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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Magtheridon-EU Achievement Points
1Montevideo Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU18595Not updated
2Abiding Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU17325Not updated
3Belanaseven Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU16990Not updated
4Fizzannia Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU16920Not updated
5Rotface Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU16660Not updated
6Profanity Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU16105Not updated
7Vagrasis Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU15820Not updated
8Souffle Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU14770Not updated
9Bronxs Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU14580Not updated
9Proxify Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU14580Not updated
11Milinna Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU13860Not updated
12Flibix Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU13690Not updated
13Yeniza Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU13680Not updated
14Zoomé Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU12795Not updated
15Lucié Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU12555Not updated
16Pulley Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU12405Not updated
17Mönstér Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU12300Not updated
18Miiyukii Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU12050Not updated
19Malaguss Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU12045Not updated
20Yolked Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU12015Not updated
21Shádówhéals Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU12005Not updated
22Qinofox Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU11995Not updated
23Necrodemus Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU11765Not updated
24Wujupriest Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU11625Not updated
25Marmel Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU11555Not updated
26Scratchymo Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU11430Not updated
27Kiirth Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU11380Not updated
28Aiwazz Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU11180Not updated
29Flípflop Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU11130Not updated
30Kaedence Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU11080Not updated
31Grexoz Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU11050Not updated
32Mertash Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU10885Not updated
33Belladonna Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU10650Not updated
34Talanashta Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU10410Not updated
35Zulahxir Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU10305Not updated
36Altaírak Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU10125Not updated
37Roboshammy Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU9825Not updated
38Tulìlettì Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU9795Not updated
39Sinnjin Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU9675Not updated
40Odinalias Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU9610Not updated
41Jinxlex Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU9305Not updated
42Bazzada Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU9230Not updated
43Kukusja Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU9075Not updated
44Nytmeer Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU8850Not updated
45Sjshammy Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU8815Not updated
46Xamos Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU8810Not updated
47Dággers Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU8775Not updated
48Darknagato Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU8760Not updated
49Sparkydruid Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU8675Not updated
50Glinster Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU8575Not updated
51Uwdk Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU8460Not updated
52Flowarry Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU8320Not updated
53Yamikotori Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU8055Not updated
54Rops Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU7780Not updated
55Cornelea Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU7760Not updated
56Katiara Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU7590Not updated
57Crucilla Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU7475Not updated
58Chunkadin Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU7380Not updated
59Høx Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU7320Not updated
60Arweny Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU6860Not updated
61Zoss Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU6695Not updated
62Dreypan Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU6590Not updated
63Jalenagadget Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU6295Not updated
64Tchibo Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU6190Not updated
65Takazzu Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU6160Not updated
66Azuloth Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU5905Not updated
67Xiaonizao Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU5840Not updated
68Blowoff Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU5525Not updated
69Illanora Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU5475Not updated
70Uwrogue Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU5200Not updated
71Bigbad Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU4930Not updated
72Jostle Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU4175Not updated
73Bezella Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU3620Not updated
74Lipmincer Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU3465Not updated
75Khoshnam Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU3430Not updated
76Voljar Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU2970Not updated
77Gomena Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU2490Not updated
78Formidfrog Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU2250Not updated
79Hadrianna Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU1465Not updated
80Thodrial Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU990Not updated
81Tîramisu Lawless EraMagtheridon-EU975Not updated

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