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Moon Guard-US Guild Achievement Points
1Warforged (25)Moon Guard-US252525
2Elevator Boss Champions (10)Moon Guard-US252395
3Comfortably Numb (10)Moon Guard-US252375
4Einherjar (10)Moon Guard-US252315
5Ascendancy (10)Moon Guard-US252305
6Condottieri (10)Moon Guard-US252245
7TGOD (10)Moon Guard-US252225
7The Dusk Guard (10)Moon Guard-US252225
9Altered RealityMoon Guard-US252215
10Angels of Exile (10)Moon Guard-US252205
11The Fireborne (10)Moon Guard-US252185
12Gathering of Ravens (10)Moon Guard-US252165
12Stormblade Clan (10)Moon Guard-US252165
14Demonic Hordes (10)Moon Guard-US252160
15WTB Epic HoggerMoon Guard-US252150
16The Shadows of Lite (10)Moon Guard-US252115
17Gold Knuckles (10)Moon Guard-US252105
18Gutbuster Brigade (10)Moon Guard-US252095
19Brothers of the Fallen (10)Moon Guard-US252085
19Repentance (10)Moon Guard-US252085
21KinsmenMoon Guard-US252080
21Screaming Bees (10)Moon Guard-US252080
23Unyielding Guardians (10)Moon Guard-US252075
24Hall of Valhalla (10)Moon Guard-US252050
25Infinite Chaos (10)Moon Guard-US252045
26The Blood EldersMoon Guard-US252010
27Call of Cthulhu (10)Moon Guard-US251990
28The Mob (10)Moon Guard-US251970
29Hall of Finer DisciplineMoon Guard-US251965
29Warborn (10)Moon Guard-US251965
31The Sunguard (10)Moon Guard-US251955
32Brotherhood of the DawnMoon Guard-US251930
32Obsidian Order (10)Moon Guard-US251930
34Blackfang Brotherhood (10)Moon Guard-US251915
35Binary Vascular SystemMoon Guard-US251900
35Drunk and Dangerous (10)Moon Guard-US251900
35Eight Deadly SinsMoon Guard-US251900
35HighrollersMoon Guard-US251900
35SisterhoodMoon Guard-US251900
40Coven (10)Moon Guard-US251890
41Allergic ReactionMoon Guard-US251880
41The Fourth ChamberMoon Guard-US251880
43FortuneMoon Guard-US251870
43House of the Rising Sun (10)Moon Guard-US251870
43The Devilclaw (10)Moon Guard-US251870
46Eternal Dreams (10)Moon Guard-US251865
47Avengers of AzerothMoon Guard-US251850
47Chaos and Harmôny (10)Moon Guard-US251850
47House of Valhalla (10)Moon Guard-US251850
47Ties That Bind (10)Moon Guard-US251850
51Water TribeMoon Guard-US251845
52Anasazi (10)Moon Guard-US251840
52Recursion (10)Moon Guard-US251840
54The Veiled BladeMoon Guard-US251830
54Valar Morghulis (10)Moon Guard-US251830
56Red Royal TradingMoon Guard-US251820
56The Bearers of LightMoon Guard-US251820
56The Black CompanyMoon Guard-US251820
59Silver Star Dragoons (10)Moon Guard-US251815
60Knights of AntiquityMoon Guard-US251810
60Strength In NumbersMoon Guard-US251810
60Watchers Of Ahn QirajMoon Guard-US251810
63Vorpal Steel (10)Moon Guard-US251800
64Hand of the GoddessMoon Guard-US251790
65Dedicated (10)Moon Guard-US251785
66AgonMoon Guard-US251780
66Impatient UndertakersMoon Guard-US251780
66Twilight VindicationMoon Guard-US251780
69Salvation (10)Moon Guard-US251775
70SteelboundMoon Guard-US251770
70Test of Faith (10)Moon Guard-US251770
70The ShatteringMoon Guard-US251770
73The Dread PiratesMoon Guard-US251760
74Ascentus (10)Moon Guard-US251740
74Vox Populi (10)Moon Guard-US251740
76Fightin WordsMoon Guard-US251730
77EvolutionMoon Guard-US251720
78Shattered Oath (10)Moon Guard-US251710
79Totally OffensiveMoon Guard-US251700
80Circle Of SerenityMoon Guard-US251690
80Emir ArteranMoon Guard-US251690
80House SunstarMoon Guard-US251690
80Outriders (10)Moon Guard-US251690
80Twisted PleasuresMoon Guard-US251690
85Honor Thy Fallen (10)Moon Guard-US251680
85Verendus (10)Moon Guard-US251680
87Casually AddictedMoon Guard-US251670
87Forgotten legends (10)Moon Guard-US251670
87Seasons of Shadow (10)Moon Guard-US251670
90The League of LordaeronMoon Guard-US251660
90The Legion of VengeanceMoon Guard-US251660
92Nekra Athanati (10)Moon Guard-US251650
93Last Defenders (10)Moon Guard-US251640
93Malleus VindictaMoon Guard-US251640
93Order of the BeastMoon Guard-US251640
93ShambhalaMoon Guard-US251640
93The Last StandMoon Guard-US251640
98MaleficMoon Guard-US251630
98Violent SerenadeMoon Guard-US251630
100Elwynn Taxi and TradeMoon Guard-US251620
100Kayleanas GuildMoon Guard-US251620
102SanctimoniousMoon Guard-US251615
103Shadow of the BetrayedMoon Guard-US251610
103Stygian KnightsMoon Guard-US251610
105Cuddly Puppy PartyMoon Guard-US251600
105Pack of WolvesMoon Guard-US251600
107Conspiracy of RavensMoon Guard-US251590
107Lucky Crickets (10)Moon Guard-US251590
107The Eventide ContingencyMoon Guard-US251590
110MercenariesForHireMoon Guard-US251580
111Heros of AngbadMoon Guard-US251575
112Morbid AngelMoon Guard-US251570
112Raptor Jesus DisciplesMoon Guard-US251570
112Ravenous IntentMoon Guard-US251570
112Remnant (10)Moon Guard-US251570
116Alternate RejectsMoon Guard-US251555
117Heartsong GuardiansMoon Guard-US251550
117Knights of Your MumMoon Guard-US251550
117MythicalMoon Guard-US251550
