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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ahn'Qiraj-EU Achievement Points
1Doomakos IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU20760Not updated
2Astró IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU20475Not updated
3Crazia IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU20360Not updated
4Bbw Risen ExilesAhn'Qiraj-EU20040Not updated
5Preist  Ahn'Qiraj-EU20010Not updated
6Reskon nazgulAhn'Qiraj-EU19975Not updated
7Koronis The Last CrusadersAhn'Qiraj-EU19895Not updated
8Untappedrage  Ahn'Qiraj-EU19875Not updated
9Yoshiruji Fence WarmersAhn'Qiraj-EU19570Not updated
10Kokzon Fence WarmersAhn'Qiraj-EU19530Not updated
11Gary HaVéNAhn'Qiraj-EU19525Not updated
12Baltazor IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU19375Not updated
13Krokolo The Art of DyingAhn'Qiraj-EU19255Not updated
14Swagminister  Ahn'Qiraj-EU19250Not updated
15Niixten The Art of DyingAhn'Qiraj-EU19100Not updated
16Blademkd IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU19055Not updated
17Disperata IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU19010Not updated
18Archø IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU18890Not updated
19Kirasama CataclysmZoneAhn'Qiraj-EU18880Not updated
20Holydrop IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU18850Not updated
21Amarena  Ahn'Qiraj-EU18845Not updated
22Baltazar IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU18775Not updated
23Líuva TrollFaceDotJPGAhn'Qiraj-EU18610Not updated
24Thaall TrollFaceDotJPGAhn'Qiraj-EU18500Not updated
25Mocean Advanced Target DummyAhn'Qiraj-EU18360Not updated
26Cleoh IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU18265Not updated
27Darkdesire IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU18250Not updated
28Aerelian IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU18245Not updated
29Pancho IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU18170Not updated
30Rynarad The BloodHound SyndicateAhn'Qiraj-EU18125Not updated
31Britomartis ZeitgeistAhn'Qiraj-EU18115Not updated
32Meatspinn The LoveAhn'Qiraj-EU18110Not updated
33Nepthys IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU18090Not updated
34Vexatio The BloodHound SyndicateAhn'Qiraj-EU17990Not updated
35Bonanox BingBAngAhn'Qiraj-EU17905Not updated
36Gaven HaVéNAhn'Qiraj-EU17870Not updated
37Xazura  Ahn'Qiraj-EU17775Not updated
38Filiposs HaVéNAhn'Qiraj-EU17650Not updated
39Dobroslava DarksajdAhn'Qiraj-EU17645Not updated
40Altruis Lukrowany HerbatniczekAhn'Qiraj-EU17545Not updated
41Prix IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU17525Not updated
42Raymen Mighty RisingAhn'Qiraj-EU17485Not updated
43Zulkir  Ahn'Qiraj-EU17450Not updated
44Alduron  Ahn'Qiraj-EU17395Not updated
45Wildfury IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU17360Not updated
46Fablo IncandescentAhn'Qiraj-EU17275Not updated
47Xeldarith IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU17210Not updated
48Sydonia Mighty RisingAhn'Qiraj-EU17205Not updated
49Hashjes  Ahn'Qiraj-EU17195Not updated
50Madak The LoveAhn'Qiraj-EU17185Not updated
51Ckristos IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU17175Not updated
52Desenda IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU17100Not updated
53Injective SanctuaryAhn'Qiraj-EU17080Not updated
54Roit IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU16925Not updated
55Arvandon Mighty RisingAhn'Qiraj-EU16885Not updated
56Missroll It burns when I PvPAhn'Qiraj-EU16855Not updated
56Charmeur M e t a m o r f o ZAhn'Qiraj-EU16855Not updated
58Seized Mighty RisingAhn'Qiraj-EU16800Not updated
59Sokii Black DragonridersAhn'Qiraj-EU16790Not updated
60Yelka IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU16750Not updated
61Lusenajo nlmastersAhn'Qiraj-EU16650Not updated
62Madcuzbadlol  Ahn'Qiraj-EU16615Not updated
63Zaev HaVéNAhn'Qiraj-EU16590Not updated
64Anoacyle Exploding PandasAhn'Qiraj-EU16555Not updated
65Fluffydawg SanctuaryAhn'Qiraj-EU16490Not updated
66Bérit Love of DarknessAhn'Qiraj-EU16450Not updated
67Sila Blood LegionAhn'Qiraj-EU16400Not updated
68Bloodylife Mighty RisingAhn'Qiraj-EU16320Not updated
69Cbadk IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU16305Not updated
70Darkeagle M e t a m o r f o ZAhn'Qiraj-EU16280Not updated
71Shucks IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU16190Not updated
72Rathis IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU16010Not updated
73Dreamìe SanctuaryAhn'Qiraj-EU16000Not updated
74Ilithyia Black DragonridersAhn'Qiraj-EU15990Not updated
75Holycore ZeitgeistAhn'Qiraj-EU15935Not updated
76Milita SymbiosisAhn'Qiraj-EU15930Not updated
77Carambol Mighty RisingAhn'Qiraj-EU15785Not updated
78Cmelak DarksajdAhn'Qiraj-EU15760Not updated
79Nivada IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU15755Not updated
80Caragiale Fence WarmersAhn'Qiraj-EU15725Not updated
81Razyel Intuition Banging SquadAhn'Qiraj-EU15680Not updated
82Sheaa IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU15625Not updated
83Otakami  Ahn'Qiraj-EU15620Not updated
84Yenneiros IntuitionAhn'Qiraj-EU15615Not updated
85Muradock  Ahn'Qiraj-EU15605Not updated
86Dium Love of DarknessAhn'Qiraj-EU15595Not updated
87Dakhak Mighty RisingAhn'Qiraj-EU15580Not updated
88Karatepumo  Ahn'Qiraj-EU15540Not updated
89Raèna The Elder Trolls of AQAhn'Qiraj-EU15515Not updated
90Vorteex Risen ExilesAhn'Qiraj-EU15510Not updated
90Hårtuss SynergyAhn'Qiraj-EU15510Not updated
92Sarah The SavagesAhn'Qiraj-EU15485Not updated
93Trìplets Exploding PandasAhn'Qiraj-EU15435Not updated
94Sneakes  Ahn'Qiraj-EU15425Not updated
95Rémbo SymbiosisAhn'Qiraj-EU15355Not updated

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