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Earthen Ring-US Guild Achievement Points
1Blood Fist (25)Earthen Ring-US252395
2The Old Guard (10)Earthen Ring-US252335
3Sacred (10)Earthen Ring-US252315
4The Jägermonsters (10)Earthen Ring-US252290
5Grim Determination (10)Earthen Ring-US252275
6Street Knights (10)Earthen Ring-US252265
6Veritas (10)Earthen Ring-US252265
8The Honor Guard (10)Earthen Ring-US252235
9THE EPIC RAIDERS (10)Earthen Ring-US252225
10alea iacta est gravitas (10)Earthen Ring-US252210
11Reciprocity (10)Earthen Ring-US252200
12Cataclysm (10)Earthen Ring-US252195
13Celestial Alignment (10)Earthen Ring-US252190
14Gquit (10)Earthen Ring-US252185
15Ruineous Senility (10)Earthen Ring-US252180
15The Knights Who Say Zug (10)Earthen Ring-US252180
17Outcast Order (10)Earthen Ring-US252175
18Ex Cineribus Resurgam (10)Earthen Ring-US252150
18Lunatic Friends (10)Earthen Ring-US252150
20Ashes of the Dawn (10)Earthen Ring-US252145
21Nightmare On Elf StreetEarthen Ring-US252140
22Exodus (10)Earthen Ring-US252130
22The Praxeum (10)Earthen Ring-US252130
24Dissonance (10)Earthen Ring-US252115
24Final Stand (10)Earthen Ring-US252115
26alea iacta est salus (10)Earthen Ring-US252090
27The Eleventh Hour (10)Earthen Ring-US252075
28Friends and Lovers (10)Earthen Ring-US252055
29Aberration (10)Earthen Ring-US252050
29Templars of the Rose (10)Earthen Ring-US252050
29The Phantom LegionEarthen Ring-US252050
32House Of Avalon (10)Earthen Ring-US252030
33Fate (10)Earthen Ring-US251995
34Ex Inferis (10)Earthen Ring-US251990
34RebirthEarthen Ring-US251990
34The IlluminatiEarthen Ring-US251990
37Decus et VeritasEarthen Ring-US251980
38Shadow RemainsEarthen Ring-US251965
39alea iacta est fortuna (10)Earthen Ring-US251960
39Game OverEarthen Ring-US251960
41alea iacta est comitas (10)Earthen Ring-US251955
42Gods WarriorsEarthen Ring-US251950
42Order of Sanctus (25)Earthen Ring-US251950
44Clan of DarknessEarthen Ring-US251940
44Sere Vala (10)Earthen Ring-US251940
44The Forge of NightEarthen Ring-US251940
47The Remnants (10)Earthen Ring-US251925
48Dark SoulsEarthen Ring-US251910
48Nemesis (10)Earthen Ring-US251910
50alea iacta est verendus (10)Earthen Ring-US251900
50Tamarack OrderEarthen Ring-US251900
52Intangible (10)Earthen Ring-US251880
52Legacy of the Alliance (10)Earthen Ring-US251880
54alea iacta est dignitas (10)Earthen Ring-US251870
54Insurgence (10)Earthen Ring-US251870
54Sons of Hellscream (10)Earthen Ring-US251870
57The Looters GuildEarthen Ring-US251850
58Icon (10)Earthen Ring-US251835
59alea iacta est invictus (10)Earthen Ring-US251830
59Crusaders of the RealmEarthen Ring-US251830
61Red Panda Army (10)Earthen Ring-US251810
61Tears of DraenorEarthen Ring-US251810
61TENACITYEarthen Ring-US251810
64Palemoon Requiem (10)Earthen Ring-US251800
64Rebellious InsanityEarthen Ring-US251800
66alea iacta est fidelis (10)Earthen Ring-US251790
66Midnight Sun MilitiaEarthen Ring-US251790
68Celestial GåteEarthen Ring-US251780
68Outkast (10)Earthen Ring-US251780
68Respawn and RepeatEarthen Ring-US251780
71Nightlife (10)Earthen Ring-US251770
72Personna Non GrataEarthen Ring-US251760
72Sins of Our FathersEarthen Ring-US251760
72The Royal Lions BrigadeEarthen Ring-US251760
75A Legacy of RuinEarthen Ring-US251750
75Icha Icha Paradise (10)Earthen Ring-US251750
75Noble Order of Bugbear (10)Earthen Ring-US251750
78Grimm ConsortiumEarthen Ring-US251740
79RadianceEarthen Ring-US251725
80The Darkmoon ClanEarthen Ring-US251720
81Kamikaze RunnersEarthen Ring-US251715
81Neckbeard ExcursionEarthen Ring-US251715
83The Legions of FrostEarthen Ring-US251710
84Asmodeus destroyers (10)Earthen Ring-US251700
84No OptionEarthen Ring-US251700
84The Letztes BataillonEarthen Ring-US251700
87EspadaEarthen Ring-US251690
87Frost WatchEarthen Ring-US251690
89Militis RuinaEarthen Ring-US251680
89SeraphimEarthen Ring-US251680
91alea iacta est libertas (10)Earthen Ring-US251670
92Drunken Brawlers (10)Earthen Ring-US251660
92Goons for Hire (10)Earthen Ring-US251660
94Absolute Zero (10)Earthen Ring-US251650
94DeathReapers (10)Earthen Ring-US251650
94Emerald Isle SaintsEarthen Ring-US251650
94HedonismEarthen Ring-US251650
98CruxEarthen Ring-US251630
99Kill boss take lootEarthen Ring-US251620
100The Order of HeroesEarthen Ring-US251610
