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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Grim Batol-EU Guild Achievement Points
1Dimensional (25)Grim Batol-EU252535
2Balance (25)Grim Batol-EU252485
3Veneficus Ex (10)Grim Batol-EU252350
4Aurora Borealis (10)Grim Batol-EU252335
4Order of the White Tiger (10)Grim Batol-EU252335
6RefusionGrim Batol-EU252325
7Solidarity (10)Grim Batol-EU252305
8League of Dusk (10)Grim Batol-EU252275
8Two Faced Jokers (10)Grim Batol-EU252275
10Vex Thal (25)Grim Batol-EU252255
11The Dambusters (10)Grim Batol-EU252210
12In Excelsis (10)Grim Batol-EU252175
13Got Issues (10)Grim Batol-EU252155
14Protectors of Yggdrasil (10)Grim Batol-EU252120
15E m p i r e (10)Grim Batol-EU252115
16Project HollywoodGrim Batol-EU252105
17Tors Hammare (10)Grim Batol-EU252095
18Lesser Gods (10)Grim Batol-EU252085
19Absolutum Dominium (10)Grim Batol-EU251975
20EuroTrashGrim Batol-EU251965
21Os RenascentistasGrim Batol-EU251960
22The Brave Three HundredGrim Batol-EU251930
23MalignancyGrim Batol-EU251915
24Scandinavian Brotherhood (10)Grim Batol-EU251900
24The Warriors Code (10)Grim Batol-EU251900
26Conundrum (10)Grim Batol-EU251880
27RiseOfTheFallenHeroes (10)Grim Batol-EU251865
28imba (10)Grim Batol-EU251855
29Centurion (10)Grim Batol-EU251830
29SCHIZOPHRENIA (10)Grim Batol-EU251830
29Xtreme (10)Grim Batol-EU251830
32Pieces (10)Grim Batol-EU251825
33VeritasGrim Batol-EU251820
34Family Legion (10)Grim Batol-EU251805
35Cavaleiros do ApocalipseGrim Batol-EU251800
35Riders on the StormGrim Batol-EU251800
37Amazing TenGrim Batol-EU251775
37Sand (10)Grim Batol-EU251775
39Ress Plz (10)Grim Batol-EU251770
40EssencesGrim Batol-EU251760
41Excelsior (10)Grim Batol-EU251750
42Sentenced (10)Grim Batol-EU251745
43Cytadela (10)Grim Batol-EU251740
43Nebulous (10)Grim Batol-EU251740
43Vis ViresGrim Batol-EU251740
46Easy CompanyGrim Batol-EU251730
47StigmataGrim Batol-EU251710
47Wielkie Baty (10)Grim Batol-EU251710
49Laid back legends (10)Grim Batol-EU251690
50Resurget ex favilla (10)Grim Batol-EU251680
50XepheriaGrim Batol-EU251680
52DysfunctionalGrim Batol-EU251660
53Excentric (10)Grim Batol-EU251650
54snakes of deathGrim Batol-EU251645
54Stellar (10)Grim Batol-EU251645
56Regret Gaming (10)Grim Batol-EU251635
57Corruption (10)Grim Batol-EU251630
57os reis magos (10)Grim Batol-EU251630
57Twílíght Councíl (10)Grim Batol-EU251630
60Showtime (10)Grim Batol-EU251625
61Immigrants of TwilightGrim Batol-EU251615
62Defenders of SanityGrim Batol-EU251610
62HasteGrim Batol-EU251610
64EntropyGrim Batol-EU251605
65Atrøcity (10)Grim Batol-EU251600
66Ðistinct AdvantageGrim Batol-EU251590
66Invented for lifeGrim Batol-EU251590
66Köttbjörnarna (10)Grim Batol-EU251590
66The Phoenix Project (10)Grim Batol-EU251590
70Spirit Of Elders (10)Grim Batol-EU251585
71Perfect Nine and MartinGrim Batol-EU251580
72Overcome (10)Grim Batol-EU251575
73Here the Grass is GreenGrim Batol-EU251560
73IFPDGrim Batol-EU251560
73The Valour LegionGrim Batol-EU251560
73WarDemonsGrim Batol-EU251560
77IlluminatorsGrim Batol-EU251550
77Killing TimeGrim Batol-EU251550
77PraetoriansGrim Batol-EU251550
77Pure IntentGrim Batol-EU251550
81Virtues (10)Grim Batol-EU251545
82Jupiter Mining Corp (10)Grim Batol-EU251535
83ArcticGrim Batol-EU251530
83Gods wrathGrim Batol-EU251530
83Spoon (10)Grim Batol-EU251530
86PremonitionGrim Batol-EU251520
87FreefallGrim Batol-EU251510
87Nightmare SoulsGrim Batol-EU251510
87what is capSLOCKGrim Batol-EU251510
90GimpGrim Batol-EU251505
91Art øf WarGrim Batol-EU251500
91Region Arctica (10)Grim Batol-EU251500
93Fracture (10)Grim Batol-EU251485
94Nightmare StalkersGrim Batol-EU251480
94Sad PandasGrim Batol-EU251480
96Hooded Shroud of ShadowGrim Batol-EU251475
96Trollstigen (10)Grim Batol-EU251475
98Guardian (10)Grim Batol-EU251470
99CAGE FIGHTER IRLGrim Batol-EU251460
99Eternal InsomniaGrim Batol-EU251460
99Twin PeaksGrim Batol-EU251460
102Three CrownsGrim Batol-EU251455
103Sir Lothars DemiseGrim Batol-EU251450
104After LifeGrim Batol-EU251445
104Alpha SoulsGrim Batol-EU251445
106Noctem Lux AeternaGrim Batol-EU251430
107Angrenost (10)Grim Batol-EU251425
108CatchGrim Batol-EU251420
108FriendzonedGrim Batol-EU251420
108OrigemGrim Batol-EU251420
108QendalGrim Batol-EU251420
112AchievemakerGrim Batol-EU251410
113Eternal DreamGrim Batol-EU251400
113Fatal MistakeGrim Batol-EU251400
113Gavve spelar warlock (10)Grim Batol-EU251400
