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The Forgotten Coast-US Guild Achievement Points
1Friends of Old (10)The Forgotten Coast-US252445
2Phoenix (10)The Forgotten Coast-US252350
3Avatar (10)The Forgotten Coast-US252280
4Red Cliff (10)The Forgotten Coast-US252170
5SynergyMEOW (10)The Forgotten Coast-US252155
6Knights of Azeroth (10)The Forgotten Coast-US252140
7Ðark Society (10)The Forgotten Coast-US252100
8Psychiatric Ward (10)The Forgotten Coast-US252080
9Order of Chaos (10)The Forgotten Coast-US252070
10Machete Squad (10)The Forgotten Coast-US252050
11Full Frontal Nerdity (10)The Forgotten Coast-US251965
12Blood IncThe Forgotten Coast-US251930
13The Way of the FistThe Forgotten Coast-US251900
14Warlords of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast-US251890
15Macabre (10)The Forgotten Coast-US251880
16At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US251830
17Bank of ChinaThe Forgotten Coast-US251660
18Cuniculi CavumThe Forgotten Coast-US251640
19GRUDGE BEARERSThe Forgotten Coast-US251615
20SolamnicThe Forgotten Coast-US251590
21Champions of ConquestThe Forgotten Coast-US251580
22INFECTIONThe Forgotten Coast-US251575
22OMG Wife AggroThe Forgotten Coast-US251575
24A Glass Of MilkThe Forgotten Coast-US251570
24Gear dont fÏx Stupid (10)The Forgotten Coast-US251570
26MiracleThe Forgotten Coast-US251530
27WoIfPackThe Forgotten Coast-US251510
28EpilogueThe Forgotten Coast-US251500
29PreludeThe Forgotten Coast-US251490
30Pixxels (10)The Forgotten Coast-US251480
31KylinThe Forgotten Coast-US251450
32DRIVENThe Forgotten Coast-US251440
32Grim Tidings (10)The Forgotten Coast-US251440
34The Eleventh CommandmentThe Forgotten Coast-US251435
35NBestThe Forgotten Coast-US251375
36BadThe Forgotten Coast-US251370
37Glorious Of KingdomThe Forgotten Coast-US251360
38T S A RThe Forgotten Coast-US251320
39Ancient RaidersThe Forgotten Coast-US251315
40Canadian BaconThe Forgotten Coast-US251305
41Immortality (10)The Forgotten Coast-US251300
42Jv Bao TeamThe Forgotten Coast-US251290
43Blood Tainted AcesThe Forgotten Coast-US251255
44ImperviousThe Forgotten Coast-US251250
45Dirty Little SecretThe Forgotten Coast-US251205
46FriendsThe Forgotten Coast-US251200
47SickThe Forgotten Coast-US251185
48Mutatis MutandisThe Forgotten Coast-US251175
49Forgotten Kings (10)The Forgotten Coast-US251160
49InsomniaThe Forgotten Coast-US251160
49Rated MThe Forgotten Coast-US251160
49The Crit ChanceThe Forgotten Coast-US251160
53Original Horde AssassinThe Forgotten Coast-US251155
54HEAVENZ REIGNThe Forgotten Coast-US251145
55Into Hell and BackThe Forgotten Coast-US251140
56Knights of Insomnia (10)The Forgotten Coast-US251110
56The Final HourThe Forgotten Coast-US251110
58Sigma (10)The Forgotten Coast-US251100
59Down at Fraggle RockThe Forgotten Coast-US251090
60PhenomenonThe Forgotten Coast-US251080
60Punch and Pie (10)The Forgotten Coast-US251080
62Barretts PrivateersThe Forgotten Coast-US251065
63Filthy Horde HouseThe Forgotten Coast-US251050