117Sublime Intervention (10)Moon Guard-US251550
117TheRaidersGrimMoon Guard-US251550
122Archangel (10)Moon Guard-US251545
123BOUND (10)Moon Guard-US251540
123R'lyeh Awakened (10)Moon Guard-US251540
123Shadow DancersMoon Guard-US251540
126Hoggers Horde HouseMoon Guard-US251535
126TequilaMockingbirdMoon Guard-US251535
128Echoes of the LostMoon Guard-US251530
128Is Your Hearts DésireMoon Guard-US251530
128Shadow Gate (10)Moon Guard-US251530
128The ShanorMoon Guard-US251530
132Blackwolf CompanyMoon Guard-US251520
132Infinite AscensionMoon Guard-US251520
134Nocturne (10)Moon Guard-US251500
134The Kor'kron LegionMoon Guard-US251500
136Argent WolvesMoon Guard-US251490
136Knaz Exploration TeamMoon Guard-US251490
136Theoretical Novelty (10)Moon Guard-US251490
139First Light (10)Moon Guard-US251485
140Carnival of CarnageMoon Guard-US251480
140Legacy of VanndarMoon Guard-US251480
140Ursus Minor (10)Moon Guard-US251480
143The Emberaxe TribeMoon Guard-US251475
144Olympus (10)Moon Guard-US251470
144The StonemasonsMoon Guard-US251470
146Argent BulwarkMoon Guard-US251460
146Eireannach FaolchuMoon Guard-US251460
146Fenrir (10)Moon Guard-US251460
146Laughing Skull ClanMoon Guard-US251460
146Prophets of Ruin (10)Moon Guard-US251460
151Blades of the WickedMoon Guard-US251450
151Blood RightsMoon Guard-US251450
151Horde SyndicateMoon Guard-US251450
151Knights TemplarMoon Guard-US251450
151Moonsong ManorMoon Guard-US251450
151Rising StarMoon Guard-US251450
151The Seventh HouseMoon Guard-US251450
158Dragons ShadowMoon Guard-US251435
158Siege Perilous (10)Moon Guard-US251435
160Creeping ChaosMoon Guard-US251430
160Fly By NightMoon Guard-US251430
160ImSorryWereYouQuesting (10)Moon Guard-US251430
160Order of LioncrestMoon Guard-US251430
160Raidiation (10)Moon Guard-US251430
165The Auxiliary (10)Moon Guard-US251425
166AdversariesMoon Guard-US251420
166Blood of Lordaeron (10)Moon Guard-US251420
166Rise of the CrusadersMoon Guard-US251420
166The Blades of Greymane (10)Moon Guard-US251420
170The Blood Knight OrderMoon Guard-US251415
170Tuar Annwn (10)Moon Guard-US251415
172Feral MinxMoon Guard-US251410
172From the GraveMoon Guard-US251410
172Te AmunMoon Guard-US251410
172The MoonbladeMoon Guard-US251410
176Burning Tusk TribeMoon Guard-US251400
176Guardians of the Horde (10)Moon Guard-US251400
176NakamaMoon Guard-US251400
176The Celtic KnotMoon Guard-US251400
180Argent WatchMoon Guard-US251390
180Neverending GloryMoon Guard-US251390
180Nocturnal OblivionMoon Guard-US251390
180Wycked AngelMoon Guard-US251390
184Firebrand (10)Moon Guard-US251380
184FreebirdsMoon Guard-US251380
184Perfectly ImperfectMoon Guard-US251380
184ResurrectedMoon Guard-US251380
188Harrowed IntentMoon Guard-US251370
188The Eternal RoseMoon Guard-US251370
188The HighwaymenMoon Guard-US251370
188The Tainted LegionMoon Guard-US251370
188VeritasMoon Guard-US251370
193Sanguine RevolutionMoon Guard-US251365
193Shadowprey War PartyMoon Guard-US251365
195Infidelity (10)Moon Guard-US251360
196Immortal Souls of ChaosMoon Guard-US251355
197Relics of the Four WindsMoon Guard-US251350
198Root Tender TribeMoon Guard-US251345
199Fourth WallMoon Guard-US251340
199House DraugeleaMoon Guard-US251340
199Rude and Not Ginger (10)Moon Guard-US251340
199Shadow of the PhoenixMoon Guard-US251340
203ShadowCraftersMoon Guard-US251330
203Unstoppable (10)Moon Guard-US251330
205Battle HardenedMoon Guard-US251325
206The Pyrebird SodalityMoon Guard-US251320
206UC SaintsMoon Guard-US251320
208Lights TribunalMoon Guard-US251315
208Porkchop ExpressMoon Guard-US251315
210District NineMoon Guard-US251310
210Ethereal AccordMoon Guard-US251310
210Malicious IntentMoon Guard-US251310
210Team Three StarMoon Guard-US251310
210War RidersMoon Guard-US251310
215Kiss ThisMoon Guard-US251305
215The Empyrean GuardMoon Guard-US251305
217Accord of the AncientsMoon Guard-US251300
217Brethren SoulsMoon Guard-US251300
217DawnfuryMoon Guard-US251300
217Scions of FreedomMoon Guard-US251300
217The Dawnfury Concordant (10)Moon Guard-US251300
217The StormclawMoon Guard-US251300
223EndlessMoon Guard-US251295
223Fellowship of BlightroseMoon Guard-US251295
225Brotherhood of ShadowsMoon Guard-US251290
225IndecisiveMoon Guard-US251290
225Untold Legends (10)Moon Guard-US251290
228Modan CoMoon Guard-US251285
228The Empyreal EmpireMoon Guard-US251285
230Blood of the AncestorsMoon Guard-US251280
230Wrath of the FallenMoon Guard-US251280
232Knights of Emerald IsleMoon Guard-US251275
233Fury of WarsongMoon Guard-US251270
233Keepers of ShadowMoon Guard-US251270
233Knowledge is PowerMoon Guard-US251270
233Lineage of the MoonMoon Guard-US251270
233More than Luck (10)Moon Guard-US251270
233Sellswords (10)Moon Guard-US251270
233SolitudeMoon Guard-US251270
233The Unseelie Court (10)Moon Guard-US251270