116Shake and Bake (10)Grim Batol-EU251390
117Balnazzar RefugeesGrim Batol-EU251380
117de Dacia ElitesGrim Batol-EU251380
117Limo Wreck (10)Grim Batol-EU251380
117VexationGrim Batol-EU251380
121Parallel Evolution (25)Grim Batol-EU251370
122Annoyed And ConfusedGrim Batol-EU251360
123DestilledGrim Batol-EU251350
123InexplicableGrim Batol-EU251350
123MorpheusGrim Batol-EU251350
126No Gear (10)Grim Batol-EU251340
127Alliance Brigade (10)Grim Batol-EU251320
127The LightGrim Batol-EU251320
127UndeadKnights (10)Grim Batol-EU251320
131Den Nya BrigadenGrim Batol-EU251310
131EpiphanyGrim Batol-EU251310
133Geeks In DenialGrim Batol-EU251300
133LobsterGrim Batol-EU251300
135NonServiamGrim Batol-EU251295
136Twizted Reality (10)Grim Batol-EU251290
137ArgonautsGrim Batol-EU251285
138Grow Up GamingGrim Batol-EU251280
139Royalty (10)Grim Batol-EU251275
140ÐreamGrim Batol-EU251270
140Strength and HonourGrim Batol-EU251270
142THEGAMEGrim Batol-EU251265
143Levelup IncGrim Batol-EU251260
143Svenskt Stål BiterGrim Batol-EU251260
145ExorcismGrim Batol-EU251250
145Further Down the SpiralGrim Batol-EU251250
145Purgatory AfterglowGrim Batol-EU251250
145Repeat OffendersGrim Batol-EU251250
149The Exorcists (10)Grim Batol-EU251245
150ElysíumGrim Batol-EU251240
150Gnomes have small DKs (10)Grim Batol-EU251240
150TrickstersGrim Batol-EU251240
153HorgGrim Batol-EU251230
153OutbreakGrim Batol-EU251230
153Soul Sworn Seven (10)Grim Batol-EU251230
156Fashionably LateGrim Batol-EU251220
156ProximaGrim Batol-EU251220
156TitãsGrim Batol-EU251220
156XupaKabra (10)Grim Batol-EU251220
160IWeedIGrim Batol-EU251215
161Batol BrawlersGrim Batol-EU251210
161Gods Of OlympusGrim Batol-EU251210
161House TekenDuis (10)Grim Batol-EU251210
161ReloadedGrim Batol-EU251210
165AlcatrazGrim Batol-EU251200
165BlackListGrim Batol-EU251200
165Sanity (10)Grim Batol-EU251200
168MiracleGrim Batol-EU251195
169Ad FundumGrim Batol-EU251190
169DeviantsGrim Batol-EU251190
171Horde United ForcesGrim Batol-EU251185
171Tuonelan KätyritGrim Batol-EU251185
173AscensionGrim Batol-EU251180
173EuropeGrim Batol-EU251180
175SynergyoGrim Batol-EU251175
176Incedia PhoenixGrim Batol-EU251170
177Compagni BrommaGrim Batol-EU251165
177EndorphinsGrim Batol-EU251165
177Harbinger of DoomGrim Batol-EU251165
180DystopiaGrim Batol-EU251160
180EventyrGrim Batol-EU251160
180Imaginary Momentum (10)Grim Batol-EU251160
180Rise of the DragonGrim Batol-EU251160
180Royal BloodGrim Batol-EU251160
180ValianceGrim Batol-EU251160
186Death OrderGrim Batol-EU251150
186Konoha (10)Grim Batol-EU251150
186Revenant (10)Grim Batol-EU251150
186The Bonnie Tyler Fanclub (10)Grim Batol-EU251150
190DegenerationGrim Batol-EU251140
190Digital InsanityGrim Batol-EU251140
190Thrift Shop Epix (10)Grim Batol-EU251140
190WickedGrim Batol-EU251140
194All Guild PerksGrim Batol-EU251135
195Mood SwingZGrim Batol-EU251130
196momentum (10)Grim Batol-EU251125
196The Forsaken Dominion (10)Grim Batol-EU251125
198EntrailsGrim Batol-EU251120
198LagavulinGrim Batol-EU251120
200Samvirkelaget (10)Grim Batol-EU251115
201Midnight MafiaGrim Batol-EU251110
201Oddinary GamingGrim Batol-EU251110
203ObsidiaGrim Batol-EU251095
204ORDER Of BROTHERHOODGrim Batol-EU251090
205Kirin TorGrim Batol-EU251080
206Complexity (10)Grim Batol-EU251075
206SalvationGrim Batol-EU251075
206Soul SocietyGrim Batol-EU231075
209and two stealthy friends (10)Grim Batol-EU251060
209Gief EpixGrim Batol-EU251060
209ImmortalisGrim Batol-EU251060
209Phantom (10)Grim Batol-EU251060
213And an Imaginary FriendGrim Batol-EU251055
213Lobster Liberation PartyGrim Batol-EU251055
213NocturneGrim Batol-EU251055
216Academia (10)Grim Batol-EU251050
216At Least We Took StablesGrim Batol-EU251050
216Humble (10)Grim Batol-EU251050
219Insomnia (10)Grim Batol-EU251045
220ConspiracyGrim Batol-EU251040
220JustifyGrim Batol-EU251040
220Nordic GamingGrim Batol-EU251040
220PuzzlesGrim Batol-EU251040
220Tour de forceGrim Batol-EU251040
225Out of DreamsGrim Batol-EU251035
225WarlordsGrim Batol-EU251035
227Perception (10)Grim Batol-EU251030
228Chain Reaction (10)Grim Batol-EU251020
228Einherjar (10)Grim Batol-EU251020
230Alter EgoGrim Batol-EU251010
231Near Extinction (10)Grim Batol-EU251005
232Blackrock Mining CoGrim Batol-EU251000
232IndulgenceGrim Batol-EU251000
232StinkyGrim Batol-EU251000
232Tactical Failure (10)Grim Batol-EU251000
232The Divine (10)Grim Batol-EU251000
232The VarangiansGrim Batol-EU251000