101Vertical Theory (10)Earthen Ring-US251580
101Wings of AscensionEarthen Ring-US251580
103alea iacta est audacia (10)Earthen Ring-US251570
103Dark Legend (25)Earthen Ring-US251570
105WelfareLine (10)Earthen Ring-US251565
106Mass DeliriumEarthen Ring-US251560
107alea iacta est pondera (10)Earthen Ring-US251550
107Mojache Vice (10)Earthen Ring-US251550
107The Great Rift (10)Earthen Ring-US251550
110Dial M for MurlocEarthen Ring-US251540
111IlluminatiEarthen Ring-US251530
111ScienceEarthen Ring-US251530
111Travelers and ThievesEarthen Ring-US251530
111Unholy Vengeance (10)Earthen Ring-US251530
115Luck in the ShadowsEarthen Ring-US251505
116Dawn of SalvationEarthen Ring-US251500
116Stray KatzEarthen Ring-US251500
118EquilibriumEarthen Ring-US251495
119Drunken Monkey BreweryEarthen Ring-US251490
120Silent NightEarthen Ring-US251485
121Nocturne of the Red WolfEarthen Ring-US251480
121Silent Fury (10)Earthen Ring-US251480
123Ascendence (10)Earthen Ring-US251470
124Uncivil ServantsEarthen Ring-US251465
125Midnight Infantry (10)Earthen Ring-US251460
126Above Average GuildEarthen Ring-US251455
126Fortunes of WarEarthen Ring-US251455
126Zombie Response TeamEarthen Ring-US251455
129Covenant of DarknessEarthen Ring-US251450
129Twilight VigilEarthen Ring-US251450
131The Punks FuzzEarthen Ring-US251445
132Grinds my GearsEarthen Ring-US251440
133Nuclear Launch DetectedEarthen Ring-US251435
133PixelPunxEarthen Ring-US251435
135House OrdosEarthen Ring-US251430
135PandamoniumEarthen Ring-US251430
137DepravityEarthen Ring-US251420
138AnlahshokEarthen Ring-US251405
138Main VeinEarthen Ring-US251405
140Eloquent Posse of House (10)Earthen Ring-US251400
140TauriEarthen Ring-US251400
140VengeanceEarthen Ring-US251400
143Anarchists Anonymous (10)Earthen Ring-US251390
143Ascent (10)Earthen Ring-US251390
145Rollin with Bob SagetEarthen Ring-US251380
146For the Horde Balloon (10)Earthen Ring-US251370
146Lords of ChaosEarthen Ring-US251370
148Fallen Heroes of Azeroth (10)Earthen Ring-US251365
148Killing SpreeEarthen Ring-US251365
148Myths and LegendsEarthen Ring-US251365
151For The MurlocsEarthen Ring-US251360
152Dark ChapterEarthen Ring-US251350
153Pinnacle (25)Earthen Ring-US251345
154The Round TableEarthen Ring-US251330
155PandoraEarthen Ring-US251320
156Mostly AFKEarthen Ring-US251310
156Natures EliteEarthen Ring-US251310
158LFM Pants PartyEarthen Ring-US251305
158M L N W (10)Earthen Ring-US251305
160Scions of WrathEarthen Ring-US251295
161JamTomorrowEarthen Ring-US251280
162DeathtollEarthen Ring-US251265
163Second to None (10)Earthen Ring-US251260
164War Stomp and RunEarthen Ring-US251255
165The Kalimdor Krew (10)Earthen Ring-US251250
166Knights Of HeroismEarthen Ring-US251245
167Killasaurus of Nouns (10)Earthen Ring-US251240
167Last BreathEarthen Ring-US251240
169Anti Drama LeagueEarthen Ring-US251235
169Saint JohnEarthen Ring-US251235
171Angels of Chaos (10)Earthen Ring-US251230
172Goldshire NorthernersEarthen Ring-US251225
173Ludus of AzerothEarthen Ring-US251210
174OMG Ice cream truck brbEarthen Ring-US251200
175Blades of HonorEarthen Ring-US251195
176Grey Tiger TongEarthen Ring-US251180
176Thunder Dogs of WarEarthen Ring-US251180
178Recoste (10)Earthen Ring-US251175
179Wild HuntEarthen Ring-US251160
179Wolves of NorgannonEarthen Ring-US251160
181Wretched SoulsEarthen Ring-US251155
182AssimilationEarthen Ring-US251150
183Automata Infinitum (10)Earthen Ring-US251130
184Uncommon ValorEarthen Ring-US251125
185Epitaph of TwilightEarthen Ring-US251120
185Stormwind WeyrEarthen Ring-US251120
187Misguided AngelsEarthen Ring-US251115
188Blue GuardiansEarthen Ring-US251110
189Demonic SoulstealersEarthen Ring-US251105
189ExtinctiônEarthen Ring-US251105
189Horde Da GoldEarthen Ring-US251105
189Riff RaffEarthen Ring-US251105
193Mystic ApparitionEarthen Ring-US251095
194Old Heroes Never DieEarthen Ring-US251085
195The CallingEarthen Ring-US251080
195The Riddle of SteelEarthen Ring-US251080
197Cleavage Pulls ThreatEarthen Ring-US251070
197Funny FloatingEarthen Ring-US251070
199SanetariumEarthen Ring-US251050
200HysteriaEarthen Ring-US251045
201CourageousEarthen Ring-US251040
201Immortal SoulsEarthen Ring-US251040
203Blackrock Brewing CoEarthen Ring-US251030
203In Cold BloodEarthen Ring-US251030