241RebirthMoon Guard-US251265
242EleganceMoon Guard-US251260
242Iron DragonMoon Guard-US251260
242Paradigm ShiftedMoon Guard-US251260
242TrialsMoon Guard-US251260
246Holy RaidersMoon Guard-US251255
246Into The MaelstromMoon Guard-US251255
248Hellscream Descendants (10)Moon Guard-US251250
249Guardians of KalimdorMoon Guard-US251245
249Lyrical MindsetMoon Guard-US251245
249Phoenix SupremacyMoon Guard-US251245
249Unholy DeedsMoon Guard-US251245
253Exiled AngelsMoon Guard-US251240
253Immortal ShadowsMoon Guard-US251240
253Or Die TryinMoon Guard-US251240
256File Not FoundMoon Guard-US251235
256Lux UmbraMoon Guard-US251235
258Odd CompanyMoon Guard-US251230
258Rainbow BunniesMoon Guard-US251230
258Shadow Hunters SocietyMoon Guard-US251230
258The Dreadfangs PackMoon Guard-US251230
258The Silver Hand ChapterMoon Guard-US251230
263DawnraisersMoon Guard-US251210
263Hell PatrolMoon Guard-US251210
263Hells GateMoon Guard-US251210
263Infinite DarknessMoon Guard-US251210
263The Society of Shadows (10)Moon Guard-US251210
268Lotus HouseMoon Guard-US251205
268The Hidden Circle (10)Moon Guard-US251205
270The Shieldpaw ShaodinMoon Guard-US251200
270VindictusMoon Guard-US251200
272Critter Kill SquadMoon Guard-US251190
272Cuffs and Collars (10)Moon Guard-US251190
272GITSMoon Guard-US251190
272Rains of CastamereMoon Guard-US251190
272Southern PrideMoon Guard-US251190
272The UnforgottenMoon Guard-US251190
278Hammer of GoelMoon Guard-US251185
279Blood KnightMoon Guard-US251180
279Fire Bad Tree PrettyMoon Guard-US251180
279The Cuckoos NestMoon Guard-US251180
282Dark HorizonMoon Guard-US251175
283Skysong EngineeringMoon Guard-US251170
283The Faith of the FallenMoon Guard-US251170
285BlackmoonMoon Guard-US251160
286The Sound of MadnessMoon Guard-US201155
287Bad InfluencesMoon Guard-US251150
287Clergy of the Holy LightMoon Guard-US251150
287Deja LootMoon Guard-US251150
287Slayers of the HeartMoon Guard-US251150
287SubsistenceMoon Guard-US251150
287The Stormwind GuardMoon Guard-US251150
293House of VesMoon Guard-US251140
293PridelandsMoon Guard-US251140
293The Bravo CompanyMoon Guard-US251140
296Silenda NexMoon Guard-US251135
297Dark HarmonicsMoon Guard-US251130
297Dark HeavenMoon Guard-US251130
297Devils Cut (10)Moon Guard-US251130
297GravelightMoon Guard-US251130
297The Iron HandsMoon Guard-US251130
302Generation XMoon Guard-US251120
302Stormwind CityMoon Guard-US251120
302The Violet LegionMoon Guard-US251120
302The Warbound BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US251120
306Knights of MenethilMoon Guard-US251110
306Megabucks Trading CoMoon Guard-US251110
306Shadows of Argus (10)Moon Guard-US251110
306ShroudMoon Guard-US251110
306SolidarityMoon Guard-US251110
306Suggestive ThemesMoon Guard-US251110
306The Dwarven VanguardMoon Guard-US251110
313Dor SerrarMoon Guard-US251105
314Insurmountable Odds (25)Moon Guard-US251100
314The FomoireMoon Guard-US251100
316Redfist ClanMoon Guard-US251095
317LightshadowMoon Guard-US251090
317Project MayhemMoon Guard-US251090
317The Dark Children Of Nyx (10)Moon Guard-US251090
320Shadow MercenariesMoon Guard-US251085
321Ancient Lore (10)Moon Guard-US251080
321Coldridge ExpeditionMoon Guard-US251080
323Vestige of the PhoenixMoon Guard-US251075
324Bellatorus VictoriaMoon Guard-US251070
324EstherleonMoon Guard-US251070
324ForgottenMoon Guard-US251070
324MirageMoon Guard-US251070
324Risen from AshesMoon Guard-US251070
324Rizen (10)Moon Guard-US251070
324The Smexy PanthersMoon Guard-US251070
324The StateMoon Guard-US251070
332Azeroth GuardMoon Guard-US251065
332Deaths RevengeMoon Guard-US251065
332The Aetherfire Offensive (10)Moon Guard-US251065
332The Darkness WithinMoon Guard-US251065
336Song of DarknessMoon Guard-US251060
337Children of ExiledMoon Guard-US211055
337The Wayfarers GuildMoon Guard-US251055
339Arctic PanicMoon Guard-US251050
339RavenwingMoon Guard-US251050
339ReformationMoon Guard-US251050
342The ExpeditionMoon Guard-US251045
342The Horde VanguardMoon Guard-US251045
344Harbingers of DiscordMoon Guard-US251040
344The Honey HiveMoon Guard-US251040
344The Scarlet RavensMoon Guard-US251040
347SoulforgedMoon Guard-US251035
347Twist of FateMoon Guard-US251035
349Smoke and MirrorsMoon Guard-US251025
350Ardent InquisitionMoon Guard-US251020
350Argent Hymn CaptiveMoon Guard-US251020
350Audacity (10)Moon Guard-US251020
350Celestial VanguardMoon Guard-US251020
354AffinityMoon Guard-US151015
354Blackjaw ClanMoon Guard-US251015
354The IronSoul BastionMoon Guard-US251015
357Blacksteel RegimentMoon Guard-US251010
357Crimson WingMoon Guard-US251010
357Decree of BrutalityMoon Guard-US251010
357StarsongMoon Guard-US251010
357The Iron RingMoon Guard-US251010
357Twisted NethersMoon Guard-US251010
363Corrupted OutcastsMoon Guard-US251005
364Endless SerenityMoon Guard-US251000