238AlurenGrim Batol-EU25995
239E L I T EGrim Batol-EU25990
239Old Men Gaming (10)Grim Batol-EU25990
239The Eagle ClawGrim Batol-EU25990
242Artificial Talent (10)Grim Batol-EU25985
242PromilGrim Batol-EU25985
242PvP ChaosGrim Batol-EU25985
245Angels of GloryGrim Batol-EU25980
245Gelu AngelusGrim Batol-EU25980
247Flavour of the MonthGrim Batol-EU25970
247Space Monkey Mafia (10)Grim Batol-EU25970
247The BurninatorsGrim Batol-EU25970
250ConceitedGrim Batol-EU25960
250MywayGrim Batol-EU25960
252Poker StarZGrim Batol-EU25955
253Bloody SundayGrim Batol-EU25950
253CombatGrim Batol-EU25950
253SalaneuvosGrim Batol-EU25950
256Cover me PorkinsGrim Batol-EU25945
257Atomvinter (10)Grim Batol-EU25940
257is a pirate (10)Grim Batol-EU25940
257RefractionGrim Batol-EU25940
260ScaryCookiesGrim Batol-EU25935
261Äventyrargänget (10)Grim Batol-EU25930
262Sapphire SerpentsGrim Batol-EU25920
263SeedGrim Batol-EU21915
264Anonymous (10)Grim Batol-EU25910
264FunGrim Batol-EU25910
264Get On My LevelGrim Batol-EU25910
264Legendary Saga (10)Grim Batol-EU25910
264Licence to ChillGrim Batol-EU25910
264SmartAssGrim Batol-EU25910
264Smooth SaladGrim Batol-EU25910
264The Titans (10)Grim Batol-EU25910
272Dungeon Runners IncGrim Batol-EU25905
273Blood TacticsGrim Batol-EU25900
273Deus Ex MachinaGrim Batol-EU25900
273SøSGrim Batol-EU25900
273The BrothorityGrim Batol-EU25900
273TSLGrim Batol-EU25900
278Royal FlushGrim Batol-EU25895
278Savior of Azeroth (10)Grim Batol-EU25895
280Dubium (10)Grim Batol-EU25890
280Hall of FameGrim Batol-EU25890
280KaraKlubbenGrim Batol-EU25890
280Klovner I KampGrim Batol-EU25890
280Northern BrigadeGrim Batol-EU25890
285ComatoseGrim Batol-EU25880
285Dark Union (10)Grim Batol-EU25880
285ElysìumGrim Batol-EU25880
285Killing For CoverageGrim Batol-EU25880
285Lemon Haze (10)Grim Batol-EU25880
285NaftaliiniGrim Batol-EU25880
291Rise of ChaosGrim Batol-EU25875
291Second ChanceGrim Batol-EU25875
291SelectedGrim Batol-EU25875
294Take It EasyGrim Batol-EU25870
294WarheadGrim Batol-EU25870
294We Sell GoldGrim Batol-EU25870
297Keepers Of DarknessGrim Batol-EU25865
298Mamas KumquatGrim Batol-EU25860
298NESC (10)Grim Batol-EU25860
298Thieves GuildGrim Batol-EU25860
298UltimatomGrim Batol-EU25860
302We Got DeathstarGrim Batol-EU25855
303Pain OlympicsGrim Batol-EU25850
303Red SmurfsGrim Batol-EU25850
303Scripta ManéntGrim Batol-EU25850
303Unintentionally AwesomeGrim Batol-EU21850
303Valium (10)Grim Batol-EU25850
308FLÄSKGrim Batol-EU25845
308PanicGrim Batol-EU25845
310ANGERGrim Batol-EU25840
310DigerDödenGrim Batol-EU25840
310Enjoy GamingGrim Batol-EU25840
310Players VS PlayersGrim Batol-EU25840
314ViLE (10)Grim Batol-EU25835
315BadjorazzGrim Batol-EU25830
315BolerGnomsaGrim Batol-EU25830
315DrunkGrim Batol-EU25830
315Kokkelivekkulit (10)Grim Batol-EU25830
315The HolocronsGrim Batol-EU25830
315ToucH ITGrim Batol-EU25830
315ToxicGrim Batol-EU25830
322RealityGrim Batol-EU25825
322Tiki WalabamGrim Batol-EU25825
325Horde incGrim Batol-EU25820
325Hymnet (10)Grim Batol-EU25820
325Labyrinth (25)Grim Batol-EU25820
325Saltatio MortisGrim Batol-EU25820
325STJUUDANEGrim Batol-EU25820
330Panda PawsGrim Batol-EU25815
331DryckenskapGrim Batol-EU25810
331GoldmakersGrim Batol-EU25810
331Kazba (10)Grim Batol-EU25810
331Raidcore (10)Grim Batol-EU25810
331Sønner av Norge (10)Grim Batol-EU25810
331The Alliance KnightsGrim Batol-EU25810
331Valour LegacyGrim Batol-EU24810
338BjørneligaenGrim Batol-EU25805
338World EatersGrim Batol-EU25805
338ZabranjeniGrim Batol-EU25805
341Cap the Flag FFSGrim Batol-EU25800
341DivinusGrim Batol-EU25800
341foggellmannene (10)Grim Batol-EU25800
341LyncheskGrim Batol-EU25800
341RelentlessGrim Batol-EU25800
341The SenateGrim Batol-EU25800
341We only Pee in MoonwellsGrim Batol-EU25800
348BeltaineGrim Batol-EU25795
348CreamTeamGrim Batol-EU25795
348Dress Code Purple (10)Grim Batol-EU25795
348Super TroopersGrim Batol-EU25795
348Two Dollar HordeGrim Batol-EU25795
353Define SkilledGrim Batol-EU25790
353Kung Foo RaidersGrim Batol-EU25790
353Liian Helppo MiesGrim Batol-EU25790
353LIMBØGrim Batol-EU22790
353Team LacketGrim Batol-EU25790
353The Divine EntityGrim Batol-EU25790
359Ancient TwinksGrim Batol-EU25785
359GSRGrim Batol-EU25785
359Jar of DirtGrim Batol-EU25785
359Nerf KarskGrim Batol-EU15785
363AlacrityGrim Batol-EU25780
363Fanatic (10)Grim Batol-EU25780
363IllusionsGrim Batol-EU17780
363PhalanxGrim Batol-EU25780
