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Sargeras-EU Achievement Points
1Tayrra u s e l e s sSargeras-EU17040Not updated
2Lunarihiene u s e l e s sSargeras-EU16590Not updated
3Xavous u s e l e s sSargeras-EU16125Not updated
4Velpo u s e l e s sSargeras-EU15040Not updated
5Hellkite u s e l e s sSargeras-EU14925Not updated
6Harouzz u s e l e s sSargeras-EU14730Not updated
7Crosiis u s e l e s sSargeras-EU14335Not updated
8Cobayn u s e l e s sSargeras-EU14095Not updated
9Jango u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13860Not updated
10Mitynda u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13830Not updated
11Bowbiedude u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13800Not updated
12Azåtoth u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13720Not updated
13Khren u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13675Not updated
13Agrea u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13675Not updated
15Baboulinay u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13320Not updated
16Cathbäd u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13260Not updated
17Kimboo u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13055Not updated
18Hotnspicy u s e l e s sSargeras-EU12895Not updated
19Shimeï u s e l e s sSargeras-EU12685Not updated
20Goéland u s e l e s sSargeras-EU12680Not updated
21Ptitkiwi u s e l e s sSargeras-EU12650Not updated
22Eaglehornz u s e l e s sSargeras-EU12605Not updated
23Qadenz u s e l e s sSargeras-EU12060Not updated
24Alvynàs u s e l e s sSargeras-EU11105Not updated
25Saekø u s e l e s sSargeras-EU11080Not updated
26Brokensword u s e l e s sSargeras-EU11065Not updated
27Iamadkbro u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10940Not updated
28Ifuseekamy u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10730Not updated
29Feverback u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10590Not updated
30Brënðå u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10455Not updated
31Krique u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10390Not updated
32Marrio u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10325Not updated
33Kodykoden u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10290Not updated
34Trickster u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10245Not updated
35Drakkos u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10225Not updated
36Maddalena u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9865Not updated
37Lesnylol u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9795Not updated
38Cerveaulent u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9525Not updated
38Jûno u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9525Not updated
40Lesny u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9465Not updated
41Sinez u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9445Not updated
42Rofjine u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9295Not updated
43Hepirk u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9270
44Ëlli u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9125Not updated
45Fliide u s e l e s sSargeras-EU8835Not updated
46Benidude u s e l e s sSargeras-EU8695Not updated
47Warax u s e l e s sSargeras-EU8545Not updated
48Vrunkinette u s e l e s sSargeras-EU8485Not updated
49Skädî u s e l e s sSargeras-EU8330Not updated
50Tiok u s e l e s sSargeras-EU7970Not updated
51Gattz u s e l e s sSargeras-EU7120Not updated
52Punishrtw u s e l e s sSargeras-EU6140Not updated
53Knyze u s e l e s sSargeras-EU6040Not updated
54Omgnerfmeplz u s e l e s sSargeras-EU5630Not updated
55Ganor u s e l e s sSargeras-EU1795Not updated
56Roxhane u s e l e s sSargeras-EU1235Not updated
57Royalbeacon u s e l e s sSargeras-EU1020Not updated
58Mitmactrois u s e l e s sSargeras-EU950Not updated
59Royaltaggle u s e l e s sSargeras-EU795Not updated

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