364Kawaii KonekoMoon Guard-US251000
364The Chaotic LegionMoon Guard-US251000
364Undercity NexusMoon Guard-US251000
368BushídoMoon Guard-US25995
369Guild of SauvietteMoon Guard-US25990
369Legions of the HordeMoon Guard-US25990
369Royalty of GoldshireMoon Guard-US25990
369Team RedrídgeMoon Guard-US25990
373Creed of the MorhymnMoon Guard-US25985
373Leap of FaithMoon Guard-US25985
373Lordaeron Social ClubMoon Guard-US25985
373Order of VIIMoon Guard-US25985
373The Raven CrossMoon Guard-US25985
373Turtle WaxersMoon Guard-US25985
379Blackstone OrderMoon Guard-US25980
379NoxMoon Guard-US25980
381Imminent DawnMoon Guard-US25975
381Little Muffin That CouldMoon Guard-US25975
381The Full Moon InnMoon Guard-US25975
384Dont Inspect Me (10)Moon Guard-US25970
384Dragons Of LightMoon Guard-US25970
384ExplicitMoon Guard-US25970
384KickapooMoon Guard-US25970
384Metal BendingMoon Guard-US25970
384Noblesse ObligeMoon Guard-US25970
384Remnants of SanctuaryMoon Guard-US25970
384Saviors of SanctuaryMoon Guard-US25970
384Sworn to the LifebinderMoon Guard-US25970
384Unspoken Oath (10)Moon Guard-US25970
384V I PMoon Guard-US25970
395Cookie HorderMoon Guard-US25960
395The Oathsworn Vigil (10)Moon Guard-US25960
397Diabolic EdictMoon Guard-US22955
397Raid My DungeonMoon Guard-US25955
399Arcanum GlaciesMoon Guard-US25950
399Darkmoon EnterprisesMoon Guard-US25950
399Elf CoMoon Guard-US25950
399Goldshire Football TeamMoon Guard-US25950
399InsomniaMoon Guard-US25950
399The Shadow WatchMoon Guard-US25950
405ClaimedMoon Guard-US25935
406Bladewhisper ManorMoon Guard-US25930
406Cloud NineMoon Guard-US25930
408Knights RegnumMoon Guard-US25925
409Bad VooDooMoon Guard-US25920
409Betrayed (10)Moon Guard-US25920
409Epoch VeilMoon Guard-US25920
409Forza Mortale (10)Moon Guard-US25920
409Is Beyond RedemptionMoon Guard-US25920
409Keleos Soran (10)Moon Guard-US25920
409Masters of MercyMoon Guard-US25920
409Nights EdgeMoon Guard-US25920
417Exercitus DeorumMoon Guard-US22915
417ForsoothMoon Guard-US25915
417Nox Noctis AngelusMoon Guard-US25915
420Biohazard (10)Moon Guard-US25910
420The CognatusMoon Guard-US25910
420Vogon Poets SocietyMoon Guard-US25910
423Bloodscar ClanMoon Guard-US25905
423Summer RainMoon Guard-US25905
425Pandion KnightsMoon Guard-US25900
425The Black Watch (10)Moon Guard-US25900
425The TempleMoon Guard-US25900
428InsanityMoon Guard-US25895
429Before the DawnMoon Guard-US25890
429Blood and Gold SocietyMoon Guard-US25890
431From Ashes to FireMoon Guard-US25885
431Midnight (10)Moon Guard-US25885
431The Flower GardenMoon Guard-US25885
434Got SwagMoon Guard-US25880
434KinMoon Guard-US25880
434Raise a little HellMoon Guard-US25880
434The Ashen VanguardMoon Guard-US25880
434The Blood RoyalsMoon Guard-US25880
439StormhavenMoon Guard-US25875
439The Ashborne AscendancyMoon Guard-US25875
441BrethrenMoon Guard-US25870
441Cloaked BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US25870
441Cloaked BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US25870
441The Sidekicks LoungeMoon Guard-US25870
441Waffles or GTFOMoon Guard-US25870
446Behavioral Analysis UnitMoon Guard-US25865
446PragmaticMoon Guard-US25865
449Against the ElementsMoon Guard-US25860
449Animal CrossingMoon Guard-US25860
449Guardians of XuenMoon Guard-US25860
449Heros and LegendsMoon Guard-US17860
453Bookertea and the Ladies (10)Moon Guard-US25855
453LimitlessMoon Guard-US25855
453Sword of ArgusMoon Guard-US25855
456Waffle House RaidersMoon Guard-US25850
457Ashen BloodMoon Guard-US25845
457BenevolenceMoon Guard-US25845
457Contra BardusMoon Guard-US25845
457House VermillionMoon Guard-US23845
461AelmereMoon Guard-US25840
461DisillusionedMoon Guard-US25840
461Horde HoundsMoon Guard-US25840
461House WintercasteMoon Guard-US25840
461Stormwind DefenseMoon Guard-US25840
461The Bruckstone VanguardMoon Guard-US25840
467Army of GaklamarMoon Guard-US25835
467Chaotic AsylumMoon Guard-US25835
469Devilsaur OfficeMoon Guard-US25830
469Echoes of MedivhMoon Guard-US23830
469ExaltationMoon Guard-US25830
469Sacramentum GladiatorumMoon Guard-US25830
469The Dragonheart Order (10)Moon Guard-US25830
469The Grey HandMoon Guard-US25830
469The Norgannon SectMoon Guard-US23830
476What Ales YouMoon Guard-US25825
477Exquisitus AmicitiaMoon Guard-US21820
477Ninjas of the Blue MoonMoon Guard-US25820
477Order of the Hills (10)Moon Guard-US25820
477Phoenix RaidersMoon Guard-US25820
477Township of DarelhorthMoon Guard-US25820
482AmbroçaMoon Guard-US25815
482Daughters of SilenceMoon Guard-US25815
482SymmetryMoon Guard-US25815
482The MysticalsMoon Guard-US25815
482The One FellowshipMoon Guard-US25815
482Vhelaire TarquiMoon Guard-US25815
482VoyageMoon Guard-US25815
482Wicked RevelationMoon Guard-US25815
490Eccentric (10)Moon Guard-US25810
491Boogie KnightsMoon Guard-US25805