205PenumbraEarthen Ring-US251015
205The Last CrusadesEarthen Ring-US251015
205Umbra SuperumEarthen Ring-US251015
205VersionEarthen Ring-US251015
209Paradigms EpiphanyEarthen Ring-US25995
209Silent StormEarthen Ring-US25995
211Cerulean Nights (10)Earthen Ring-US25990
211FelowshipOfEarthSocietyEarthen Ring-US19990
211Secret Goblin BankersEarthen Ring-US25990
211The Halcyon OrderEarthen Ring-US25990
211The Scarlet RoseEarthen Ring-US25990
216Sha Touched Me (10)Earthen Ring-US25980
217Fashionably DeadlyEarthen Ring-US25975
218Draic KinEarthen Ring-US25970
219ConspiracyEarthen Ring-US25965
220Code ThirteenEarthen Ring-US25960
220Hells Panty RaidersEarthen Ring-US25960
222Final AscentEarthen Ring-US25955
222Unity of BladesEarthen Ring-US25955
224Late Night EpicsEarthen Ring-US25950
225The Kalimdor HeadhuntersEarthen Ring-US25945
226A League of Their OwnEarthen Ring-US25935
226Red DragonsEarthen Ring-US22935
228Panic AttackEarthen Ring-US25930
229Dark EvolutionEarthen Ring-US25925
229Nightwatch AssassinsEarthen Ring-US25925
229The DisturbedEarthen Ring-US25925
232Dedicated FewEarthen Ring-US25920
232KirinTheDestroyersEarthen Ring-US25920
232KnightlordsEarthen Ring-US25920
232Team InfluenceEarthen Ring-US25920
236Standing in the BuffEarthen Ring-US25915
237Crucial Taunt (10)Earthen Ring-US25910
237HeorotEarthen Ring-US25910
237House Of DracoEarthen Ring-US25910
240Pax PacisEarthen Ring-US25905
240The CabalEarthen Ring-US25905
242Wildly Inept PacifistsEarthen Ring-US25900
243The Violet ReliquaryEarthen Ring-US18895
244NomadicEarthen Ring-US25890
245Insert Sarcasm HereEarthen Ring-US25880
246Corsets and BeersEarthen Ring-US25875
247Doomhammers MarchEarthen Ring-US19870
247InsaneEarthen Ring-US25870
249EngageEarthen Ring-US25865
249StarbrightEarthen Ring-US25865
251Shattered MoonEarthen Ring-US25860
252Envy (10)Earthen Ring-US25855
253Fel TrainEarthen Ring-US25850
253Players not GamersEarthen Ring-US25850
253The Serpent SocietyEarthen Ring-US25850
256Ingratus ExanimusEarthen Ring-US24845
256Sacred OathEarthen Ring-US25845
258Stormrage WatchEarthen Ring-US25835
259Fordragon EliteEarthen Ring-US25830
259Mälice in WonderlandEarthen Ring-US25830
259Murphys Law (10)Earthen Ring-US25830
262Avenging DawnEarthen Ring-US18820
263Covenant of SoulsEarthen Ring-US25805
263Warlords of JusticeEarthen Ring-US25805
265Massive OPnessEarthen Ring-US25800
266obviously has no life (10)Earthen Ring-US25790
267For Crits and GigglesEarthen Ring-US25780
267The Eternal LegionEarthen Ring-US14780
269Lokthar OgarEarthen Ring-US25775
270RavenesqueEarthen Ring-US25770
270SuccessionEarthen Ring-US25770
272Forever DefendingEarthen Ring-US25765
272Les MusketeersEarthen Ring-US25765
272Oblivion KnightsEarthen Ring-US25765
272Virtual Insanity IIEarthen Ring-US25765
276Darkness VanquishedEarthen Ring-US25760
276Living LegendsEarthen Ring-US25760
278AggromongersEarthen Ring-US25755
278Malefic MayhemEarthen Ring-US25755
280Autonomous Collective (10)Earthen Ring-US25750
280Blood in the Ink (10)Earthen Ring-US25750
280Esse Quam VideriEarthen Ring-US25750
280Keepers of the ShadowsEarthen Ring-US25750
280Rangers of Elwynn ForestEarthen Ring-US25750
285Pathfinders Brewing CoEarthen Ring-US25745
285Tantum ValidusEarthen Ring-US25745
287ProvidenceEarthen Ring-US25740
287StarcallerEarthen Ring-US25740
289MutinyEarthen Ring-US25735
289Salt the EarthEarthen Ring-US25735
291WestwoodEarthen Ring-US25730
292Flammable MarmotsEarthen Ring-US25725
293AsgardianEarthen Ring-US25720
294Samuels TributeEarthen Ring-US25715
295Blackwood WardensEarthen Ring-US24710
295Dost Thou Even Hoist (10)Earthen Ring-US25710
295Hallowed Be Thy GameEarthen Ring-US25710
295The Last HopeEarthen Ring-US25710
299A Murder of Crows (10)Earthen Ring-US25705
300AmegakureEarthen Ring-US25700
300Clan SteeleEarthen Ring-US25700
300Defiant Requiem (10)Earthen Ring-US25700
300KnightbladeEarthen Ring-US25700
300Sanctuary of SoulsEarthen Ring-US17700
300The Nameless OrderEarthen Ring-US25700
306Best Little Horde HouseEarthen Ring-US25695
307Delirious (10)Earthen Ring-US25690
307LionsguardEarthen Ring-US25690
307Scouts of KyhdiusEarthen Ring-US25690
307ViciousEarthen Ring-US25690
307War Council of TheramoreEarthen Ring-US25690