367DemonicSpaceHippogryphsGrim Batol-EU25770
367Fjölskylda (10)Grim Batol-EU25770
367SpruterGrim Batol-EU25770
367The Golden EyeGrim Batol-EU25770
367The PackGrim Batol-EU25770
372DescendGrim Batol-EU25765
372Grim Batol FightclubGrim Batol-EU25765
374Kicks (25)Grim Batol-EU25760
374PIXELSGrim Batol-EU25760
374RazerbladesGrim Batol-EU25760
374Straight To HellGrim Batol-EU25760
378Entangled Roots TribeGrim Batol-EU25755
378Party Like A CrusaderGrim Batol-EU25755
378Warlords Leveling GuildGrim Batol-EU25755
381Blood and ThunderGrim Batol-EU25750
381Insanity (10)Grim Batol-EU25750
381RighteousnessGrim Batol-EU25750
381SabotageGrim Batol-EU25750
385Da Mighty BlazeGrim Batol-EU25745
385Embrace (10)Grim Batol-EU25745
385Equus CastorGrim Batol-EU25745
388Barbeque LordsGrim Batol-EU25740
388Fat Guys Cant LOSGrim Batol-EU25740
388Old Ironforge Brewery (10)Grim Batol-EU25740
388SequentiaGrim Batol-EU25740
392DiscidiumGrim Batol-EU25735
393BBQ at stablesGrim Batol-EU25730
393Divided by ZeroGrim Batol-EU17730
393Echo of War (10)Grim Batol-EU25730
393Gutan RaidingGrim Batol-EU25730
397Apen van BurgerZooGrim Batol-EU25720
397MY ÐAÐ SAIÐ I WAS GLAÐ (10)Grim Batol-EU25720
397Out on Bail (10)Grim Batol-EU25720
397Sanguine (10)Grim Batol-EU25720
397ScionGrim Batol-EU25720
402Quebra NozesGrim Batol-EU25715
402The New Era Of DeathGrim Batol-EU25715
404HelIion (10)Grim Batol-EU25710
404InquisitionGrim Batol-EU25710
404Scooby DudesGrim Batol-EU25710
404THYPICALGrim Batol-EU25710
404VART E SISTA BOSSENGrim Batol-EU25710
409SanitizedGrim Batol-EU25705
410Ferrum LegioGrim Batol-EU25700
410Gooftroop (10)Grim Batol-EU25700
410Original Sin (10)Grim Batol-EU25700
410Panda PerksGrim Batol-EU25700
410RecoveryGrim Batol-EU25700
410Silent Killer (10)Grim Batol-EU25700
410Templarius LvsitaniaeGrim Batol-EU25700
410Very PvPGrim Batol-EU25700
418ConceitGrim Batol-EU25695
419Army of Drunken RebelsGrim Batol-EU25690
419BUNNIES FROM HELLGrim Batol-EU21690
419IllusionGrim Batol-EU25690
419Light of DawnGrim Batol-EU25690
419MoX (10)Grim Batol-EU21690
419Northern CrossGrim Batol-EU25690
419sry cntGrim Batol-EU25690
419The abandoned SquadGrim Batol-EU25690
419Valhalla (10)Grim Batol-EU25690
428EMSITYC (10)Grim Batol-EU25680
428EONGrim Batol-EU25680
428Eye of SulfurasGrim Batol-EU25680
428Fallen Lords (10)Grim Batol-EU25680
428Lady Archmaidens RetinueGrim Batol-EU25680
428TectumGrim Batol-EU23680
434Atleast we had StablesGrim Batol-EU19675
434BalerionGrim Batol-EU25675
434flemish furyGrim Batol-EU25675
434Love VendorGrim Batol-EU24675
438Clearly Boosted (10)Grim Batol-EU25670
438ExorisGrim Batol-EU22670
438GAMEHARDGrim Batol-EU25670
438iEvokeGrim Batol-EU21670
438Lost PropertyGrim Batol-EU22670
438Mirin my wowsthetics (10)Grim Batol-EU25670
438Powerpuff PinglornaGrim Batol-EU25670
438TSMGrim Batol-EU25670
446Blood and SteelGrim Batol-EU25665
446Dragons and UnicornsGrim Batol-EU25665
446InnominateGrim Batol-EU25665
446TarantulaGrim Batol-EU25665
446Xide CrewGrim Batol-EU25665
451Banana CritGrim Batol-EU25660
451GuildNameHereGrim Batol-EU25660
451Kentucky Fried MoonkinGrim Batol-EU25660
451Neverending Glory (10)Grim Batol-EU25660
451Sacred Legacy (10)Grim Batol-EU25660
451WOOPWOOPGrim Batol-EU25660
457Haste SquadGrim Batol-EU25655
457RevivedGrim Batol-EU17655
457Sons of The North (10)Grim Batol-EU25655
457Vendétta (10)Grim Batol-EU25655
461AdrenalineGrim Batol-EU25650
461Catas levling guildGrim Batol-EU20650
461Corpse RunGrim Batol-EU22650
461EvennessGrim Batol-EU25650
461Fire in the holeGrim Batol-EU23650
461Happy EndingsGrim Batol-EU25650
461Tauren Mîlkîng ClanGrim Batol-EU25650
461Team RamboGrim Batol-EU25650
469Mana Users AnonymousGrim Batol-EU25645
469Memento PeccaviGrim Batol-EU25645
471CriticalGrim Batol-EU25640
471Insert CoinGrim Batol-EU25640
471mEIGHTGrim Batol-EU25640
471PartyzanciGrim Batol-EU25640
475Dark PathGrim Batol-EU25635
477Ashes to DustGrim Batol-EU21630
477ReachGrim Batol-EU25630
477The Fire BreathGrim Batol-EU25630
477The Ntelirio Show (10)Grim Batol-EU25630
481FortunarumGrim Batol-EU25625
481PandoraGrim Batol-EU25625
481Sightless ChaosGrim Batol-EU25625
484A New Hope (10)Grim Batol-EU25620
484La familiaGrim Batol-EU25620
484Lookin for AlaskaGrim Batol-EU25620
484OvérkillGrim Batol-EU25620
488Ancient WrathGrim Batol-EU25615
488assdwwGUYS I CANT MOVEGrim Batol-EU25615
488DignityGrim Batol-EU25615
488Final SevenGrim Batol-EU22615
