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Lightning's Blade-EU Achievement Points
1Warbarbie AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU16685Not updated
2Drughs AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU13655Not updated
3Krateros AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU13360
4Naveh AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU12315Not updated
5Gaamalzagoth AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU12110Not updated
6Papadopoulos AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU11465Not updated
7Shabéll AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU11340Not updated
8Axiis AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU11180Not updated
9Mortlak AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU9950
10Kroatis AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU9855Not updated
11Limonce AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU9755Not updated
12Spat AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU9655Not updated
13Dethremar AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU9140Not updated
14Rathajin AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU9080Not updated
15Maximoosos AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU9035Not updated
16Zangetzu AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU8750Not updated
17Môssê AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU8745Not updated
18Frozenrune AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU7990Not updated
19Suxtobu AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU7575Not updated
20Goomer AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU7130Not updated
21Deaddevil AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU6900Not updated
22Ovhell AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU6805Not updated
23Sepdi AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU6640Not updated
24Girivar AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU6550Not updated
25Nalik AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU6440Not updated
26Feskiz AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU6405Not updated
26Alphan AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU6405Not updated
28Rüdolf AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU6195
29Yamán AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU6110Not updated
30Tapandaola AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU6065Not updated
31Panagioths AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU5805Not updated
32Chuchuca AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU5765Not updated
33Magnifico AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU5740Not updated
34Storfè AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU5540Not updated
35Filifjonkan AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU5535Not updated
36Donkavlwn AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU5250Not updated
37Xristinaki AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU5210Not updated
38Hosmigo AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU5175Not updated
39Neecrid AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU5050Not updated
40Urquash AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU4975Not updated
41Merilla AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU4835Not updated
42Backfires AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU4610Not updated
43Oggar AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU4535Not updated
44Fleshripper AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU4200Not updated
45Sloane AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU4120Not updated
46Skird AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU3945Not updated
47Rarrsku AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU3935Not updated
48Lanisha AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU3590Not updated
49Stekliten AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU3470Not updated
50Urgon AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU3065Not updated
51Dervoth AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU2860Not updated
52Daggool AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU2465Not updated
53Bígboy AfterDarkLightning's Blade-EU1605Not updated

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