312Hellsing Brute SquadEarthen Ring-US25680
312Murloc MenagerieEarthen Ring-US24680
312MyriadEarthen Ring-US16680
312Mystic CullingEarthen Ring-US16680
316CrescendoEarthen Ring-US25670
316Dark ProphecyEarthen Ring-US25670
316Hunters of WumpusEarthen Ring-US25670
316I Rock When I ProcEarthen Ring-US25670
316The Onion OffensiveEarthen Ring-US25670
321Bitter and SaltyEarthen Ring-US25660
321Tuatha De DanannEarthen Ring-US25660
323OGCEarthen Ring-US25650
323The Final ChapterEarthen Ring-US13650
323The Pirates of Booty BayEarthen Ring-US25650
323The Sacred OrderEarthen Ring-US25650
323Unseelie CourtEarthen Ring-US25650
328Cake or DeathEarthen Ring-US20645
328Order of the Ebon CircleEarthen Ring-US25645
328Valyrian SteelEarthen Ring-US25645
331Shadow Knights of ValorEarthen Ring-US25640
331Treachery (10)Earthen Ring-US25640
333ClandestineEarthen Ring-US25635
333Inner strengthEarthen Ring-US25635
333Wipes all dayEarthen Ring-US25635
336Corpus DelictiEarthen Ring-US25630
336JameSun BreweryEarthen Ring-US25630
338diLAtedEarthen Ring-US25620
338Leagcy of SorrowEarthen Ring-US8620
338Vengeance of DarknessEarthen Ring-US25620
341Oatmeal SandwichesEarthen Ring-US17610
342The Old OrderEarthen Ring-US16605
343Crimson SavagesEarthen Ring-US25600
343Kinetic (10)Earthen Ring-US25600
343Knights of the BrookEarthen Ring-US12600
343The Scarlet OrderEarthen Ring-US25600
347Altaholics AnonymousEarthen Ring-US25595
348AshesEarthen Ring-US25590
348MacabreEarthen Ring-US22590
348Night BreedEarthen Ring-US25590
348Nox ArcanaEarthen Ring-US21590
352Echoes of FateEarthen Ring-US25585
353Imperial Order ClanEarthen Ring-US25580
354Fates PawnsEarthen Ring-US25575
355At Sixes and SevensEarthen Ring-US25570
355The Temporal KnighthoodEarthen Ring-US25570
355Timeless OrderEarthen Ring-US25570
358AevumEarthen Ring-US18560
358Ancient CouncilEarthen Ring-US25560
358Eye For An EyeEarthen Ring-US11560
358Goat Rodeo ClownsEarthen Ring-US8560
362Heralds of the DawnEarthen Ring-US25555
362Unseen OrderEarthen Ring-US25555
364DragonswornEarthen Ring-US25550
364Ignis Solus (10)Earthen Ring-US25550
366Grey Feather GuardEarthen Ring-US25545
367Above All Else HonorEarthen Ring-US25540
367Insane Horde PosseEarthen Ring-US25540
367Metal HealthEarthen Ring-US23540
367Night ShiftEarthen Ring-US25540
371EchoesEarthen Ring-US25535
371Explorers of EvermooreEarthen Ring-US25535
373DragonHydeEarthen Ring-US14530
373Warriors of the GoddessEarthen Ring-US25530
375Float OnEarthen Ring-US25520
375Giggity SquadEarthen Ring-US25520
375The Five HorsemanEarthen Ring-US10520
375ThundercatzEarthen Ring-US25520
379Azeroth Dragon KnightsEarthen Ring-US23510
379BanefulEarthen Ring-US25510
379Kill Or Be KilledEarthen Ring-US22510
382BazingaEarthen Ring-US25500
382Clan BlackguardEarthen Ring-US25500
382GiggleZ and CritZEarthen Ring-US25500
385BloodhordeEarthen Ring-US25495
385Fuer Grissa ost DraukaEarthen Ring-US25495
385Silent LegionsEarthen Ring-US25495
388Achievement HordesEarthen Ring-US25490
388Brothers in ArmsEarthen Ring-US22490
388Bunnies For HireEarthen Ring-US16490
388iGANKEarthen Ring-US25490
388Soul EaterEarthen Ring-US25490
388Will Brake for HerbsEarthen Ring-US17490
394Cape Breton UnionEarthen Ring-US25485
395BezerkersEarthen Ring-US21480
395Death GateEarthen Ring-US25480
395The MasqueradeEarthen Ring-US14480
395Von Kaelston ManorEarthen Ring-US13480
399Åscension (10)Earthen Ring-US12470
399Contract KillersEarthen Ring-US25470
399Is It Dead YetEarthen Ring-US25470
399Seven KingdomsEarthen Ring-US21470
399The BlacksEarthen Ring-US25470
404Society of ShadowsEarthen Ring-US21465
405Adeptus TitanticusEarthen Ring-US25460
405Ávant Garde (10)Earthen Ring-US13460
405Is Too FunnyEarthen Ring-US21460
405Legends in Our MindsEarthen Ring-US24460
405The Frostgale ClanEarthen Ring-US9460
410Family MedicineEarthen Ring-US23455
411Dawn CrusadeEarthen Ring-US10450
411Thats My SpotEarthen Ring-US19450
411Wal Mart SpecialistEarthen Ring-US25450
411Weeknight WarriorsEarthen Ring-US22450
415AscendEarthen Ring-US17445
415Fallen ShadowsEarthen Ring-US25445
415The Splintering ShadowsEarthen Ring-US25445
418OmegaEarthen Ring-US17440
418Sunset RaidersEarthen Ring-US22440
418The AscensionEarthen Ring-US25440
421DarkbloomEarthen Ring-US25435
421EruptionEarthen Ring-US15435