492AmbivalentGrim Batol-EU25610
492BlaztGrim Batol-EU25610
492ReignGrim Batol-EU25610
492Reunited (10)Grim Batol-EU25610
492sorry team (10)Grim Batol-EU25610
492The insane ACE (10)Grim Batol-EU25610
492TTGrim Batol-EU25610
499KuduGrim Batol-EU25605
499Mínions of AzzinothGrim Batol-EU25605
499SNAPSGrim Batol-EU25605
502biaCGrim Batol-EU25600
502GravityGrim Batol-EU25600
502Inquisitors HuntGrim Batol-EU25600
502IsolationGrim Batol-EU25600
502Northern StarGrim Batol-EU19600
502ProBioticGrim Batol-EU25600
502the darkGrim Batol-EU25600
502The FuzzGrim Batol-EU25600
502The LegendsGrim Batol-EU25600
502XecutionGrim Batol-EU25600
512Arena WarlordsGrim Batol-EU25595
512Drunken HazeGrim Batol-EU25595
512NeothologyGrim Batol-EU25595
512TEXAS Ice LanceGrim Batol-EU25595
512uMAD uSAD uBAD weGLADGrim Batol-EU25595
517Blade of HatredGrim Batol-EU25590
517EzGrim Batol-EU25590
517Masser (10)Grim Batol-EU25590
520BeastGrim Batol-EU25585
520Graveyard DisciplesGrim Batol-EU25585
520Memorial (10)Grim Batol-EU25585
520Shadez of StormwindGrim Batol-EU25585
524Bane (10)Grim Batol-EU24580
524Einstein Mind (10)Grim Batol-EU25580
524Gladius FortisGrim Batol-EU22580
524RetardosGrim Batol-EU25580
524Secret Squirrel SocietyGrim Batol-EU25580
524SpectrumGrim Batol-EU25580
530Bizarre Stories (25)Grim Batol-EU25575
531Demonic WorriorsGrim Batol-EU21570
531FarmVille ZergModeGrim Batol-EU25570
531HauntedGrim Batol-EU25570
531PosterioriGrim Batol-EU25570
531Republic GamersGrim Batol-EU25570
531Response (10)Grim Batol-EU25570
531The GeneralsGrim Batol-EU25570
538League of Shadows (10)Grim Batol-EU25565
538Limmp stompar noobsGrim Batol-EU25565
538Resume GameGrim Batol-EU25565
541Cillit BangGrim Batol-EU25560
541Dark AnubisGrim Batol-EU17560
541East india trading co (10)Grim Batol-EU25560
541Emerald DreamGrim Batol-EU17560
541hey im mvp (10)Grim Batol-EU25560
541LokumGrim Batol-EU24560
541ParasenseGrim Batol-EU25560
541Twelve SkyGrim Batol-EU25560
541Unitas Aeterno (10)Grim Batol-EU25560
541VanquishersGrim Batol-EU25560
541VindicationGrim Batol-EU25560
552WinningGrim Batol-EU24555
553Army of the cookieGrim Batol-EU25550
553First AttemptGrim Batol-EU20550
553Gluteus MaximusGrim Batol-EU25550
553Interplanetary NinjaGrim Batol-EU25550
553MistsGrim Batol-EU25550
553NemesîsGrim Batol-EU25550
553PentaculumGrim Batol-EU13550
553SupremeGrim Batol-EU25550
553TROLLING BRAHGrim Batol-EU25550
562Bloody BrotherhoodGrim Batol-EU25545
562Glede Med VredeGrim Batol-EU25545
564A Disaster On SteroidsGrim Batol-EU25540
564Cuddle Vendor xyzGrim Batol-EU13540
564Ducktape MafiaGrim Batol-EU25540
564EfficiencyGrim Batol-EU25540
564NightfallGrim Batol-EU25540
564Notorious by VitiationGrim Batol-EU25540
564Phaggotry Without LimitsGrim Batol-EU25540
564Virtual EffectGrim Batol-EU13540
564We Survive (10)Grim Batol-EU25540
573Ninja Bandit Death SquadGrim Batol-EU25535
573Perfect FitGrim Batol-EU22535
573Running On EmptyGrim Batol-EU25535
576BeaconGrim Batol-EU25530
576Computer Says NoGrim Batol-EU25530
576Exalted with Super BockGrim Batol-EU25530
576Masochism (10)Grim Batol-EU25530
576NK IS BEST KOREAGrim Batol-EU25530
576Pinch and RollGrim Batol-EU25530
576Sanctum Nocturnos (10)Grim Batol-EU7530
576VeteranernaGrim Batol-EU18530
584BRB WCGrim Batol-EU22525
584SearchGrim Batol-EU25525
584VooDooGrim Batol-EU25525
587Excellent (10)Grim Batol-EU25520
587Fac ut vivas (10)Grim Batol-EU25520
587Guardian of ÐeathGrim Batol-EU25520
587Legalïze FelweedGrim Batol-EU22520
587The SystemGrim Batol-EU25520
587VikingPowerGrim Batol-EU25520
596Epidemic BunniesGrim Batol-EU25515
596Gnomeland GuardsGrim Batol-EU24515
596Golden BrotherhoodGrim Batol-EU25515
596Seven YearsGrim Batol-EU25515
596Slaying Hordes For FunGrim Batol-EU25515
596The AwesomeGrim Batol-EU25515
596THE GOOSE IS LOOSEGrim Batol-EU25515
603Amazing SynergyGrim Batol-EU12510
603Brody QuestGrim Batol-EU25510
603Eleven Inches Unbuffed (10)Grim Batol-EU25510
603EnemyGrim Batol-EU25510
603Inc WaterworksGrim Batol-EU25510
603Into OblivionGrim Batol-EU3510
603MeTHoD MXGrim Batol-EU25510
603MiðgarðurGrim Batol-EU25510
603Safe HouseGrim Batol-EU23510
603SlayerzGrim Batol-EU25510
614Holy LightGrim Batol-EU25505
614Second NatureGrim Batol-EU16505
614Super Non Offensive NameGrim Batol-EU25505
614the lions from the north (10)Grim Batol-EU25505
614Trygg HansaGrim Batol-EU25505
619AriaMehrGrim Batol-EU16500
