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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aegwynn-EU Achievement Points
1Finnexxa Dark TemplarAegwynn-EU21810Not updated
2Marimonki TEAM LOTHARAegwynn-EU21655Not updated
3Prøph  Aegwynn-EU21620Not updated
4Elnnor  Aegwynn-EU21535Not updated
5Tÿrel  Aegwynn-EU21450Not updated
6Symbiotoc  Aegwynn-EU21350Not updated
7Ropold  Aegwynn-EU21335Not updated
8Ibolyzaeins STARCLUBAegwynn-EU21255Not updated
9Andurîl  Aegwynn-EU21200Not updated
9Yulivèe Rising PhönixAegwynn-EU21200Not updated
11Deathlol Martial TraditionAegwynn-EU21155Not updated
12Nobolein Twinki and the MainAegwynn-EU21140Not updated
13Vítök The IlluminatedAegwynn-EU21105Not updated
14Hexxman Flieht Ihr NarrenAegwynn-EU21090Not updated
14Shimoona  Aegwynn-EU21090Not updated
16Dárkar Flieht Ihr NarrenAegwynn-EU21080Not updated
16Peelivan Dark Templar IAegwynn-EU21080Not updated
18Wooty CyneticAegwynn-EU21065Not updated
19Loki  Aegwynn-EU21060Not updated
20Câssidi DhrúnAegwynn-EU21045Not updated
21Crateq U BETTER HAVE GEAR SONAegwynn-EU21025Not updated
21Trümmerlôtte  Aegwynn-EU21025Not updated
23Davirús pandoras boxAegwynn-EU21015Not updated
24Mayline Bruce LeeAegwynn-EU20985Not updated
24Chróm  Aegwynn-EU20985Not updated
24Ssjanotherx In Kappa We TrustAegwynn-EU20985Not updated
27Oomee CyneticAegwynn-EU20940Not updated
28Mellott  Aegwynn-EU20915Not updated
29Roxy pandoras boxAegwynn-EU20855Not updated
30Ukya CyneticAegwynn-EU20830Not updated
30Titanhexer Booty Bay BadenixenAegwynn-EU20830Not updated
32Seth  Aegwynn-EU20755Not updated
33Bestmageeu  Aegwynn-EU20645Not updated
34Mysticraid  Aegwynn-EU20630Not updated
35Rikkù The Killer InstinctAegwynn-EU20625Not updated
36Rìckrølleð ProGamingAegwynn-EU20610Not updated
37Pedronniall Modi VivendiAegwynn-EU20585Not updated
38Meigram Last InstanceAegwynn-EU20555Not updated
39Rothstein  Aegwynn-EU20505Not updated
40Ríncewind Keepers of ColdridgeAegwynn-EU20485Not updated
40Ánima Der Hohe Rat von AzerothAegwynn-EU20485Not updated
42Spéctral  Aegwynn-EU20450Not updated
43Ivoiree  Aegwynn-EU20435Not updated
44Xyroxo infusionAegwynn-EU20430Not updated
45Zusuron Dark GuardiansAegwynn-EU20420Not updated
46Destînyy CelembrisAegwynn-EU20410Not updated
47Maltorock UnderskilledAegwynn-EU20405Not updated
48Kohen Last InstanceAegwynn-EU20390Not updated
49Shanaz EternityAegwynn-EU20365Not updated
50Satelizer  Aegwynn-EU20325Not updated
51Tokkin  Aegwynn-EU20315Not updated
52Anonuêma  Aegwynn-EU20285Not updated
52Morguls  Aegwynn-EU20285Not updated
54Toadìe FriedensstifterAegwynn-EU20275Not updated
55Tanocca No RulesAegwynn-EU20260Not updated
56Anbeliwebel RainyDaysAegwynn-EU20235Not updated
57Furrypaw Alpha PredatorAegwynn-EU20230Not updated
58Avaeris Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU20225Not updated
59Xíaolong Order OrbisAegwynn-EU20210Not updated
60Sobek  Aegwynn-EU20205Not updated
61Asheín EODEMAegwynn-EU20175Not updated
62Qoc  Aegwynn-EU20150Not updated
63Pentéx The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU20145Not updated
64Gorbás Dark GuardiansAegwynn-EU20140Not updated
65Itera  Aegwynn-EU20110Not updated
66Pappê  Aegwynn-EU20105Not updated
67Thrallimor  Aegwynn-EU20075Not updated
68Sertanyo Novus ordo seclorumAegwynn-EU20050Not updated
69Ylvali ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU20025Not updated
69Shamtastisch Dark GuardiansAegwynn-EU20025Not updated
71Pyrobladex ElunariAegwynn-EU20015Not updated
72Sinexa EnergyMonstarrAegwynn-EU20000Not updated
73Jansn In flagrantìAegwynn-EU19970Not updated
74Elysien AvengerAegwynn-EU19950Not updated
75Shialis StickyAegwynn-EU19935Not updated
76Vvendredi AdvisedAegwynn-EU19915Not updated
77Andrija  Aegwynn-EU19910Not updated
77Morenah post mortemAegwynn-EU19910Not updated
79Mâjestic Animus BellandiAegwynn-EU19905Not updated
80Iradjs  Aegwynn-EU19900Not updated
81Corinnâ  Aegwynn-EU19890Not updated
82Serlana Der QuotentoteAegwynn-EU19885Not updated
82Raýn Jeder für sichAegwynn-EU19885Not updated
84Maddonna  Aegwynn-EU19880Not updated
85Hitløl DrachensilberAegwynn-EU19875Not updated
86Toboye Melk TruppAegwynn-EU19860Not updated
86Skáy SHUT UP MOM IM IN ARENAAegwynn-EU19860Not updated
88Ellesmer is going hamAegwynn-EU19850Not updated
89Nylani get rich or die tryinAegwynn-EU19845Not updated
90Meâckôs éHEROESAegwynn-EU19840Not updated
90Siviel ExoticAegwynn-EU19840Not updated
92Tikena Allys WonderlandAegwynn-EU19830Not updated
92Rofflaqt The UnpredictablesAegwynn-EU19830Not updated
94Greenê ElunariAegwynn-EU19825Not updated
95Atamiyu CyneticAegwynn-EU19820Not updated
96Drakingseng blackwaterAegwynn-EU19815Not updated
97Resilein LionsAegwynn-EU19800Not updated
98Xyiu Zero Gravity Elite PVPAegwynn-EU19775Not updated
99Orangy EsperAegwynn-EU19770Not updated
100Gordana enjoys the silenceAegwynn-EU19765Not updated

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