491Sky Temple Moon DragonsMoon Guard-US25805
491The Gods Of OlympusMoon Guard-US25805
491The Stormwind InfantryMoon Guard-US25805
495The MenagerieMoon Guard-US25800
496RevelationnMoon Guard-US25795
497Coalition of the PhoenixMoon Guard-US25790
497FearlessMoon Guard-US25790
497Frostmist Tribe (10)Moon Guard-US25790
497Legacy of ArathorMoon Guard-US25790
501Edge of WinterMoon Guard-US25785
501Forceful EntryMoon Guard-US25785
501SuicideKingsMoon Guard-US25785
504League of SilenceMoon Guard-US25780
505Enemy of the DeadMoon Guard-US25775
506Blood of ArathorMoon Guard-US25770
506Blood of the ScribeMoon Guard-US25770
506Mystic FlameMoon Guard-US25770
506Windsong Productions LLCMoon Guard-US25770
510Clocha Anam LómharaMoon Guard-US18765
510DawnhavenMoon Guard-US25765
512ApocolypticaMoon Guard-US25760
512Conquerors of AzerothMoon Guard-US25760
512Empyrean GauntletMoon Guard-US25760
512LegionisMoon Guard-US25760
512Private PartyMoon Guard-US20760
512Scarlet SparrowsMoon Guard-US25760
518Team TMoon Guard-US25755
518The Mìdnight SocietyMoon Guard-US25755
518The Sleeping ForestMoon Guard-US25755
518Why So SêriousMoon Guard-US25755
522Blood RitesMoon Guard-US25750
522Dark HandMoon Guard-US25750
522Exiles of HephaestusMoon Guard-US25750
522Seal Team AuxiliaryMoon Guard-US25750
522Silver Fang MilitiaMoon Guard-US25750
522StrappedMoon Guard-US25750
522SupremacyMoon Guard-US25750
522Thralls ReckoningMoon Guard-US25750
530HarvestMoon Guard-US25745
530Imperial Dragons CourtMoon Guard-US25745
530Lunar ShadowMoon Guard-US25745
530Shattered LegionMoon Guard-US25745
530Voracious VengeanceMoon Guard-US25745
535Manor of BonesMoon Guard-US25740
535Panda ExpressMoon Guard-US25740
535Sinister DualityMoon Guard-US25740
535The Dragon Heart OrderMoon Guard-US25740
539Silver RequiemMoon Guard-US25735
539VigrisMoon Guard-US25735
539Wings of OblivionMoon Guard-US25735
542E Pluribus UnumMoon Guard-US25730
542Grand Alliance VanguardMoon Guard-US25730
542The Fire WatchMoon Guard-US25730
542Veuve NoireMoon Guard-US25730
546Queens OwnMoon Guard-US16725
547House CyredathemMoon Guard-US25720
547RivendellMoon Guard-US25720
547The Highland RaidersMoon Guard-US25720
547The HomelessMoon Guard-US25720
547The League of ÜbermenschMoon Guard-US25720
552AtonementMoon Guard-US25715
552Break TimeMoon Guard-US25715
552Invocation NationMoon Guard-US25715
552ValHallMoon Guard-US24715
556BB GANG OR DIEMoon Guard-US25710
556Glory CompanyMoon Guard-US25710
556Hope Your Pants DropMoon Guard-US25710
556Murlocos Tacos and Pizza (10)Moon Guard-US25710
556The WardensMoon Guard-US22710
561Blacklisted MercenariesMoon Guard-US25705
561Disciples of KingsbaneMoon Guard-US25705
561Hammer of DawnMoon Guard-US25705
561Raven GuardMoon Guard-US25705
561ReaperMoon Guard-US25705
561Squatch StepsMoon Guard-US19705
561The HighwatchMoon Guard-US25705
568Azeroths Next Top ModelMoon Guard-US8700
568BlackstormMoon Guard-US25700
568DiscordMoon Guard-US25700
568Last Ones StandingMoon Guard-US25700
568Magus Senate of DalaranMoon Guard-US25700
568Neptune ShroudMoon Guard-US25700
568The Legion of StromgardeMoon Guard-US25700
575Left Hand PathMoon Guard-US22695
575Nox EternusMoon Guard-US25695
575Stupid JuicedMoon Guard-US25695
578AfterlightMoon Guard-US25690
578Brotherhood BloodrendMoon Guard-US25690
578Ladys of the DarkMoon Guard-US14690
578Succulent TartMoon Guard-US25690
578Tattered BannersMoon Guard-US25690
583Night PactMoon Guard-US25685
583Regretable RejectsMoon Guard-US25685
583The Order of SplunchMoon Guard-US25685
583Warlords of LightMoon Guard-US25685
587CondemnationMoon Guard-US25680
587Emberstone CompanyMoon Guard-US25680
587Ironmaw WarbandMoon Guard-US25680
587Massive ProtentialMoon Guard-US13680
587Midnight EpiphanyMoon Guard-US25680
587Old Lordaeron Hat CoMoon Guard-US25680
587PioniusMoon Guard-US25680
587PsycariusMoon Guard-US25680
587The Clandestine CircleMoon Guard-US19680
596Brotherhood of the HorseMoon Guard-US25675
596Guerrilla TacticsMoon Guard-US25675
596MaelstromMoon Guard-US25675
596Seekers of DawnMoon Guard-US25675
596The Gurubashi PiratesMoon Guard-US23675
601Ad Carceres RevocariMoon Guard-US21670
601Continuum (10)Moon Guard-US25670
601DarkheartMoon Guard-US25670
601DrakonMoon Guard-US25670
601Hand of ThaurissanMoon Guard-US25670
601Silver Witching DreamMoon Guard-US25670
601The Sacred LotusMoon Guard-US25670
601The Shadowbound Covenant (10)Moon Guard-US25670
601The Valiant Coalition (10)Moon Guard-US25670
610BellicoseMoon Guard-US25665
610PhalanxMoon Guard-US25665
612AspireMoon Guard-US25660
612Grim TestamentMoon Guard-US25660
612Horde FinancialMoon Guard-US25660
612Lights ParadigmMoon Guard-US25660
612Team DenmarkMoon Guard-US25660
612The Grey GuardMoon Guard-US25660
612The SoulForgeMoon Guard-US25660
612Thorn of the Blàck RoseMoon Guard-US25660
