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Aggramar-US Achievement Points
1Pouncythingy Nothing FancyAggramar-US21650
2Shintorg ExpiationAggramar-US20970
3Derpdederp  Aggramar-US20940
4Dusen Nothing FancyAggramar-US20890Not updated
5Eltipo  Aggramar-US20520Not updated
6Deelit ExpiationAggramar-US20265
6Bitis Nothing FancyAggramar-US20265
8Veganpriest  Aggramar-US20125
9Messiahbolic Ur Mom Has Nice CritsAggramar-US20080Not updated
10Mootikus UrsusAggramar-US20020
11Monkiful ExpiationAggramar-US19945
12Mytone The RemnantAggramar-US19885
13Dysom ExpiationAggramar-US19820Not updated
14Brian Exiled IncAggramar-US19645
15Metallicdawn Eternal HatredAggramar-US19545
16Lumbahjack Order of the RavenAggramar-US19445
17Theused  Aggramar-US19300Not updated
18Hellriss The ButchersAggramar-US19250
19Atesh Battle of SerenityAggramar-US19065
20Privhunter  Aggramar-US18905Not updated
21Taitanai Sworn EnemyAggramar-US18870Not updated
22Soul MaledictionAggramar-US18785
23Miluo All Most RighteousAggramar-US18720
24Bullrun ExpiationAggramar-US18600
25Dizzygirl ExpiationAggramar-US18555
26Khyra CovetousAggramar-US18535
27Hipsterbait Unleashed RageAggramar-US18530Not updated
28Ashwalker CovetousAggramar-US18455
29Rumzy Nothing FancyAggramar-US18345
30Thèmountain  Aggramar-US18340
31Lifelace Anduins LegacyAggramar-US18325
32Khovaros Exalted OrderAggramar-US18295
32Deathmyztare The Fight ClubAggramar-US18295Not updated
34Kiraboshi Terminally AFKAggramar-US18285Not updated
35Natinoa Nothing FancyAggramar-US18270Not updated
36Snarlezz Anduins LegacyAggramar-US18255
37Cravenn The ButchersAggramar-US18195
38Hilljack The EnclaveAggramar-US18115
39Annuk CovetousAggramar-US18095
40Durm FoederatiAggramar-US18080
41Dajic The CommittedAggramar-US18070
42Lythopotamus Brother Hood of SteelAggramar-US18000Not updated
43Flethron Natural Horde KillersAggramar-US17950
44Malfurrion Bottums UpAggramar-US17925
45Kaillyn ExpiationAggramar-US17920
46Ghazban The RemnantAggramar-US17910
47Cebrelas  Aggramar-US17890
48Ontheshot  Aggramar-US17885Not updated
49Felesthe Evil Deeds IncAggramar-US17850Not updated
50Earthwarden Emerald KnightsAggramar-US17835
51Darkenraul  Aggramar-US17815Not updated
52Tarancalime Slayers of DarknessAggramar-US17765
53Ebonhound  Aggramar-US17755Not updated
54Dalgust Children of KronosAggramar-US17700
55Fognîtê Nothing FancyAggramar-US17660
55Magepuppy  Aggramar-US17660Not updated
57Wuvs FallenAggramar-US17630
58Kylraen  Aggramar-US17585
59Noobstick UnbrokenAggramar-US17555
60Bluemeenie ExpiationAggramar-US17530
61Ozzsum The Super heroesAggramar-US17485
62Wulfgar ExpiationAggramar-US17430
63Bigpick Forgotten OnesAggramar-US17425Not updated
64Zineal All The Way Turned UpAggramar-US17410
65Sylvinia EterniumAggramar-US17385
66Harbringerz  Aggramar-US17350Not updated
67Pogogo intentAggramar-US17335
68Veg  Aggramar-US17320Not updated
69Meilichia Qualinesti Blood GuardAggramar-US17250Not updated
70Malditoloco Nothing FancyAggramar-US17215Not updated
71Shadowvenom CovetousAggramar-US17180
72Shiftieqtxo All The Way Turned UpAggramar-US17165
73Seyes The BureauAggramar-US17140
74Perseous Drunken MonkeyAggramar-US17080Not updated
75Royalette ExpiationAggramar-US17060
75Zoysia Midnight MafiaAggramar-US17060
77Mizdazling Exiled IncAggramar-US17025
78Beavis Evil Deeds IncAggramar-US17020

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