619Ashran AssailantsGrim Batol-EU21500
619CrabsReloadedGrim Batol-EU25500
619EmotionalGrim Batol-EU25500
619EnvidaGrim Batol-EU25500
619Guild of Mute AssassinsGrim Batol-EU22500
619IssuesGrim Batol-EU25500
619Nine HomeworldsGrim Batol-EU25500
619OxymaGrim Batol-EU17500
619The Roflmuffín ClubGrim Batol-EU25500
619The typical SvenskenGrim Batol-EU23500
619Til Dovre fallerGrim Batol-EU25500
631ApprimeGrim Batol-EU20495
631BangezGrim Batol-EU10495
631luna havenGrim Batol-EU25495
631Terra NovaGrim Batol-EU16495
631Valar MorghuIisGrim Batol-EU25495
636IAMA PVPer AMA (10)Grim Batol-EU25490
636JUST HANGING OUTGrim Batol-EU12490
636Light in AugustGrim Batol-EU25490
636Little red COWGrim Batol-EU25490
636NocturnalGrim Batol-EU10490
636The ExpendablesGrim Batol-EU12490
636Triple TreatsGrim Batol-EU21490
636Two Inches BuffedGrim Batol-EU25490
644Sealed By A KissGrim Batol-EU25485
645Guardians of IronforgeGrim Batol-EU25480
645Plano B (10)Grim Batol-EU1480
645Plugged InGrim Batol-EU4480
645ScryersGrim Batol-EU25480
649NocturnusGrim Batol-EU22475
649The Reborn HeroesGrim Batol-EU25475
651AestheticsGrim Batol-EU25470
651Afternoon Tea PartyGrim Batol-EU25470
651CrickomaniaGrim Batol-EU25470
651DowntimeGrim Batol-EU14470
651ExtinctionGrim Batol-EU25470
651Justified Hubris (10)Grim Batol-EU12470
651ManGrim Batol-EU25470
651team soppGrim Batol-EU25470
651The knights who say NIHGrim Batol-EU25470
651There Is No CounterGrim Batol-EU25470
661RevitaliseGrim Batol-EU25465
661TEAM AVATARGrim Batol-EU25465
661Vikings of NorthGrim Batol-EU19465
664aFectoGrim Batol-EU20460
664ExiliesGrim Batol-EU13460
664FAILGrim Batol-EU17460
664GauntletGrim Batol-EU4460
668Dueling for Pink SlipsGrim Batol-EU25455
668Mighty MidgetsGrim Batol-EU25455
668Scream of the PastGrim Batol-EU22455
668SteelGrim Batol-EU25455
672BBQ HEROESGrim Batol-EU20450
672InceptumGrim Batol-EU15450
672Lithium (10)Grim Batol-EU7450
672NyaN SuperHeroesGrim Batol-EU14450
676OwningGrim Batol-EU25445
677BRB Grandma on FireGrim Batol-EU25440
677JAGGrim Batol-EU25440
677LIBANGrim Batol-EU11440
677Reis MagosGrim Batol-EU25440
681AesirGrim Batol-EU25435
681Anagrama (10)Grim Batol-EU3435
681Die safeGrim Batol-EU15435
681EQoNOXGrim Batol-EU25435
681RasebevisstGrim Batol-EU25435
681Stormwind Gank SquadGrim Batol-EU18435
687LegendariumGrim Batol-EU19430
687Mind TricksGrim Batol-EU4430
687Stigmata has gone AllyGrim Batol-EU7430
687Tactical Disaster (10)Grim Batol-EU15430
691FunkGrim Batol-EU24425
691No Gear Just SkillsGrim Batol-EU25425
691VeylumGrim Batol-EU25425
694Butters and CoGrim Batol-EU25420
694ElementiumGrim Batol-EU17420
694EquitesGrim Batol-EU19420
694Exploding LabratsGrim Batol-EU13420
694Knock Knock PennyGrim Batol-EU25420
694ProsapiaGrim Batol-EU13420
694Stand Aside Im BritishGrim Batol-EU10420
701LandfallGrim Batol-EU25415
701Legacy of BloodGrim Batol-EU20415
701Lex SuperiorGrim Batol-EU22415
701MethamphetamineGrim Batol-EU25415
701SameTingetGrim Batol-EU25415
706Back From HellGrim Batol-EU25410
706Cakes and DiceGrim Batol-EU25410
706Heaven Can WaitGrim Batol-EU2410
706Ladies and GentlemenGrim Batol-EU19410
706Opus ImperfectaGrim Batol-EU16410
706Probably DrunkGrim Batol-EU12410
706Swords Of SoulsGrim Batol-EU17410
706The Fighting PandasGrim Batol-EU25410
706The Secret of SteelGrim Batol-EU14410
706The StrawhatsGrim Batol-EU12410
706The VanguardGrim Batol-EU12410
706Victory RushGrim Batol-EU25410
718BizarreGrim Batol-EU25400
718Finns i SjönGrim Batol-EU20400
718Glorious GladiatorsGrim Batol-EU25400
718Hukkers of AzerothGrim Batol-EU25400
718Mystic waysGrim Batol-EU25400
718Penta DollsGrim Batol-EU23400
718True Alliance HeroesGrim Batol-EU25400
718Wisdom of allianceGrim Batol-EU18400
726Bingo PlayersGrim Batol-EU25395
726Bow before meGrim Batol-EU25395
726DeceptionGrim Batol-EU19395
726Eternal JerksGrim Batol-EU16395
726Infusion (10)Grim Batol-EU16395
726UnbuffedGrim Batol-EU25395
726Vocare Ad RegnumGrim Batol-EU25395
733Bromma IRLGrim Batol-EU25390
733DREAMSTATEGrim Batol-EU25390
733Inglourious BaylifeGrim Batol-EU25390
733Jersey ShoreGrim Batol-EU16390
733Project eliteGrim Batol-EU25390
733Sleeping EaglesGrim Batol-EU25390
739DreamGrim Batol-EU12385
739Forged in BloodGrim Batol-EU25385
739Guardian AngelsGrim Batol-EU25385
739Kinetic VelocityGrim Batol-EU25385
739Out Of SkillzGrim Batol-EU25385
739PvP IRLGrim Batol-EU25385
745AnatoliaGrim Batol-EU20380
745Cookie ArmyGrim Batol-EU25380
