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US (EN) Guild Achievement Points
1Intent (25)Thrall-US252630
2Blood Legion (25)Illidan-US252620
2War Front (25)Frostmane-US252620
4Achievement (25)Mannoroth-US252600
4The Crimson Tide (10)Darkspear-US252600
6WHATEVER WERE AWESOME (25)Magtheridon-US252595
7Insomnia (10)Tichondrius-US252590
7Keltoi (10)Kil'jaeden-US252590
9Last Word (25)Ner'zhul-US252570
9Seriously Casual (10)Sargeras-US252570
11Shadows and Dùst (25)Mal'Ganis-US252560
12Dara Mactíre (10)Darkspear-US252550
12Indestructible (25)Kel'Thuzad-US252550
14Did it for Whitney (10)Bleeding Hollow-US252545
14Unhuman (25)Arthas-US252545
16Ambivalence (10)Arygos-US252540
16Refined (10)Thrall-US252540
16Vigil (25)Mal'Ganis-US252540
19Capital Vices (25)Eredar-US252535
19Dread (10)Korgath-US252535
19Goon Squad (25)Mal'Ganis-US252535
19Might (25)Zul'jin-US252535
19Simple Math (25)Andorhal-US252535
19Supermassive (25)Turalyon-US252535
19The Church (25)Darkspear-US252535
26Midwinter (25)Sargeras-US252530
27Apotheosis (25)Eldre'Thalas-US252525
27DREAM Whitney (25)Bleeding Hollow-US252525
27Hero (10)Burning Blade-US252525
27Neolutum (10)Turalyon-US252525
27Non Combat Pet (10)Proudmoore-US252525
27Poisoned (10)The Underbog-US252525
27Promethean (10)Stormreaver-US252525
27The Empire (10)Garona-US252525
27Turbo Cyborg Ninjas (25)Ner'zhul-US252525
27Vex (25)Gorefiend-US252525
27Warforged (25)Moon Guard-US252525
38Alone (25)Aerie Peak-US252520
38Tang Dynasty (10)Illidan-US252520
40Insurgency (10)Bladefist-US252515
40Nothing Personal (10)Sargeras-US252515
40Stage Clear (25)Kil'jaeden-US252515
40The War Council (25)Silver Hand-US252515
40Tyranny (25)Shattered Hand-US252515
45Addiction (10)Spirestone-US252505
45Advent Fury (25)Hyjal-US252505
45AfterLife (25)Korgath-US252505
45Against All Odds (10)Borean Tundra-US252505
45Armored Justice (25)Hellscream-US252505
45Death Jesters (25)Stormrage-US252505
45Enclave (25)Shattered Hand-US252505
45Game Over (25)Proudmoore-US252505
45Huge in Japan (25)Kil'jaeden-US252505
45Infinity (25)Mannoroth-US252505
45Infusion (25)Azjol-Nerub-US252505
45Judgement (10)Llane-US252505
45Months Behind (25)Eredar-US252505
45Nurfed (25)Tichondrius-US252505
45Outlandish (10)Velen-US252505
45Pirate (25)Cenarius-US252505
45Seraph (10)Mal'Ganis-US252505
45TF (25)Hyjal-US252505
45The Unnamed (25)Tanaris-US252505
45Victory or Whatever (25)Whisperwind-US252505
45Vox Radix (25)Korgath-US252505
66Vile (10)Mal'Ganis-US252500
67Adapt (25)Spirestone-US252495
67Ante Meridiem (25)Stormrage-US252495
67Ascent (25)Thrall-US252495
67Big Crits (25)Sen'jin-US252495
67Crisp (25)Baelgun-US252495
67Elitist Jerks (25)Mal'Ganis-US252495
67Executive Decision (25)Sargeras-US252495
67Hysteria (10)Bleeding Hollow-US252495
67Late Crew (25)Cenarius-US252495
67ONE (25)Firetree-US252495
67OOB (25)Kael'thas-US252495
67reddit (10)Sargeras-US252495
67Requiem (25)Drenden-US252495
67Shots Fired (25)Area 52-US252495
67Valiant Vengeance (10)Frostwolf-US252495
67Warpath (25)Akama-US252495
83Arm of Hades (10)Vek'nilash-US252485
83Aspire (10)Stormreaver-US252485
83Define (10)Blackrock-US252485
83Down For Life (10)Uldaman-US252485
83Famiglia di Ythrl (10)Maelstrom-US252485
83Gardiens du Lys (10)Zul'jin-US252485
83Get Well Soon (10)Sargeras-US252485
83Knights of Arcadia (10)Dark Iron-US252485
83Natural Order (10)Argent Dawn-US252485
83Old Guard (10)Tichondrius-US252485
83Prime (25)Boulderfist-US252485
83Progression (10)Stormrage-US252485
83Raiding is Srs Business (25)Cenarius-US252485
83Severity Gaming (25)Kel'Thuzad-US252485
83Temerity (25)Windrunner-US252485
83The Exiled (10)Rexxar-US252485
83The Family Business (25)Sargeras-US252485
83The Requiem (10)Magtheridon-US252485

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