64From the AshesThe Forgotten Coast-US251025
65Confederate Dark ArmyThe Forgotten Coast-US251000
65NeurotoxicThe Forgotten Coast-US251000
67Sliver (10)The Forgotten Coast-US25995
68Impossible Mission Force (10)The Forgotten Coast-US25985
69Heralds of DestructionThe Forgotten Coast-US25960
70dark reignThe Forgotten Coast-US25955
71The Ludicrous OutlawsThe Forgotten Coast-US25940
72RoadkillThe Forgotten Coast-US25935
73Midnight EmperorsThe Forgotten Coast-US25930
73Rolling DiceThe Forgotten Coast-US25930
73Seraphim (10)The Forgotten Coast-US25930
76Heroes of HeliosThe Forgotten Coast-US25925
76Second LifeThe Forgotten Coast-US25925
76Vikings of ValhallaThe Forgotten Coast-US25925
79Just Stick With PVEThe Forgotten Coast-US25920
79Legacy of BloodThe Forgotten Coast-US25920
81ScornedThe Forgotten Coast-US25910
82Jokerz WildThe Forgotten Coast-US25905
83The SingularityThe Forgotten Coast-US25890
84UndauntedThe Forgotten Coast-US25885
85NightwishThe Forgotten Coast-US25880
86MizakThe Forgotten Coast-US25875
87skulheadsThe Forgotten Coast-US25855
88Knights of DawnThe Forgotten Coast-US25850
89Dark RequiemThe Forgotten Coast-US18830
89DelusionThe Forgotten Coast-US25830
91Ferengi Acquisition (10)The Forgotten Coast-US25810
92Cache Valley GamingThe Forgotten Coast-US25800
93Legends of LoreThe Forgotten Coast-US25795
94The Romper StompersThe Forgotten Coast-US25750
95my Friends of Old leftThe Forgotten Coast-US8745
96JukeboXThe Forgotten Coast-US25735
97Hugs Taste Like RainbowsThe Forgotten Coast-US25730
98We Got ThisThe Forgotten Coast-US25720
99VinataThe Forgotten Coast-US25715
100The ExpéndablesThe Forgotten Coast-US25710
101Hello Kitty Death SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US25690
102C O V E NThe Forgotten Coast-US25685
102EuthanasiaThe Forgotten Coast-US25685
102Zhong Nan HaiThe Forgotten Coast-US25685
105Arrtys InvestmentsThe Forgotten Coast-US23670
105ObsidianThe Forgotten Coast-US25670
107Astral DefendersThe Forgotten Coast-US25665
108ToasterbathThe Forgotten Coast-US25660
109VindicatorsThe Forgotten Coast-US24650
110FOUR LIFEThe Forgotten Coast-US25640
110Rated and HatedThe Forgotten Coast-US25640
110Rude AwakeningThe Forgotten Coast-US25640
113EquilibriumThe Forgotten Coast-US25630
114CausalityThe Forgotten Coast-US25625
114EGO Contemno EphebusThe Forgotten Coast-US20625
116Devil SpawnThe Forgotten Coast-US11620
116Post TestThe Forgotten Coast-US14620
116RëcklessThe Forgotten Coast-US25620
116Superiority ComplexThe Forgotten Coast-US25620
120Built Horde ToughThe Forgotten Coast-US22610
120SassyGirlsWearPinkThe Forgotten Coast-US25610
120TrippyThe Forgotten Coast-US25610
123EpicThe Forgotten Coast-US25605
124Apocalyptic NightmareThe Forgotten Coast-US25590
124Celtic BrotherhoodThe Forgotten Coast-US25590
124Super HighThe Forgotten Coast-US25590
124Vox (10)The Forgotten Coast-US24590
128Doom EchelonThe Forgotten Coast-US20580
128Elite ChamberThe Forgotten Coast-US25580
128Final Hour (10)The Forgotten Coast-US11580
128RapineThe Forgotten Coast-US25580