620À Tout le MondeMoon Guard-US19655
620Beep Beep Ima JeepMoon Guard-US25655
620Mystek UnlimitedMoon Guard-US18655
620Winds of FateMoon Guard-US25655
624AscêndâncyMoon Guard-US25650
624Council of StormsMoon Guard-US25650
624Disregard Fire DPS BossMoon Guard-US25650
624FelRosesMoon Guard-US25650
624Northern Continental CoMoon Guard-US25650
624PleasureMoon Guard-US25650
624The Darkened VirtueMoon Guard-US23650
631House ScarletrainMoon Guard-US25645
631Hyside GlobalMoon Guard-US25645
631SerënityMoon Guard-US25645
631The ScornedMoon Guard-US25645
631UnavailableMoon Guard-US25645
631Whiteclaw RegimentMoon Guard-US25645
637Coterie of ConcupiscenceMoon Guard-US25640
637Heightened HypomaniaMoon Guard-US14640
637Icebound RaidersMoon Guard-US25640
637Leviathan AcquisitionsMoon Guard-US25640
637PapyrophobiaMoon Guard-US20640
637Promise is a MonsterMoon Guard-US20640
637Shackled HeartsMoon Guard-US25640
637Umbrella EnclaveMoon Guard-US25640
645Dark Phoenix RisingMoon Guard-US25635
645Moonsong BlackguardMoon Guard-US25635
647Bound By FateMoon Guard-US25630
647Crimson FightersMoon Guard-US25630
647Dark Rose CovenantMoon Guard-US25630
647Guards of the MistMoon Guard-US25630
647Laughing Coffin ClanMoon Guard-US19630
647The Emerald BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US25630
653Catalina Wine MixerMoon Guard-US25625
653Order of The SilverBladeMoon Guard-US24625
653Reborn in FlamesMoon Guard-US25625
653The Shattered LegionMoon Guard-US25625
657Crimson LullabyMoon Guard-US25620
657Cryptic TideMoon Guard-US11620
657Fortitude of the HordeMoon Guard-US25620
657Kul Tiras MarinesMoon Guard-US25620
657Moon Guard Public SchoolMoon Guard-US25620
657The Azerothian OrderMoon Guard-US25620
657Wrath of the HarbingersMoon Guard-US25620
664A Lightened PathMoon Guard-US25615
664Alliance CourierMoon Guard-US25615
664Bound TogetherMoon Guard-US25615
664Down With The SunMoon Guard-US25615
664Silk and SteelMoon Guard-US25615
664We Always Come BackMoon Guard-US25615
664Wildhammer Wind RidersMoon Guard-US25615
664World OffenceMoon Guard-US25615
672SanctifiedMoon Guard-US20610
672The Liberty ConsignMoon Guard-US25610
672The Nightfall AcademyMoon Guard-US12610
675Band of the DragonhawkMoon Guard-US25605
675Dark MarketMoon Guard-US25605
675DesireMoon Guard-US25605
678Cirque de MéfaitMoon Guard-US25600
678DirgeMoon Guard-US25600
678EquilibriumMoon Guard-US11600
678Forgotten KnightsMoon Guard-US25600
678Jaysun and PawleenaMoon Guard-US12600
678Legends of OldMoon Guard-US25600
678Myst and MayhemMoon Guard-US19600
678nom nom rawrMoon Guard-US25600
678Origin (10)Moon Guard-US25600
678Sacred RevolutionMoon Guard-US10600
678The Purge (10)Moon Guard-US25600
678Vixens and VagabondsMoon Guard-US25600
690Arathorian CoalitionMoon Guard-US25595
690EsotericMoon Guard-US25595
690Shadows of MedivhMoon Guard-US25595
690SouthSeas Trading CoMoon Guard-US25595
690The Dark TemplariMoon Guard-US25595
690The DawnbringersMoon Guard-US25595
696Azureclaw DominionMoon Guard-US25590
696Bells Heel CorsairsMoon Guard-US25590
696Credit Cards OnlyMoon Guard-US25590
696Phantomhime IncMoon Guard-US25590
696The Relentless WarhostMoon Guard-US25590
696Undying KingsMoon Guard-US21590
702Bad InfluenceMoon Guard-US25585
702Chaos Reforged (10)Moon Guard-US25585
702Dark DreamsMoon Guard-US20585
702Exitus Acta ProbatMoon Guard-US25585
702The Coffee Shop (10)Moon Guard-US25585
707CurseMoon Guard-US25580
707Knights of TuralyonMoon Guard-US25580
707Moon GuardiansMoon Guard-US25580
707Splendid CompanyMoon Guard-US25580
707Stormwind City WatchMoon Guard-US25580
707The Alliance OffensiveMoon Guard-US25580
707the steadfast heartMoon Guard-US25580
707The Unholy KingdomMoon Guard-US25580
715Divine NightmaresMoon Guard-US25575
715ExileMoon Guard-US25575
715G L A D I A T O R SMoon Guard-US25575
715HalberdMoon Guard-US25575
715Legends of PandariaMoon Guard-US25575
715Mourning MayhemMoon Guard-US25575
715Roll for BlameMoon Guard-US16575
715Society of MisfitsMoon Guard-US25575
715Syn LegacyMoon Guard-US25575
715The Candy FactoryMoon Guard-US25575
725A Mad Tea PartyMoon Guard-US25570
725ArmisticeMoon Guard-US19570
725Guardians of the CraftMoon Guard-US25570
725Holy BananaMoon Guard-US25570
725Invictus ManeoMoon Guard-US25570
725Kitten PowerMoon Guard-US25570
725OminenceMoon Guard-US25570
725Starship EnterpriseMoon Guard-US25570
725The BrowncoatsMoon Guard-US25570
725The Sunwell CovenantMoon Guard-US10570
725Victors VanguardMoon Guard-US25570
725Young Money Brick SquadMoon Guard-US25570
737Brothel of Wicked SinsMoon Guard-US25565
737Crazies and Misfits (10)Moon Guard-US25565
737Dandy CandyMoon Guard-US25565
737Deadly KnightsMoon Guard-US25565
737Get Rich or Die TryingMoon Guard-US25565
737Jelly Of My Anime HairMoon Guard-US25565
737Shadow WardensMoon Guard-US20565