745HadoukenGrim Batol-EU11380
745IndigoGrim Batol-EU25380
745Ingen her heter Torgeir (10)Grim Batol-EU3380
745LoadingGrim Batol-EU11380
745Meet Me In Tinker TownGrim Batol-EU23380
745MidnightGrim Batol-EU25380
745Recycled FailuresGrim Batol-EU11380
745RedentorGrim Batol-EU18380
745Rise Of HordeGrim Batol-EU9380
745The League of GentlemenGrim Batol-EU20380
745Valhall Can WaitGrim Batol-EU8380
758Chaotic CrusadeGrim Batol-EU20375
758Demons OffspringsGrim Batol-EU14375
758Jah Love (10)Grim Batol-EU25375
758SvenskarnaGrim Batol-EU10375
762A Fistful OF DollarsGrim Batol-EU25370
762Bleed For MeGrim Batol-EU21370
762Brits of Grim BatolGrim Batol-EU11370
762Celph TitledGrim Batol-EU15370
762CtownGrim Batol-EU18370
762GenesísGrim Batol-EU17370
762Guild Not FoundGrim Batol-EU21370
762Hord of Stronghold LordsGrim Batol-EU24370
762Hørdecøre PwnøgraphyGrim Batol-EU10370
762Miasma TheoryGrim Batol-EU19370
762Old WipesGrim Batol-EU17370
762Only FriendsGrim Batol-EU11370
762OraclesGrim Batol-EU7370
762Panda Levling GuildGrim Batol-EU25370
762SharewoodGrim Batol-EU15370
762Stating the ObviousGrim Batol-EU25370
762What Are You DoingGrim Batol-EU10370
779AbstractGrim Batol-EU25365
779Do you even liftGrim Batol-EU25365
779Guardians of the MistGrim Batol-EU15365
782Above and BeyondGrim Batol-EU23360
782alluren (10)Grim Batol-EU5360
782BananaBerriesGrim Batol-EU25360
782Circle Of BossesGrim Batol-EU25360
782Ethereal BrothershipGrim Batol-EU22360
782IgnisGrim Batol-EU8360
782InsurrectionGrim Batol-EU22360
782MurderdollsGrim Batol-EU25360
782The Golden ArmyGrim Batol-EU25360
782The Pink PwniesGrim Batol-EU13360
782WATERMELONYUMGrim Batol-EU20360
782We Die AlotGrim Batol-EU11360
782You Gotta Be Kiting MeGrim Batol-EU23360
796Fallen KnightsGrim Batol-EU25355
796OlviGrim Batol-EU25355
798Alentejo sem LeiGrim Batol-EU21350
798AlternateGrim Batol-EU16350
798BismarckGrim Batol-EU25350
798CMC (10)Grim Batol-EU16350
798DemUmbrellaGrim Batol-EU13350
798Eskas imba bankGrim Batol-EU25350
798LawlGrim Batol-EU21350
798Smex Bob ombGrim Batol-EU20350
798Thats How I Roll (10)Grim Batol-EU11350
798The EukaryotesGrim Batol-EU25350
798We Got GankedGrim Batol-EU25350
810Expect The UnexpectedGrim Batol-EU25345
810Order of WarriorsGrim Batol-EU15345
810WreckingballsGrim Batol-EU22345
813AwesomeNAUTSGrim Batol-EU25340
813Bloody HellGrim Batol-EU5340
813ColosseumGrim Batol-EU25340
813Cruel IntentGrim Batol-EU25340
813DenchgangGrim Batol-EU25340
813DogeGrim Batol-EU14340
813Finos e TremoçosGrim Batol-EU12340
813Hemliga Gruppen (10)Grim Batol-EU6340
813History In ProgressGrim Batol-EU8340
813HubrisGrim Batol-EU25340
813No Plan At AllGrim Batol-EU20340
813norske gamereGrim Batol-EU21340
813OctaneGrim Batol-EU25340
813SÄVAGESGrim Batol-EU25340
813Squirrel TribeGrim Batol-EU8340
813The LegacyGrim Batol-EU11340
829Nothing DecentGrim Batol-EU18335
830Bad Boys IncGrim Batol-EU25330
830Chocoholic Wine ClubGrim Batol-EU25330
830Dara MactireGrim Batol-EU21330
830GjøkeredetGrim Batol-EU25330
830go for the ballsGrim Batol-EU25330
830HalfCaveGrim Batol-EU9330
830Legends of the StormGrim Batol-EU25330
830MindlessGrim Batol-EU25330
830NetherwingGrim Batol-EU25330
830Not Now Babe Im On CDGrim Batol-EU16330
830RabiatGrim Batol-EU25330
830Savage WarriorsGrim Batol-EU25330
830SlackaroosGrim Batol-EU15330
830Tøff i TvangstrøyeGrim Batol-EU11330
830Total Dansk ØdelæggelseGrim Batol-EU16330
845The PowerGrim Batol-EU16325
845Vikings Of The StormGrim Batol-EU25325
847ÉssenceGrim Batol-EU13320
847Faz essAGrim Batol-EU25320
847ggwpGrim Batol-EU24320
847Norse GamingGrim Batol-EU25320
847ProgressionGrim Batol-EU25320
847RosvosektoriGrim Batol-EU9320
847SemGeloGrim Batol-EU3320
847SlænghusGrim Batol-EU25320
847Your DemiseGrim Batol-EU5320
847Zooitje OngeregeldGrim Batol-EU18320
857Durotar Dancing ClubGrim Batol-EU25315
857Total WarGrim Batol-EU25315
857TrønderbartGrim Batol-EU25315
861Arte et MarteGrim Batol-EU12310
861Casual CrocodilesGrim Batol-EU16310
861Dalaran Sewer SurvivorsGrim Batol-EU8310
861Darkmoon RabbitsGrim Batol-EU12310
861Downstairs MixupGrim Batol-EU10310
861Expandit NatibusGrim Batol-EU14310
861FtaghnGrim Batol-EU17310
861GamersOfTomorrowGrim Batol-EU19310
861Hardcore SupertardsGrim Batol-EU10310
861Hide meGrim Batol-EU16310
861LogHorizonGrim Batol-EU25310
861ScapegoatGrim Batol-EU8310
861The CehGrim Batol-EU25310
861ThorGrim Batol-EU21310