132CorruptedThe Forgotten Coast-US25575
133OurServa Bin LaginThe Forgotten Coast-US25570
133Read This As I Gank YouThe Forgotten Coast-US25570
133We dont roll on ShabbosThe Forgotten Coast-US25570
136Eat Mor ChikinThe Forgotten Coast-US12550
136Hostile Acts (10)The Forgotten Coast-US25550
136The Breakface ClubThe Forgotten Coast-US25550
139D I V I N I T YThe Forgotten Coast-US25540
139Rain of Ninja StarsThe Forgotten Coast-US19540
139Reign of DestructionThe Forgotten Coast-US25540
139The Lich Kings ArmyThe Forgotten Coast-US25540
143Rise of the FallenThe Forgotten Coast-US25510
143TrifectaThe Forgotten Coast-US8510
145LuminarchThe Forgotten Coast-US25505
145OutliersThe Forgotten Coast-US25505
147T as rez mon bonhommeThe Forgotten Coast-US17500
147triple delightThe Forgotten Coast-US20500
149VagrantsThe Forgotten Coast-US16490
150ComplexityThe Forgotten Coast-US25475
150The Wolves DenThe Forgotten Coast-US11475
152QuébecoisThe Forgotten Coast-US18470
153Black Label SocietyThe Forgotten Coast-US20460
154BAD WOLFThe Forgotten Coast-US25450
154Gear dont fix StupÏdThe Forgotten Coast-US11450
154PwnbrokersThe Forgotten Coast-US25450
154The Angry BeaversThe Forgotten Coast-US25450
154The OldTimersThe Forgotten Coast-US12450
159On with the Body CountThe Forgotten Coast-US20440
159RepititionThe Forgotten Coast-US25440
159SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US18440
159Van Dam We Are GoodThe Forgotten Coast-US25440
163Foozes FanboysThe Forgotten Coast-US25435
164Furious Napkins (10)The Forgotten Coast-US3430
164Orcs With Big PorksThe Forgotten Coast-US5430
164PandorumThe Forgotten Coast-US15430
164WarhammerThe Forgotten Coast-US25430
168Destructive AnimosityThe Forgotten Coast-US3420
168RohirrimThe Forgotten Coast-US25420
168The AsylumThe Forgotten Coast-US25420
171ambivalenceThe Forgotten Coast-US9410
171HeedlessThe Forgotten Coast-US25410
171HORDERULERSThe Forgotten Coast-US18410
171Salient SovereigntyThe Forgotten Coast-US25410
175NBA AllstarsThe Forgotten Coast-US11400
176The Cereal KillersThe Forgotten Coast-US25380
177PANDAMONIUMThe Forgotten Coast-US25370
178Hoardie BuggersThe Forgotten Coast-US18365
179FINAL FANTASYThe Forgotten Coast-US25360
179Like a BòssThe Forgotten Coast-US15360
179PestilenceThe Forgotten Coast-US15360
182Knights Of Ral BaneThe Forgotten Coast-US21350
183House of the UndyingThe Forgotten Coast-US25345
184Lost boysThe Forgotten Coast-US23340
184OneiricThe Forgotten Coast-US16340
184Relax Bro We Got ThisThe Forgotten Coast-US25340
184RiseAndFallThe Forgotten Coast-US18340
184SupremecyThe Forgotten Coast-US11340
189Fatum ImperiumThe Forgotten Coast-US9335
190BloodlinezThe Forgotten Coast-US25330
190BrewmastersThe Forgotten Coast-US25330
190MY CLASS TAKES NO SKILLThe Forgotten Coast-US15330
190Southern KnightsThe Forgotten Coast-US25330
194ÆrrørThe Forgotten Coast-US14320
194DOOM ANGELS (10)The Forgotten Coast-US7320
194Dragons GraveThe Forgotten Coast-US22320
194Slayer of SoulsThe Forgotten Coast-US13320