421GnomercyEarthen Ring-US25435
421Knights of ChyrellosEarthen Ring-US22435
425Cadence of YseraEarthen Ring-US23430
425Dirty HordeEarthen Ring-US21430
425The Corvus CoalitionEarthen Ring-US1430
425The Dragon KnightsEarthen Ring-US25430
425Weeping AngelsEarthen Ring-US10430
430EnigmaEarthen Ring-US23420
430FuntaasticEarthen Ring-US22420
430Gamers IncEarthen Ring-US25420
430Lions of HumbertonEarthen Ring-US23420
434BastionEarthen Ring-US25415
434ExplicitEarthen Ring-US25415
434Might of the Warchief (10)Earthen Ring-US15415
437Blood of The RoseEarthen Ring-US25410
437Hated BrotherhoodEarthen Ring-US18410
437Just Another DayEarthen Ring-US18410
437Phoenix CouncilEarthen Ring-US7410
441The UnguildedEarthen Ring-US25405
442Disciples of ChaosEarthen Ring-US15400
442Horde Class HeroesEarthen Ring-US14400
442House of LordsEarthen Ring-US25400
442itybityEarthen Ring-US19400
442The Cogwheel HordeEarthen Ring-US13400
442The Forbidden DarknessEarthen Ring-US12400
442The LogiciansEarthen Ring-US25400
449AttritionEarthen Ring-US17395
449Risen From The Ashes (10)Earthen Ring-US17395
449The Brazen HeadEarthen Ring-US25395
452Emerald EmpireEarthen Ring-US25390
452New World RaidersEarthen Ring-US21390
454Anchor of HopeEarthen Ring-US23385
454DemiseEarthen Ring-US23385
454UnConquered SoulsEarthen Ring-US25385
457Daemon Irrepit CalidusEarthen Ring-US24380
457MisGuiDedMisFitSEarthen Ring-US22380
457Tempus NoxEarthen Ring-US25380
457Veni Vidi ViciEarthen Ring-US21380
461Eternal SpiritEarthen Ring-US25370
461InsidiousEarthen Ring-US17370
461MillenionEarthen Ring-US14370
464InsurgencyEarthen Ring-US12365
465Camp Flog GnawEarthen Ring-US25360
465Cronies of ChromieEarthen Ring-US18360
465The SlackerEarthen Ring-US10360
468Durotars Finest AFKEarthen Ring-US25355
469Alliance Postal ServiceEarthen Ring-US20350
469Anar AlahEarthen Ring-US13350
469BulwarkEarthen Ring-US22350
469Rough Randys Pound SquadEarthen Ring-US25350
469Starlight and SellswordsEarthen Ring-US25350
469vs The WorldEarthen Ring-US9350
469Word is BondEarthen Ring-US25350
469WrathEarthen Ring-US17350
477The Amish MafiaEarthen Ring-US25345
478AsphyxiateEarthen Ring-US25340
478Bank RaiderEarthen Ring-US24340
478Casual RaidersEarthen Ring-US11340
478Dungeoneering INCEarthen Ring-US16340
478Lunatic CrusadeEarthen Ring-US25340
478Warriors of BootyEarthen Ring-US25340
484BloodFuryEarthen Ring-US17335
484Casual SpecsEarthen Ring-US24335
486Regius TutelaEarthen Ring-US24330
486STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US25330
486The Impeccable CoalitionEarthen Ring-US18330
486Twinks Eat TwinkiesEarthen Ring-US25330
490KoCEarthen Ring-US25325
491DeceptionEarthen Ring-US11320
491EclipseEarthen Ring-US7320
491Screaming for VengeanceEarthen Ring-US22320
491TECMOEarthen Ring-US25320
491Têmpus FugìtEarthen Ring-US15320
491The Emerald RealityEarthen Ring-US25320
491The Silent FuryEarthen Ring-US10320
491VirtusEarthen Ring-US10320
499Templars VerdictEarthen Ring-US13315
500Attorney at LawEarthen Ring-US9310
500B SquadEarthen Ring-US10310
500Canterlot GuardiansEarthen Ring-US25310
500Cereal KillersEarthen Ring-US9310
500Dark DistortionEarthen Ring-US25310
500InteritusEarthen Ring-US14310
500steward of deathEarthen Ring-US18310
507Dark AngerEarthen Ring-US24305
507Demon HuntersEarthen Ring-US25305
509AssemblyXEarthen Ring-US15300
509Might of LordaeronEarthen Ring-US24300
509Paradise LoungeEarthen Ring-US16300
509Paragons Of The LightEarthen Ring-US18300
509The Blueside of PraxEarthen Ring-US9300
514Aegis EXEarthen Ring-US21290
514Angelorum LapsusEarthen Ring-US17290
514Bones to DustEarthen Ring-US2290
514Epic ÇrusadersEarthen Ring-US19290
514FeverEarthen Ring-US17290
514House of HaasEarthen Ring-US25290
514Organized ChäosEarthen Ring-US25290
514REEarthen Ring-US25290
514The Legion of the HordeEarthen Ring-US8290
514The Stormwind GuardEarthen Ring-US11290
514UNSWEarthen Ring-US12290
525Laid BackEarthen Ring-US25285
525Vanguard of the DawnEarthen Ring-US14285
527Aim to MisbehaveEarthen Ring-US9280
527DarkwindEarthen Ring-US25280
527ImmersionEarthen Ring-US25280
527Keeper of Lost SoulsEarthen Ring-US10280
527Mental InstituteEarthen Ring-US25280
527Out of the DarknessEarthen Ring-US11280
527The Lich Kings ServantsEarthen Ring-US17280