737Silvermoon TriumphMoon Guard-US25565
745Argent BladeMoon Guard-US20560
745Bladebane MercenariesMoon Guard-US25560
745Blind LotusMoon Guard-US10560
745Cult of ZivsMoon Guard-US25560
745Gilneas MisfitsMoon Guard-US25560
745HalloweenMoon Guard-US25560
745Northgate CompanyMoon Guard-US8560
745SatedMoon Guard-US25560
745SekiharaMoon Guard-US25560
745Sinners SanitariumMoon Guard-US25560
745Sippy Cup of FailMoon Guard-US25560
745SpookyMoon Guard-US25560
757Chaoslight ContractsMoon Guard-US25555
757Legacy of the VanguardMoon Guard-US25555
757SoulSocietyMoon Guard-US25555
757The Platinum EntenteMoon Guard-US23555
757The Steelmane GangMoon Guard-US25555
757The Wretched and DivineMoon Guard-US25555
763Gnomicidal ManiacsMoon Guard-US21550
763Heart Of GoldMoon Guard-US17550
763ImpulsiveMoon Guard-US25550
763Keeper of Forbidden LoreMoon Guard-US25550
763Knights of the MasonMoon Guard-US25550
763No VacancyMoon Guard-US21550
763Silvermoon PrivateersMoon Guard-US25550
763The Seventh VanguardMoon Guard-US25550
763Wipe HourMoon Guard-US25550
772Deeprun InvadersMoon Guard-US25545
772Thick As ThievesMoon Guard-US25545
772Were Kind Of A Big Deal (10)Moon Guard-US25545
775Bad DragonsMoon Guard-US25540
775Final OrderMoon Guard-US19540
775Forgotten ProphecyMoon Guard-US25540
775House SoulguardMoon Guard-US9540
775Howling Wyverns CoMoon Guard-US25540
775Lords and LadiesMoon Guard-US25540
775Mandate of HeavenMoon Guard-US25540
775Stygian EnclaveMoon Guard-US25540
775Super PugMoon Guard-US19540
775Voluntas CaeliMoon Guard-US25540
785Song of NightfallMoon Guard-US25535
785Will of IronMoon Guard-US21535
787Lightwell IndustriesMoon Guard-US23530
787Night ShiftMoon Guard-US8530
787PrincipalityMoon Guard-US11530
787Risen from the RainMoon Guard-US25530
787Tests Positive for RaidsMoon Guard-US25530
792Castle ChaoticaMoon Guard-US25525
792Fullmoon starMoon Guard-US25525
792Hyjal Kids Hyjal WivesMoon Guard-US25525
792PandemicMoon Guard-US25525
792Sòul SòcietyMoon Guard-US25525
797Cupcake WarriorsMoon Guard-US25520
797Jade GuardiansMoon Guard-US24520
797Oathsword OrderMoon Guard-US17520
797Order of DivinityMoon Guard-US20520
797Perpetual DisappointmentMoon Guard-US25520
797Rising LegendsMoon Guard-US25520
797Sasbin Trading CompanyMoon Guard-US25520
797Snarfs PubMoon Guard-US25520
797The Dawning VigilMoon Guard-US25520
797The Goldshire hordeMoon Guard-US25520
807BlightfangMoon Guard-US25515
807Burning CrusadersMoon Guard-US25515
807Random Acts of ViolenceMoon Guard-US25515
807The Hand of LordearonMoon Guard-US25515
811Edge of the BladeMoon Guard-US25510
811Fox N VixensMoon Guard-US25510
811House BluthMoon Guard-US25510
811Moonlight DawningMoon Guard-US25510
811Red Dragonflight LegionMoon Guard-US25510
811RoamingMoon Guard-US25510
811Serenade of WolvesMoon Guard-US25510
811Song of the SirenMoon Guard-US25510
811The Zenith LeagueMoon Guard-US25510
811Vampiric DragonsMoon Guard-US19510
821House RavenshieldMoon Guard-US17505
821Limited EditïonMoon Guard-US25505
821The Reckoning HandMoon Guard-US25505
824Angeli VindictaMoon Guard-US23500
824Blackvale CoterieMoon Guard-US25500
824House DielMoon Guard-US12500
824Nightfang RemnantsMoon Guard-US25500
824RellaMoon Guard-US25500
824Roughneck RangersMoon Guard-US24500
824Silent ShadowsMoon Guard-US25500
824Simple MajestyMoon Guard-US13500
824Stormwind GuardsMoon Guard-US25500
824The Day WatchMoon Guard-US11500
824The Eternal KaldoreiMoon Guard-US25500
824The OathswornMoon Guard-US25500
824The Phantom AgonyMoon Guard-US25500
824The Sushi BarMoon Guard-US25500
838BeautifulMoon Guard-US25495
838Bump in the NightMoon Guard-US25495
838Divine SpectralsMoon Guard-US25495
838FelwatchMoon Guard-US25495
838Hordies Night N DayMoon Guard-US25495
838Immortal DarknessMoon Guard-US25495
838Nights FuryMoon Guard-US25495
845Azeroth AcquisitionsMoon Guard-US25490
845Exodus CampaignMoon Guard-US23490
845Forthright (10)Moon Guard-US3490
845Knights of PowerMoon Guard-US25490
845Lycrezias GuildMoon Guard-US25490
845Relentless Death SoldierMoon Guard-US25490
845The Awoken CerberusMoon Guard-US20490
852Blacksun CovenantMoon Guard-US25485
852Dawn of the AncientsMoon Guard-US25485
852Rebel YellMoon Guard-US25485
852The Devils BladeMoon Guard-US25485
852The Rising Sun CoalitionMoon Guard-US25485
852UnrulyMoon Guard-US25485
858AbyssMoon Guard-US25480
858Adeste FidelesMoon Guard-US25480
858BlackheartsMoon Guard-US25480
858DarkfireMoon Guard-US25480
858Game of ThroesMoon Guard-US25480
858Hand of SeteshMoon Guard-US21480
858Made In ChinaMoon Guard-US20480
858Shades of the Blood MoonMoon Guard-US25480
858The Azure GuardiansMoon Guard-US25480
858The Blackblood PackMoon Guard-US25480
858The Lost and DämnedMoon Guard-US25480
858The Nineth GateMoon Guard-US25480
858The ReliquaryMoon Guard-US20480