194VoxxThe Forgotten Coast-US14320
199Sic Semper TyrannisThe Forgotten Coast-US25315
200Dogs of WarThe Forgotten Coast-US25310
200PinnacleThe Forgotten Coast-US15310
200Watch Yo MoufThe Forgotten Coast-US8310
203BeatingsThe Forgotten Coast-US9300
203Beta Tested Your GFThe Forgotten Coast-US7300
203Eternal LoveThe Forgotten Coast-US10300
203Im So HordyThe Forgotten Coast-US21300
203Last StanceThe Forgotten Coast-US25300
203MURDER FOR HIREThe Forgotten Coast-US25300
203The Knights who Say NeedThe Forgotten Coast-US25300
210hey its liveThe Forgotten Coast-US25295
211Blood CollectionThe Forgotten Coast-US11290
211Dark ExilesThe Forgotten Coast-US12290
211HatersThe Forgotten Coast-US4290
211Horde on TapThe Forgotten Coast-US7290
211zooThe Forgotten Coast-US16290
216ConsfearacyThe Forgotten Coast-US25280
216Knights of Dark MiseryThe Forgotten Coast-US17280
216Ninja Octopi CommandosThe Forgotten Coast-US25280
216TheBlackSixThe Forgotten Coast-US25280
220Cash City Swat TeamThe Forgotten Coast-US9270
220Live To DieThe Forgotten Coast-US25270
220MathematicalThe Forgotten Coast-US25270
220ObsessedThe Forgotten Coast-US16270
220RevenantThe Forgotten Coast-US13270
220RJAThe Forgotten Coast-US16270
220Rough JusticeThe Forgotten Coast-US25270
220The LiberatorsThe Forgotten Coast-US25270
220War SaintsThe Forgotten Coast-US12270
220WrgrlrglrglrglrglThe Forgotten Coast-US24270
220Yolo My SwagThe Forgotten Coast-US21270
231Neo LunaisThe Forgotten Coast-US3265
232All Eyes On MeThe Forgotten Coast-US25260
232Ashen VendettaThe Forgotten Coast-US2260
232COME AT ME KIDThe Forgotten Coast-US10260
232East Coast Raid SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US25260
232eXcessiveThe Forgotten Coast-US25260
232Fun HouseThe Forgotten Coast-US24260
232Lørds Of DestructionThe Forgotten Coast-US3260
232snakes on my mofkn planeThe Forgotten Coast-US24260
232Vox ImmortalisThe Forgotten Coast-US7260
241Rose Crochon BrigadeThe Forgotten Coast-US9250
242Dirt n GrimeThe Forgotten Coast-US24240
242FadedThe Forgotten Coast-US14240
242MomentumThe Forgotten Coast-US8240
245NoxusThe Forgotten Coast-US8230
245Shadow of the IllidariThe Forgotten Coast-US21230
247ÇorruptThe Forgotten Coast-US25220
247Cult of CthulhuThe Forgotten Coast-US7220
247I N S A N I T YThe Forgotten Coast-US7220
247Mass of the DepartedThe Forgotten Coast-US16220
247The ÀvengersThe Forgotten Coast-US8220
252AmeriCanThe Forgotten Coast-US24210
252BattlemasterThe Forgotten Coast-US11210
252BloodHavenThe Forgotten Coast-US18210
252Disciples of TruthThe Forgotten Coast-US11210
252SublimeThe Forgotten Coast-US7210
252We are VengenceThe Forgotten Coast-US13210
252XTuTuThe Forgotten Coast-US7210
259And My AxeThe Forgotten Coast-US16200
259AnguishThe Forgotten Coast-US5200
259Power of the HordeThe Forgotten Coast-US10200
259small familyThe Forgotten Coast-US12200
259SmashThe Forgotten Coast-US4200
264GET YOUR SHINE BOXThe Forgotten Coast-US11195
265Blood BrotherThe Forgotten Coast-US14190
265Jetpack Pirate NinjasThe Forgotten Coast-US9190