534Heroes DawnEarthen Ring-US21270
534Midnight MayhemEarthen Ring-US25270
534Nulli SecundusEarthen Ring-US9270
534PalladiumEarthen Ring-US25270
534PythonicEarthen Ring-US12270
534SunStrider AcolytesEarthen Ring-US17270
534VHCEarthen Ring-US15270
534WarbornEarthen Ring-US15270
542Too Legit To CritEarthen Ring-US18265
543Bunny SlamwichEarthen Ring-US9260
543Champions of IngedeeEarthen Ring-US6260
543Ebon HandEarthen Ring-US10260
543La Orden del BaphometEarthen Ring-US8260
543MindCrackersEarthen Ring-US25260
543RaidersOfLightEarthen Ring-US25260
543Seventh SanctumEarthen Ring-US7260
543shadows of the forsakenEarthen Ring-US18260
543The Black SheepEarthen Ring-US17260
543The Knights Who Say NíEarthen Ring-US19260
543The Silent CrusadeEarthen Ring-US25260
543When the Darkness FallsEarthen Ring-US25260
555Greener PasturesEarthen Ring-US10255
555Underground BalanceEarthen Ring-US20255
557Button MashersEarthen Ring-US12250
557Festina LenteEarthen Ring-US16250
557HalcyonEarthen Ring-US6250
557House of HorrorsEarthen Ring-US10250
557Immortal OutkastsEarthen Ring-US18250
557Invalid AllianceEarthen Ring-US23250
557OnwardEarthen Ring-US17250
557Ordo SicariusEarthen Ring-US13250
557Sacred Order of ArthasEarthen Ring-US9250
557Scar SymmetryEarthen Ring-US20250
557Shadows RemainEarthen Ring-US8250
557Ten Inches and GrowingEarthen Ring-US16250
569The ShadowEarthen Ring-US20245
570CAPSLOCK and s p a c eEarthen Ring-US25240
570Cat HouseEarthen Ring-US9240
570Knights of ShriadEarthen Ring-US6240
570ReturnersEarthen Ring-US18240
570SappedTaurensCantSayMooEarthen Ring-US10240
570The Shadow WingEarthen Ring-US20240
576ALL OUTEarthen Ring-US13230
576Blood PoolEarthen Ring-US12230
576CorruptEarthen Ring-US4230
576Dawgs of WarEarthen Ring-US9230
576FimmhundarEarthen Ring-US12230
576Goue Ridders OrdeEarthen Ring-US24230
576House of BaneEarthen Ring-US16230
576SacrilegeEarthen Ring-US24230
576Unknown EndEarthen Ring-US9230
576Where Am IEarthen Ring-US14230
586CatastropheEarthen Ring-US13220
586Esgares EmpireEarthen Ring-US8220
586Golden RealmsEarthen Ring-US23220
586GranataEarthen Ring-US19220
586Los DiablitosEarthen Ring-US16220
586Mostly HarmlessEarthen Ring-US25220
586Never DefendingEarthen Ring-US11220
586NoctumEarthen Ring-US14220
586Once Upon A TimeEarthen Ring-US17220
586Only POWAEarthen Ring-US18220
586Taurential ReignEarthen Ring-US18220
586The Coral Reef ClubEarthen Ring-US6220
586VajraEarthen Ring-US25220
599Bound by BlôôdEarthen Ring-US7210
599Dawn Of BloodEarthen Ring-US14210
599Horde of OblivionEarthen Ring-US6210
599Knights of Even BetterEarthen Ring-US23210
599NetherbaneEarthen Ring-US16210
599The Catalina Wine MixerEarthen Ring-US20210
605Steel RaidersEarthen Ring-US4205
606Catch Phrase (10)Earthen Ring-US4200
606Darnassus ProtectorEarthen Ring-US11200
606FKCEarthen Ring-US11200
606JokesEarthen Ring-US15200
606KoalapocalypseEarthen Ring-US25200
606Lacks IntegrityEarthen Ring-US4200
606Primal InstinctEarthen Ring-US10200
606riffraffEarthen Ring-US10200
606Shadow WalkersEarthen Ring-US25200
606Surrender da BootyEarthen Ring-US10200
606The MeowersEarthen Ring-US25200
617Attack on TitanEarthen Ring-US16190
617Awkward PenguinsEarthen Ring-US20190
617Bane of TormentEarthen Ring-US7190
617Bed Bath and your MotherEarthen Ring-US11190
617Child of SinEarthen Ring-US20190
617Edge of InsanityEarthen Ring-US12190
617Emerald FlameEarthen Ring-US25190
617Grave Runners IncEarthen Ring-US15190
617HauntedEarthen Ring-US19190
617MercsEarthen Ring-US8190
617MercsEarthen Ring-US8190
617Swords and CompanionsEarthen Ring-US11190
617The BeholdenEarthen Ring-US20190
630Under The MattressEarthen Ring-US25185
631Arcane ValorEarthen Ring-US8180
631Blackwater HarborEarthen Ring-US16180
631Guild of HonorEarthen Ring-US19180
631Novus ImperiumEarthen Ring-US25180
631nullo adversanteEarthen Ring-US11180
631Öne Man Wolf PackEarthen Ring-US13180
631Order of the Griffon (10)Earthen Ring-US2180
631PrimeEarthen Ring-US1180
631Protectors Of DeathEarthen Ring-US12180
640The Cult Of KrayzarEarthen Ring-US12175
641Bank of KalimdorEarthen Ring-US4170
641Chaotic SoulsEarthen Ring-US15170
641Fail GroupEarthen Ring-US11170
641Forgotten PvPEarthen Ring-US8170
641Guilds Gone WildEarthen Ring-US10170