861Warsong MemoriesGrim Batol-EU25310
861You Are Already DeadGrim Batol-EU25310
877Friends with benefits (10)Grim Batol-EU25305
877The Crimson TideGrim Batol-EU16305
877Warlords of DraenorGrim Batol-EU19305
880AfflictionGrim Batol-EU25300
880Cheesus ChristGrim Batol-EU18300
880CoffeeshopGrim Batol-EU16300
880DirtyGrim Batol-EU13300
880DrogDealersGrim Batol-EU25300
880MostValuablePvpersGrim Batol-EU25300
880raidsGrim Batol-EU25300
880RaptureGrim Batol-EU10300
880Svalur og ValurGrim Batol-EU25300
880The Downward SpiralGrim Batol-EU1300
880XupaMistoGrim Batol-EU24300
891BratlandGrim Batol-EU25295
891Mayhem MakerzGrim Batol-EU11295
893Bane of Evil BlossomGrim Batol-EU13290
893BrainCubeGrim Batol-EU25290
893Casal GarciaGrim Batol-EU25290
893Dragons SlayersGrim Batol-EU25290
893Educated NewbsGrim Batol-EU19290
893faps over napsGrim Batol-EU10290
893GankstarsGrim Batol-EU18290
893Ghost BustersGrim Batol-EU17290
893Helees HeroesGrim Batol-EU16290
893Monster inside meGrim Batol-EU25290
893PandorianGrim Batol-EU16290
893ParalysisGrim Batol-EU25290
893PerkaliciousGrim Batol-EU7290
893RansomGrim Batol-EU7290
893Shadow BunniesGrim Batol-EU25290
893Shanghai VikingsGrim Batol-EU25290
893Short bus drive byGrim Batol-EU10290
893Social KillersGrim Batol-EU18290
893STEALTH BOYSGrim Batol-EU25290
912CTRL the OutcomeGrim Batol-EU14285
912Norwegian KillersGrim Batol-EU21285
912Slay N WaveGrim Batol-EU18285
915Alliance EliminatorsGrim Batol-EU25280
915Flawless EUGrim Batol-EU20280
915For the PoorGrim Batol-EU21280
915Furious FredlyGrim Batol-EU19280
915IndomitusGrim Batol-EU17280
915Last of The RavensGrim Batol-EU13280
915Moves like LaggerGrim Batol-EU16280
915PetroleumGrim Batol-EU10280
915Primus OptimusGrim Batol-EU10280
915Sanitas (10)Grim Batol-EU7280
915SsKillzZGrim Batol-EU16280
915The NorseGrim Batol-EU25280
915Vicious ChaosGrim Batol-EU10280
930Ashes to AshesGrim Batol-EU7270
930BloodGrim Batol-EU25270
930Dawn of the silentGrim Batol-EU19270
930Decked OutGrim Batol-EU8270
930Heroes of the rísing sunGrim Batol-EU10270
930I Will SurviveGrim Batol-EU5270
930KubarGrim Batol-EU8270
930L i q u i d (10)Grim Batol-EU2270
930Lack of â better nameGrim Batol-EU22270
930Monk OP IncGrim Batol-EU22270
930Norwegian A R M YGrim Batol-EU25270
930QuestGrim Batol-EU16270
930Royal ChaosGrim Batol-EU25270
930Sangue LusitanoGrim Batol-EU5270
930Scandinavian GirlsGrim Batol-EU25270
930The Last PrimeGrim Batol-EU13270
930UNTAMEDGrim Batol-EU10270
947E x e c u t i o N (10)Grim Batol-EU6265
947The Drunken ClamGrim Batol-EU15265
949BADiatorGrim Batol-EU25260
949E N E R G YGrim Batol-EU24260
949ImpregnableGrim Batol-EU8260
949Invisible EmpireGrim Batol-EU21260
949LeColaGrim Batol-EU7260
949Lobsters Are EverythingGrim Batol-EU9260
949OrthodoxGrim Batol-EU25260
949QuarantineGrim Batol-EU9260
949TaberneirosGrim Batol-EU4260
949Team Reilu MeininkiGrim Batol-EU13260
949THATS RACISTGrim Batol-EU14260
949The FoundationGrim Batol-EU12260
949The Real WeedsmokersGrim Batol-EU12260
949Ultimate TeamGrim Batol-EU16260
949VNationGrim Batol-EU14260
949WipebringersGrim Batol-EU8260
949WoWMarfiaGrim Batol-EU25260
966Facial HairGrim Batol-EU25255
966Shade Of The AllianceGrim Batol-EU19255
966You pay we slayGrim Batol-EU19255
969BloodlineGrim Batol-EU22250
969Chronicles Of SunnfjordGrim Batol-EU14250
969CREAM TEAMGrim Batol-EU25250
969DamagevaultGrim Batol-EU25250
969DD Hand Me DownGrim Batol-EU9250
969Disneyland After DarkGrim Batol-EU25250
969Grinding Macht FreiGrim Batol-EU17250
969Guildmore GirlsGrim Batol-EU21250
969Hey Im BlazinGrim Batol-EU25250
969In high spiritsGrim Batol-EU25250
969InvisibleGrim Batol-EU25250
969is ShagadelicGrim Batol-EU10250
969Nightmare of YseraGrim Batol-EU25250
969NightwatchersGrim Batol-EU22250
969Pizza ProntoGrim Batol-EU9250
969Random Latin NounGrim Batol-EU14250
969ResoluteGrim Batol-EU3250
969ResonanceGrim Batol-EU18250
969Serious BusinessGrim Batol-EU6250
969Sorry Babe I am on CDGrim Batol-EU17250
969Troll PatrolGrim Batol-EU17250
969War PigsGrim Batol-EU18250
969Zombie RaidersGrim Batol-EU11250
992Hey Im RBGGrim Batol-EU17245
992PVP SlimGrim Batol-EU25245
994de derGrim Batol-EU7240
994Dewin posseGrim Batol-EU25240
994DissimilisGrim Batol-EU18240
994DubbleKawaiiGrim Batol-EU8240
994Flying HighGrim Batol-EU10240
994Godz Of The ArenaGrim Batol-EU25240
994Insane EvolutionGrim Batol-EU11240

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