858Without FearMoon Guard-US22480
858Zujiana TribesMoon Guard-US25480
873AphelionMoon Guard-US22475
873DawnMoon Guard-US22475
873PleasuresMoon Guard-US25475
873SlayStationMoon Guard-US25475
877Council of Four WhispersMoon Guard-US15470
877Fangs of LogoshMoon Guard-US25470
877Last Ones to DieMoon Guard-US25470
877MistbornMoon Guard-US13470
877Moonlight RisingMoon Guard-US25470
877ParacosmMoon Guard-US25470
877Pretentious Latin NameMoon Guard-US22470
877ReusMoon Guard-US16470
877Shadow PeopleMoon Guard-US24470
877TideMoon Guard-US7470
877UnbrokenMoon Guard-US25470
877Wild CardMoon Guard-US25470
889Holybrew Alehouse ChapelMoon Guard-US25465
889Insert Guild NameMoon Guard-US25465
889Suncrane ImportsMoon Guard-US25465
889The Order of LotharMoon Guard-US25465
889The Rainsong TribeMoon Guard-US25465
889Wartorn LegionMoon Guard-US25465
895A Very Bad Guild (10)Moon Guard-US21460
895BlackmawMoon Guard-US15460
895Crimson SanctumMoon Guard-US25460
895Darkclaw packMoon Guard-US22460
895Falling From GraceMoon Guard-US13460
895Greenwood the GreatMoon Guard-US25460
895Head Like a HoleMoon Guard-US10460
895Insidious AngelsMoon Guard-US25460
895MaterialismMoon Guard-US25460
895RepossessionMoon Guard-US25460
895Sacred Heart of LightMoon Guard-US24460
895True GloryMoon Guard-US25460
895We Once Were GodsMoon Guard-US21460
908BriarpatchMoon Guard-US25455
908Royal Band of MisfitsMoon Guard-US25455
908The DarknessMoon Guard-US25455
911Frostwolf LegacyMoon Guard-US25450
911Phoenix CovenantMoon Guard-US25450
911Silent BlasphemyMoon Guard-US25450
911The Knights UnfetteredMoon Guard-US25450
911Valhalla BoundMoon Guard-US15450
916The Gilded HallsMoon Guard-US25445
916The Last WatchMoon Guard-US19445
916The Night CloaksMoon Guard-US23445
919AnimosityMoon Guard-US25440
919AudeamusMoon Guard-US25440
919Conquest QuartermasterMoon Guard-US25440
919DOGFACE NO SPACEMoon Guard-US25440
919Dread PirateMoon Guard-US25440
919Eternal DominionMoon Guard-US25440
919Extropic InstituteMoon Guard-US25440
919HATMoon Guard-US25440
919Northwind TemplarsMoon Guard-US12440
919Ordo LuzMoon Guard-US9440
919The Eclipsed SunMoon Guard-US25440
919Thug CityMoon Guard-US25440
919WarbandMoon Guard-US24440
932l X lMoon Guard-US19435
932The Blood LegionMoon Guard-US25435
934Azure Sky WayfarersMoon Guard-US25430
934CrownguardMoon Guard-US25430
934Dreadwind CouncilMoon Guard-US15430
934ElementaryMoon Guard-US25430
934Maitre escravoMoon Guard-US25430
934Order of the HawkMoon Guard-US25430
934Order of the True LightMoon Guard-US25430
934QimengMoon Guard-US25430
934The LeviathanMoon Guard-US14430
934The Thorns RoseMoon Guard-US16430
934UnstableMoon Guard-US14430
945Mâsters of GorMoon Guard-US25425
945Order of The Onyx RoseMoon Guard-US25425
945The Blackwald CarnivalMoon Guard-US23425
945The ShatteredMoon Guard-US25425
945WølfpackMoon Guard-US25425
950Clan BloodfistMoon Guard-US25420
950Divine ReckoningMoon Guard-US25420
950Fated LegendsMoon Guard-US25420
950House WarswornMoon Guard-US25420
950MALEVØLENTMoon Guard-US18420
950Midnight MassacreMoon Guard-US12420
950Nub For LifeMoon Guard-US25420
950The NightfallMoon Guard-US8420
958Aegis Defence ServiceMoon Guard-US25415
958PBR Street GangMoon Guard-US25415
958Royal Apothecary SocietyMoon Guard-US25415
958The Forsaken EmpireMoon Guard-US25415
958The Requiem SyndicateMoon Guard-US25415
958The Titansteel LegionMoon Guard-US25415
964DoombringersMoon Guard-US25410
964NovaMoon Guard-US22410
964The Devilish RomanceMoon Guard-US25410
964The FellasMoon Guard-US25410
964The Going Price For HomeMoon Guard-US23410
964Withstand the Flames (10)Moon Guard-US3410
970Blacksteel CartelMoon Guard-US25405
970Dark OmenMoon Guard-US25405
970Sxy and I know itMoon Guard-US19405
970The Under WorldMoon Guard-US25405
970Twin Mask EnsembleMoon Guard-US24405
975AuroraMoon Guard-US13400
975Blackbird CompanyMoon Guard-US25400
975Crashburn IncMoon Guard-US24400
975Fifth AxleMoon Guard-US11400
975Intolerable SufferageMoon Guard-US25400
975Lela starMoon Guard-US25400
975MagistryMoon Guard-US25400
975Merchants of DeceitMoon Guard-US25400
975Players vs Haters PvHMoon Guard-US25400
975Ragtag OverhaulMoon Guard-US25400
975SilentioMoon Guard-US18400
975Silversage RefugeMoon Guard-US15400
975SpiralMoon Guard-US25400
975Tales of DestinyMoon Guard-US25400
975The Defiàs BrotherhoodMoon Guard-US25400
975The Electric LoungeMoon Guard-US20400
975The Løst SøulsMoon Guard-US17400
975The ReßornMoon Guard-US25400
975True ConcealmentMoon Guard-US8400
975TwoToTangoMoon Guard-US25400
995Amaranthine AcademyMoon Guard-US25395
995SACKMoon Guard-US15395
997Avant GuardMoon Guard-US20390
997BANG BANGMoon Guard-US25390
997By Blood or By OathMoon Guard-US22390
997Carebears From MarsMoon Guard-US25390

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