachronos-EU18460Not updated
43Shadagar To The Ends Of EarthAnachronos-EU18435Not updated
44Livingproof VisionAnachronos-EU18395Not updated
45Evisc Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU18385Not updated
46Chicheng DeftonesAnachronos-EU18350Not updated
47Evaporation Only the strong surviveAnachronos-EU18325Not updated
48Turowai The Wrath of TempestAnachronos-EU18320Not updated
49Smallzqt RebirthAnachronos-EU18315Not updated
50Bamias AesirAnachronos-EU18305Not updated
51Thearthas Bohemian CovenantAnachronos-EU18250Not updated
51Idungivafuq  Anachronos-EU18250Not updated
53Mageporcia  Anachronos-EU18220Not updated
54Araan IterumAnachronos-EU18215Not updated
55Lúthíen IterumAnachronos-EU18170Not updated
56Antimony RuinedAnachronos-EU18150Not updated
57Tríckzreborn StormBladeAnachronos-EU18145Not updated
58Troopaladin  Anachronos-EU18115Not updated
59Hildae  Anachronos-EU18095Not updated
60Kinacko Angelz of the DarksideAnachronos-EU18075Not updated
61Supawoman All Nuke SkullAnachronos-EU18065Not updated
62Agnuks Knights of NiAnachronos-EU18020Not updated
63Koiperhonen PuistoKemistit ryAnachronos-EU18010Not updated
63Rayssa UnforgivenAnachronos-EU18010Not updated
65Kobur ObsidianAnachronos-EU17930Not updated
66Vaela The Wrath of TempestAnachronos-EU17900Not updated
67Skrollan The Midnight WarlordsAnachronos-EU17875Not updated
68Waken Knights of NiAnachronos-EU17860Not updated
69Jaquelina Drunken CowsAnachronos-EU17845Not updated
70Fatdarter The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU17815Not updated
71Reeko Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU17765Not updated
72Superpitch  Anachronos-EU17725Not updated
73Térkah HostileAnachronos-EU17715Not updated
73Daywalkker Death Before DishonorAnachronos-EU17715Not updated
75Nasheim Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU17680Not updated
76Slurax The Wrath of TempestAnachronos-EU17670Not updated
77Annarkhi The CovenAnachronos-EU17635Not updated
78Spitha Messy but EffectiveAnachronos-EU17600Not updated
79Meifft Olympian HeroesAnachronos-EU17580Not updated
79Sáffron Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU17580Not updated
81Kanao Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU17575Not updated
82Kerstmis The LowlandersAnachronos-EU17555Not updated
82Ayenir  Anachronos-EU17555Not updated
84Ciryatan All Nuke SkullAnachronos-EU17535Not updated
85Dragoslav Curse IncAnachronos-EU17510Not updated
85Kiida UnforgivenAnachronos-EU17510Not updated
87Zermatt  Anachronos-EU17500Not updated
88Espressos  Anachronos-EU17490Not updated
89Pippuri Shadow spectresAnachronos-EU17480Not updated
90Vesela DragonsAnachronos-EU17465Not updated
91Blajinul UnforgivenAnachronos-EU17445Not updated
92Deáthlord To The Ends Of EarthAnachronos-EU17440Not updated
92Deathdeals  Anachronos-EU17440Not updated
94Beeroo The Immortal BrotherhoodAnachronos-EU17435Not updated
95Brihanna Lucky OnesAnachronos-EU17415Not updated
96Sousamitsa  Anachronos-EU17410Not updated
97Kokoretsi Olympian HeroesAnachronos-EU17400Not updated
98Diaolemeni Death Before DishonorAnachronos-EU17380Not updated
99Mybubbles Smeg And The HeadsAnachronos-EU17370Not updated
99Xytor ObsidianAnachronos-EU17370Not updated

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