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Rexxar-US Achievement Points
1Stormcoil The ExiledRexxar-US20380Not updated
2Diaf The ExiledRexxar-US20210
3Azrakal The ExiledRexxar-US18930
4Timmaytiny The ExiledRexxar-US18755
5Charmz The ExiledRexxar-US17995
6Souleather The ExiledRexxar-US17760
7Dendron The ExiledRexxar-US17555
8Zulina The ExiledRexxar-US17510
9Kirhtol The ExiledRexxar-US17375Not updated
10Chipa The ExiledRexxar-US17130
11Mileas The ExiledRexxar-US16470
12Melimelts The ExiledRexxar-US16430
13Setup The ExiledRexxar-US15570Not updated
14Obzidion The ExiledRexxar-US15535Not updated
15Mazenda The ExiledRexxar-US15345
16Milkgonebad The ExiledRexxar-US15335
17Calbee The ExiledRexxar-US15265Not updated
18Ishk The ExiledRexxar-US15005
19Sanctoromoo The ExiledRexxar-US14815
20Impndingdoom The ExiledRexxar-US14690Not updated
21Psylant The ExiledRexxar-US14485Not updated
22Goblinsteve The ExiledRexxar-US14460Not updated
23Wynniepooh The ExiledRexxar-US14155
24Nicklol The ExiledRexxar-US13895
25Monkdays The ExiledRexxar-US13805
26Gaav The ExiledRexxar-US13655Not updated
27Mitutoyo The ExiledRexxar-US13385
28Emérald The ExiledRexxar-US13355Not updated
29Killidan The ExiledRexxar-US13265
29Nyi The ExiledRexxar-US13265Not updated
31Caaera The ExiledRexxar-US13260
32Astranza The ExiledRexxar-US13200Not updated
33Bukakay The ExiledRexxar-US13180Not updated
34Sukitama The ExiledRexxar-US13070Not updated
35Ranik The ExiledRexxar-US12995Not updated
36Keikosan The ExiledRexxar-US12920
37Emilythorne The ExiledRexxar-US12880
38Syññ The ExiledRexxar-US12765Not updated
39Gertman The ExiledRexxar-US12665
40Bloodsiege The ExiledRexxar-US12510
41Blacktotems The ExiledRexxar-US12490
42Unhope The ExiledRexxar-US12465Not updated
43Sillypally The ExiledRexxar-US12450
44Steveîrwîn The ExiledRexxar-US12405Not updated
45Hodjkins The ExiledRexxar-US12250
46Sarkam The ExiledRexxar-US12200Not updated
47Astoriaa The ExiledRexxar-US12120Not updated
48Ashtande The ExiledRexxar-US12115Not updated
49Nessus The ExiledRexxar-US12085
50Spaarxx The ExiledRexxar-US11995Not updated
51Genwedar The ExiledRexxar-US11815
52Gamergurl The ExiledRexxar-US11785
53Janic The ExiledRexxar-US11580Not updated
54Tectoniic The ExiledRexxar-US11465
55Doomstrike The ExiledRexxar-US11435Not updated
56Alorya The ExiledRexxar-US11405Not updated
57Budgetdk The ExiledRexxar-US11365Not updated
58Mortality The ExiledRexxar-US11310Not updated
59Adorahime The ExiledRexxar-US11290
60Maximis The ExiledRexxar-US11070
61Façewreckër The ExiledRexxar-US11050
62Milkstout The ExiledRexxar-US10945
63Frostendel The ExiledRexxar-US10920
64Niteassassin The ExiledRexxar-US10910
65Veudan The ExiledRexxar-US10760Not updated
66Tinarage The ExiledRexxar-US10750
67Rayfinkle The ExiledRexxar-US10730
68Deathstarr The ExiledRexxar-US10725Not updated
69Moët The ExiledRexxar-US10585Not updated
70Korigon The ExiledRexxar-US10525
71Anonymous The ExiledRexxar-US10470
72Azurehoof The ExiledRexxar-US10450
73Degrim The ExiledRexxar-US10430Not updated
74Airathe The ExiledRexxar-US10390
75Gokillin The ExiledRexxar-US10125Not updated
76Baikal The ExiledRexxar-US10070
77Zendril The ExiledRexxar-US10015Not updated
78Eltaco The ExiledRexxar-US10005Not updated
79Hemonaut The ExiledRexxar-US9905
80Lifekill The ExiledRexxar-US9755
81Aether The ExiledRexxar-US9695
82Tempesia The ExiledRexxar-US9505Not updated
83Doomy The ExiledRexxar-US9345Not updated
84Somepunk The ExiledRexxar-US9335
85Essien The ExiledRexxar-US9305
86Tokishy The ExiledRexxar-US9160
87Diabullo The ExiledRexxar-US9015
88Srazdoknebil The ExiledRexxar-US8960Not updated
89Naturalfaith The ExiledRexxar-US8930
90Bluelol The ExiledRexxar-US8915Not updated
91Clarvinxx The ExiledRexxar-US8905
92Pastmaster The ExiledRexxar-US8890Not updated
93Mæfringa The ExiledRexxar-US8825
94Anomaly The ExiledRexxar-US8800Not updated
95Norns The ExiledRexxar-US8770
96Lenstus The ExiledRexxar-US8700
97Lindowen The ExiledRexxar-US8555
98Jinx The ExiledRexxar-US8440Not updated
99Thacin The ExiledRexxar-US8415Not updated
100Suprion The ExiledRexxar-US8410Not updated

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