265Levis IraThe Forgotten Coast-US8190
265PenultimateThe Forgotten Coast-US11190
265Perfidious Shining GuardThe Forgotten Coast-US6190
265Prestige WurldwideThe Forgotten Coast-US21190
271jackin it in san diegoThe Forgotten Coast-US12185
271twyztdThe Forgotten Coast-US5185
273Birth by FlameThe Forgotten Coast-US12180
273Demoni SorteThe Forgotten Coast-US3180
273Kill BoxThe Forgotten Coast-US17180
273MBGINCThe Forgotten Coast-US6180
273Rebels of TruthThe Forgotten Coast-US9180
273STL WAFFLE HOUSE MONDAYSThe Forgotten Coast-US5180
273Storm ShiftersThe Forgotten Coast-US5180
273The Marquis De SaudeThe Forgotten Coast-US21180
273Tickle MonstersThe Forgotten Coast-US5180
282Flexin n PlexinThe Forgotten Coast-US4170
282I pvped your GFThe Forgotten Coast-US11170
282relaxe its not real lifeThe Forgotten Coast-US4170
282run ally runThe Forgotten Coast-US20170
282SPECTRUMThe Forgotten Coast-US19170
287ÇlutchThe Forgotten Coast-US4165
287GSO Inc (10)The Forgotten Coast-US5165
289Biodegradable SoulsThe Forgotten Coast-US4160
289BURNINGThe Forgotten Coast-US7160
289Knights of BohicaThe Forgotten Coast-US11160
289Money TalksThe Forgotten Coast-US12160
289Nexus of SoulsThe Forgotten Coast-US9160
289Play BoyThe Forgotten Coast-US3160
289Royal VanguardThe Forgotten Coast-US12160
296blood of the amazonThe Forgotten Coast-US15150
296Destruction IncThe Forgotten Coast-US11150
296ForgottenCoastRedemptionThe Forgotten Coast-US8150
296Natures WayThe Forgotten Coast-US9150
296NightmarëThe Forgotten Coast-US12150
296NintendoThe Forgotten Coast-US11150
296PantyraidersThe Forgotten Coast-US16150
296PVPers AnonymousThe Forgotten Coast-US15150
296PVPers AnonymousThe Forgotten Coast-US15150
296Rebels Of Crimson DawnThe Forgotten Coast-US5150
296S C U B AThe Forgotten Coast-US16150
296The Prophets BaneThe Forgotten Coast-US3150
308NOTICE ME SENPAIThe Forgotten Coast-US9145
309Chicks in High HealsThe Forgotten Coast-US5140
309Invincible AllianceThe Forgotten Coast-US11140
309Purple HazeThe Forgotten Coast-US13140
309Rainbow PoniesThe Forgotten Coast-US7140
309ShadowhuntersThe Forgotten Coast-US3140
309The BoondogglersThe Forgotten Coast-US17140
315Driven ResolutionThe Forgotten Coast-US10130
315Last StrawThe Forgotten Coast-US8130
315NerdityThe Forgotten Coast-US10130
315The Merrill MilitiaThe Forgotten Coast-US9130
315WhoCaresThe Forgotten Coast-US8130
320Bad IntentionsThe Forgotten Coast-US10120
320Irrumabo VigilumThe Forgotten Coast-US14120
320Just Want To QuestThe Forgotten Coast-US6120
320Make Me a SammichThe Forgotten Coast-US6120
320Medieval AsylumThe Forgotten Coast-US2120
320Minions of AnarchyThe Forgotten Coast-US5120
320Minions of SargerasThe Forgotten Coast-US5120
320No Honor In LifeThe Forgotten Coast-US11120
320Taste the CourageThe Forgotten Coast-US15120
320The Squirtle SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US10120
330Aliança ElementalThe Forgotten Coast-US1110
330Cardboard BoxThe Forgotten Coast-US8110
330Drunken MaliceThe Forgotten Coast-US1110