641House of KahlessEarthen Ring-US19170
641The Blood AllianceEarthen Ring-US9170
641The Magisterium VanguardEarthen Ring-US8170
641WarcryEarthen Ring-US8170
650Darnassian Dance TroupeEarthen Ring-US19160
650Is Serious BusinessEarthen Ring-US4160
650Mayday ParadeEarthen Ring-US22160
650Moonwood RangersEarthen Ring-US19160
650Panzer BlitzEarthen Ring-US16160
650Templar Knights of HonorEarthen Ring-US16160
656IntegrîtyEarthen Ring-US2155
656No Mercy EverEarthen Ring-US9155
658BacklashEarthen Ring-US5150
658Behind the CurveEarthen Ring-US21150
658Brave New WorldEarthen Ring-US7150
658DeathWobbleEarthen Ring-US20150
658Green SeraphEarthen Ring-US7150
658Legion of the PhoenixEarthen Ring-US5150
658Stygian GuardEarthen Ring-US9150
658Table For TwoEarthen Ring-US15150
658The Groovie GhouliesEarthen Ring-US9150
658The LongBeardsEarthen Ring-US18150
658Warriors of ScathachEarthen Ring-US19150
658Wild CardsEarthen Ring-US5150
658XIIEarthen Ring-US11150
671Shameless MercenariesEarthen Ring-US20145
672Children of the ImmortalEarthen Ring-US14140
672CoalitionEarthen Ring-US15140
672Danger of TruthEarthen Ring-US18140
672Dark EmbersEarthen Ring-US15140
672Earthen VesselsEarthen Ring-US12140
672Generates ThreatEarthen Ring-US16140
672Group TwoEarthen Ring-US21140
672House HarkonennEarthen Ring-US16140
672Intense HeatEarthen Ring-US4140
672Logik SevenEarthen Ring-US10140
672Los Culos MaloEarthen Ring-US19140
672Something DifferentEarthen Ring-US10140
672Twilight GuardiansEarthen Ring-US13140
672WarsongEarthen Ring-US25140
686AshbringersEarthen Ring-US24130
686Bubba Gump PiratesEarthen Ring-US12130
686Draconis ImmortalisEarthen Ring-US7130
686Easily Distr Look RabbitEarthen Ring-US11130
686Faternal FinanceEarthen Ring-US2130
686The Royal ArmadaEarthen Ring-US9130
686VeroEarthen Ring-US14130
686Weekend WarriorsEarthen Ring-US7130
694Champions of a New HopeEarthen Ring-US6120
694Circle of ShadowsEarthen Ring-US4120
694Fallen LordsEarthen Ring-US11120
694Happy CampersEarthen Ring-US8120
694is in Your FaceEarthen Ring-US9120
694Red HarvestEarthen Ring-US23120
694RuneguardEarthen Ring-US9120
694SalvalorthiaEarthen Ring-US8120
694Seraphim of SilvermoonEarthen Ring-US5120
694The Deviant DisciplesEarthen Ring-US9120
694The Old RepublicEarthen Ring-US5120
694The Shadow CourtEarthen Ring-US13120
694Umbral SkyEarthen Ring-US14120
694WorldtreeEarthen Ring-US8120
708Elites Of ArmageddonEarthen Ring-US6110
708Familius MortusEarthen Ring-US8110
708Holographic CharizardEarthen Ring-US4110
708Inventory FullEarthen Ring-US10110
708LégaçyEarthen Ring-US5110
708M TheoryEarthen Ring-US7110
708NormandyEarthen Ring-US2110
708Old SoldiersEarthen Ring-US11110
708Portal StalkersEarthen Ring-US8110
708Rising PhoenixEarthen Ring-US20110
708Trinity OneEarthen Ring-US18110
720Math ClubEarthen Ring-US9105
721Altered EndingEarthen Ring-US4100
721Attack of the GodsEarthen Ring-US23100
721Carnival of RustEarthen Ring-US7100
721Devils BrigadeEarthen Ring-US4100
721For Blood and HonourEarthen Ring-US10100
721Hand of EonarEarthen Ring-US9100
721Lords Of ShadowsEarthen Ring-US5100
721party all nightEarthen Ring-US10100
721PrideNJoyEarthen Ring-US3100
721ShapeshiftersEarthen Ring-US3100
721Stone HavenEarthen Ring-US10100
732Champìons of the FlameEarthen Ring-US1290
732Dark CarnivaleEarthen Ring-US1390
732Dream SequenceEarthen Ring-US290
732Gray Tiger TongEarthen Ring-US1090
732Infinita AnimaEarthen Ring-US890
732NoobswarmEarthen Ring-US1390
732RefrigeraidersEarthen Ring-US490
732Regnat PopulusEarthen Ring-US490
732Silver DawnEarthen Ring-US1490
732Steaks On A PlainEarthen Ring-US290
732The Rubber Duck KnightsEarthen Ring-US190
732TwilightzoneEarthen Ring-US290
744Ashes of the PhoenìxEarthen Ring-US185
745Against The OddsEarthen Ring-US1280
745Azeroth RangersEarthen Ring-US1580
745Chump SquadEarthen Ring-US1180
745Covenant of SteelEarthen Ring-US880
745Gathered TalentsEarthen Ring-US1480
745Hawaii KineEarthen Ring-US380
745I PvP ïRLEarthen Ring-US380
745JackdawEarthen Ring-US380
745Legion of OblivionEarthen Ring-US980
745Mad PiranhasEarthen Ring-US680
745My Gear Check BouncedEarthen Ring-US980
745Nemesis RisingEarthen Ring-US980
745Reapers of StrifeEarthen Ring-US380
745United MercantileEarthen Ring-US1480
759AoNEarthen Ring-US1070
