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Al'Akir-EU Achievement Points
1Uguraz Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU16845
2Ruthlex Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU16000
3Ðrßøßßÿßrðwñ Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU15125
4Ezhal Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU14580
5Burgo Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU13430
6Héxínclol Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU13425
7Sysrq Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU13360
8Tiberias Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU13240Not updated
9Ramstad Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU12945
10Bartiovanni Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU12835
11Vírtue Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU12135
12Mekarfonun Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU11840
13Dylx Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU11720
14Spitfiré Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU11625
15Dreadful Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU11535
16Vodkavodka Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU11210
17ßoomshaka Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU11205
18Vaginodor Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU11085
19Moat Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU11075
20Bowíe Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU11000
21Smullen Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU10960
22Howardhill Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU10750
23Ramìn Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU10330
24Merkabba Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU10205
25Lilgaytom Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU10100
26Farkooz Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU9875
27Rezuz Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU9700Not updated
28Skyguard Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU9675
29Vørtex Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU9625
30Lindx Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU9460
31Snoopydøggy Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU9420
32Insumia Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU9385
33Andzone Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU9225
34Delz Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU9150
35Mivaldy Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8985
36Klashy Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8955
37Bezerko Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8870
38Voróz Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8800
39Shamanimus Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8680
40Qbr Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8655
41Wax Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8625
42Drewbie Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8395
43Dottzxoxo Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8340
44Djungelpojk Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8240
45Bronimusha Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8225
46Missqt Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8160
47Humi Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU8110
48Powerthirst Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7945
49Raíndance Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7915
50Nuclearßlast Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7745
51Burstmode Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7675
52Haxarys Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7615
53Pøllebøllen Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7595
54Totemlyhot Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7335
55Natskyge Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7215
56Hellx Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7205
57Puppen Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7190
58Beesto Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU7125
59Wollesen Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU6985
60Surmasõdur Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU6855
61Sadnéss Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU6800Not updated
62Dxrlunar Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU6785
63Stabholic Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU6335Not updated
64Zelzalet Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU6320
65Eraserx Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU5780
66Nightfist Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU5710
67Madzí Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU5675
68Drogson Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU5610
69Gogs Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU5430
70Oxelofdoom Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU5360
71Chinalol Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU5120
72Rayzer Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU5050
73Arenakiller Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU4970
74Moronus Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU4400
75Rezúz Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU3625
76Safemoon Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU3280
77Diaborn Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU3160
78Vespulla Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU3040
79Hérk Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU3035
80Tashareign Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU1510

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