330Major League GamersThe Forgotten Coast-US3110
330OddballsThe Forgotten Coast-US7110
330Sapped Lady Cant Say NoThe Forgotten Coast-US6110
330Swiss Bank AccountThe Forgotten Coast-US9110
330The KarlionsThe Forgotten Coast-US10110
330The Knights of GoodThe Forgotten Coast-US1110
339High By NatureThe Forgotten Coast-US5100
339Morning StarsThe Forgotten Coast-US6100
339SykesThe Forgotten Coast-US1100
339Thasta you Ruthless SOBThe Forgotten Coast-US2100
339WickedConceptThe Forgotten Coast-US4100
344Blood Crest ClanThe Forgotten Coast-US190
344Cult of PersonalityThe Forgotten Coast-US1290
344Reckless AmbitionThe Forgotten Coast-US490
344sons of chaosThe Forgotten Coast-US590
344STRIKEThe Forgotten Coast-US1090
344Turn Down for WhatThe Forgotten Coast-US790
344ZanarkandThe Forgotten Coast-US890
351Aes SedaiThe Forgotten Coast-US580
351Dragon HazeThe Forgotten Coast-US480
351Hung like a GnomeThe Forgotten Coast-US1880
351NUzamakiThe Forgotten Coast-US580
355Army Of The HordeThe Forgotten Coast-US570
355Ashes of the WakeThe Forgotten Coast-US370
355Death Merchants IncThe Forgotten Coast-US570
355Evil KarmaThe Forgotten Coast-US470
355Jex Trading IncThe Forgotten Coast-US170
355NERDS CALLIN NERDS NERDSThe Forgotten Coast-US1270
355SOLDIERThe Forgotten Coast-US370
362AFK Catching PokémonThe Forgotten Coast-US360
362Blood over NightThe Forgotten Coast-US460
362Cash For GoldThe Forgotten Coast-US660
362Cluster FlockThe Forgotten Coast-US560
362KREW CLANThe Forgotten Coast-US560
362ONLYThe Forgotten Coast-US660
362The MalignThe Forgotten Coast-US1160
369Swag n SkillThe Forgotten Coast-US250
369Young Trap LordsThe Forgotten Coast-US750
371AttritionThe Forgotten Coast-US140
371E L Î T EThe Forgotten Coast-US440
371From the ÅshesThe Forgotten Coast-US840
371Prototype (10)The Forgotten Coast-US140
371Raibies Kill BabiesThe Forgotten Coast-US440
371ScrimZ The LeagueThe Forgotten Coast-US140
371Teh Lawlzypop GuildThe Forgotten Coast-US140
378Alliance TemplarThe Forgotten Coast-US330
378ConvenienceThe Forgotten Coast-US1030
378Demonic BlissThe Forgotten Coast-US830
378Echoes of MedivhThe Forgotten Coast-US830
378Rebirth From AshesThe Forgotten Coast-US130
378RoAThe Forgotten Coast-US230
378Stormcaller CovenantThe Forgotten Coast-US430
385Best CoastThe Forgotten Coast-US220
385Convicted StalkerThe Forgotten Coast-US220
385Everlasting VendettaThe Forgotten Coast-US520
385Internet ChampionsThe Forgotten Coast-US220
385OMG Not AgainThe Forgotten Coast-US220
390AnnihilationThe Forgotten Coast-US110
390Frøm The A§hesThe Forgotten Coast-US110
390Midnight RunThe Forgotten Coast-US110
390ØmnipotenceThe Forgotten Coast-US110
390QUANTUMThe Forgotten Coast-US310
390Shen an CalharThe Forgotten Coast-US110
390Sin GamingThe Forgotten Coast-US110
390The Darkwraith CovenantThe Forgotten Coast-US110
390The FestThe Forgotten Coast-US110
390TreasonThe Forgotten Coast-US110
390Up In YouThe Forgotten Coast-US110
390Wake N BakeThe Forgotten Coast-US110

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