759crazy eighty eightsEarthen Ring-US670
759Fellowship of the ForestEarthen Ring-US2170
759Flame Dragon KnightsEarthen Ring-US370
759Gatitos del InfiernoEarthen Ring-US1570
759Hand of JusticeEarthen Ring-US670
759Legion of AscendancyEarthen Ring-US570
759Lights FortressEarthen Ring-US770
759Raiders of a Lost ArtEarthen Ring-US370
759Seasons in the AbyssEarthen Ring-US1270
759Show Her Your DarkspearEarthen Ring-US370
759The Golden LegionEarthen Ring-US1370
759the panda policeEarthen Ring-US770
759Trade AuthorityEarthen Ring-US1070
759Wolves of WinterfellEarthen Ring-US1470
774AljazzeraEarthen Ring-US1260
774eagles riseingEarthen Ring-US660
774EcEarthen Ring-US160
774Tamarack DisorderEarthen Ring-US560
774Tentacled PentaclesEarthen Ring-US960
774The OutcastsEarthen Ring-US360
774TheOtherSideEarthen Ring-US1460
774Thrall and FriendsEarthen Ring-US560
774Wait For ItEarthen Ring-US1260
783BanqueEarthen Ring-US850
783Birds AnonymousEarthen Ring-US250
783Booty Bay Bail BondsEarthen Ring-US650
783Divine ChaosEarthen Ring-US750
783Drunk and DeliriousEarthen Ring-US250
783Fuel inj suicied machineEarthen Ring-US1750
783Gnomies Aint My HomiesEarthen Ring-US150
783HOECAKESEarthen Ring-US550
783House SilvermaneEarthen Ring-US350
783Kurzen RangersEarthen Ring-US1350
783Personal InsanityEarthen Ring-US750
783Southfury ScoundrelsEarthen Ring-US1050
783The Last ForsakenEarthen Ring-US850
783The VisageEarthen Ring-US850
783Vis Gregis Est LupusEarthen Ring-US250
798Arathi Farm HandsEarthen Ring-US540
798Azeroth EliteEarthen Ring-US340
798Beautiful NightmaresEarthen Ring-US740
798CivitasEarthen Ring-US840
798Clan of the CatEarthen Ring-US540
798Dae DagnírEarthen Ring-US140
798East Empire CompanyEarthen Ring-US140
798Gords KnightsEarthen Ring-US240
798Hearts of DarknessEarthen Ring-US1440
798SolitudeEarthen Ring-US340
798Stop the Guild InvitesEarthen Ring-US1040
798The LorekeepersEarthen Ring-US840
798The MisguidedEarthen Ring-US540
798Ultimate AllianceEarthen Ring-US140
798Voljins ArmyEarthen Ring-US340
813AttunementEarthen Ring-US130
813Cost of Doing BusinessEarthen Ring-US1030
813DenialEarthen Ring-US930
813Dungeon RaidersEarthen Ring-US1230
813Edge of GloryEarthen Ring-US430
813Filthy CasualsEarthen Ring-US130
813Fluffy Bunny SquadEarthen Ring-US130
813HellsingEarthen Ring-US630
813Heras Legacy (10)Earthen Ring-US130
813Is Not Serious BusinessEarthen Ring-US630
813Knights of AeonEarthen Ring-US530
813NidaleeEarthen Ring-US130
813Noblesse ObligeEarthen Ring-US230
813Shatter The ChainsEarthen Ring-US130
813Stars of KalimdorEarthen Ring-US930
813There and Back AgainEarthen Ring-US230
813Thorn GuardEarthen Ring-US330
813too coolEarthen Ring-US130
813xstinkchunEarthen Ring-US230
832Bravo BushmastersEarthen Ring-US420
832Broken Horn WarbandEarthen Ring-US620
832Brute ForceEarthen Ring-US520
832BullionEarthen Ring-US120
832Conquerors of the RealmEarthen Ring-US620
832Dawn of a New BattleEarthen Ring-US220
832Demons of Shadows PastEarthen Ring-US520
832DynastyEarthen Ring-US220
832Gallifreyan RenegadesEarthen Ring-US520
832Hillbilly StompersEarthen Ring-US620
832Night ShadesEarthen Ring-US620
832Talons OrderEarthen Ring-US220
832The Ironforge GuardEarthen Ring-US220
832The Pândâ PâckEarthen Ring-US820
847and FriendsEarthen Ring-US610
847Because FunEarthen Ring-US210
847Dark MayhemEarthen Ring-US310
847Guardians of the PhoenixEarthen Ring-US210
847Guardians of UssunEarthen Ring-US110
847House EthalaEarthen Ring-US110
847Hungover HeroesEarthen Ring-US110
847InheritanceEarthen Ring-US210
847Justified ChaosEarthen Ring-US210
847Legacy of LycanthropesEarthen Ring-US210
847NUBzEarthen Ring-US210
847Oh Happy DaggerEarthen Ring-US110
847Ominous Faux Latin NameEarthen Ring-US410
847Silver Hand ExilesEarthen Ring-US110
847Storage WorldEarthen Ring-US110
847Straight JacketEarthen Ring-US110
847TEAM AWESOMEEarthen Ring-US110
847TemerityEarthen Ring-US110
847Terminal FrostEarthen Ring-US310
847The Blank TabardEarthen Ring-US110
847The BrethrenEarthen Ring-US410
847The DestroyersEarthen Ring-US310
847The Foresaken CircusEarthen Ring-US110
847The Worgen PackEarthen Ring-US210
847Ultima LuxuriaEarthen Ring-US110
847Your Sisters A HordeEarthen Ring-US410

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